"Commander Pavilion, welcome to Karastar Colony!" Several marine corps officers saluted a marine officer with a scar on his face, but his face seemed a little off color.

July 7, 2024

Kara star was divided into the sea colony and landed on the planet to occupy the sea warrior. However, Yun Nie is a high-level imperial envoy with a "case on orders", and even the sea clan has to cooperate.
Yun Nie reply after a little to sweep around immediately is one leng.
Seeing that more than 2 sea warriors are armed and tidy, they will clear up a large area around them for warning. This scene reminds him of the ceremony of picking up the plane when the leaders of the earth countries visit.
I just got a promotion, and the fleet commander has this ostentation and extravagance? Too enthusiastic? Yun Nie look at officer scar eyes softened immediately.
Good boy has a future!
"Ahem! You have worked hard, but this welcoming ceremony is not too grand. Please don’t do these surface projects later! " Yun Nie thinks he is still very reserved. Such a high-profile scene is not suitable for me to keep a low profile.
The scar officer sniffed at the corners of his mouth.
Who wants to welcome you so much! We don’t welcome you at all!
It is not a secret for senior officers that Alsace has been subjected to various news of "trying to kill him" by the Hai people one after another. Rumors have been flying all over the sky for a long time.
Then the question is, if anything happens to Arthas’ low eyelids … then he will definitely be recognized as the third generation successor who "wants to kill him"?
At such a sensitive time, nothing can happen to Arthas, not a hair can fall off!
"Ahem! Although the main battle of Kara Star has ended, there are still star battles. Please consider that these elite marines will accompany you to protect the personal safety of Pavilion until Pavilion returns. "
Uh … A reinforced company escort?
It’s interesting for Yun Nie to touch the bar. This is for me to lead a horde of dog legs to rob a good girl … Do I want this Kara star to step on the peak of my life?
Chapter three hundred and thirty Four star areas
Guard guard crowding round Yun Nie and others entered the base.
However, no one found that it was a tall tree one kilometer away from the base, an unremarkable multi-legged insect that looked like an ant, quietly lying on a wide green leaf vein, and two dark lenses with compound eyes reflected the whole base.
Beyond human imagination, the keen sensory organs project every detail of the base into thousands of eyes, including the subtleties of "Alsace" at the core of the crowd, and even the eyelashes on his face are fine!
Shua shua! There was a slight noise from the rear, and then I saw this creature jumping lightly and easily avoiding a big predatory insect from behind.
Behind it, the membrane wings spread slightly and fell to the ground like feathers, and then went into the soil in twos and threes and disappeared …
Soon the base reception room.
"Alsace Pavilion has confirmed that something is in the hands of the princess who died of national subjugation. These are some roughly suspicious hiding places. At present, we are sending more people to search for it." Officer Scar waved a three-dimensional view of the planet and pointed to several red areas to introduce Yun Nie.
"The target side also followed a group of former kingdom guards, but the number left in the escape will not be too much, but it does not rule out the possibility that the other party has the power to hide secrets.
In addition, the target Kara’s Ministry has a high prestige, and those lucky Kara’s remnants may hinder our search, but their large-scale weapons and equipment and main military power base have been destroyed, and we can’t afford to turn over the big waves in front of our superior technology and troops, "Scar said with considerable confidence."
"Well, very good! Send me a copy of Karavin’s intelligence information. The more detailed it is, the better. You should first carry out the search according to the original plan. If you have any news, let me know immediately! "
"yes! Commander’s Pavilion! " Officer Scar saluted and backed out.
"Catherine, you take people to the base to look around and get familiar with the surrounding environment. I’ll let the blade guard accompany you." Yun Nie turned to Catherine behind him.
Familiar with the environment? Is it because you are worried about safety that you specially send blade guards to accompany you for protection? Catherine has some doubts.
Gustav’s example is there. Who dares to continue to fight against the wind?
Even if it’s a little confusing, since the king asked me to patrol the mountain, Catherine still carried out the order with two blade guards in Yun Nie.
Yun Nie looked at Catherine’s back and the corners of her mouth evoked a smile.
He got up and walked to the front of the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at his feet. This steel creation, which had just arrived from the dense jungle, was frequently dispatched and executed. From time to time, binary soldiers wearing light individual armor flocked in and out of the base.
"Now my identity has not been exposed, so I can’t be rough with the binary star, otherwise, in the face of the sudden unknown enemy, the binary star will definitely put the line of sight of doubt back on the head of Ante Empire.
At that time, even though I may not be exposed, the other side’s vigilance against the sun will increase greatly. It would be great if there were a few more legions.
But since the crackdown on Kara Star is not over yet, maybe they can do some articles a little … "Yun Nie touched Ba and thought about" Rebirth V2 "…
For Catherine’s small request to visit the base, the base commander naturally has no reason to refuse. He also specially arranged a handsome-looking feather officer to accompany him.
The self-proclaimed romantic feather officer was astounding at the first sight of Catherine.
"Miss Catherine, this is the hangar where there is nearly a thousand self-propelled guns and aircraft with their base …" The handsome feather officer stared at Catherine’s delicate face and introduced it enthusiastically.
Catherine smiled politely and nodded, and two blade guards followed suit and collided with the steel floor behind Catherine, "Bang!" Regular metal impact
The feather officer was very dissatisfied and looked back at two blade guards. It seemed that the noise made by these two goods destroyed the romantic atmosphere of the beauty.
Soon he will selectively forget these two disappointing robots and go back to Tao Tao’s endless attentions.
No one noticed that when the blade guard lifted his foot, there was a sharp reflection on the soles of his feet and it fell with the steel soles.
"Sniff!" "bang!" A slight metal friction is perfectly hidden in the footsteps of the silver wing guards.
When the sole of the foot is raised, there is a little silver dot left from the trodden steel floor. There is a slight color difference in the original metal color on the floor. If you don’t enlarge it, you can’t find it by careful observation.
It’s like pushing a thumbtack. There’s a mechanical worm nail in Yun Nie!
"Miss Catherine, this is a man-machine production line with full horsepower and three planes a day …"
"This is the command center … communication room … training center … resource warehouse … energy center …"
"Miss Catherine is in front of the officer’s dormitory. Oh, by the way, I’ll live in 36 …"
Catherine "…"
She looked at her eyes with a black line and showed that she was in estrus. The smile on the face of the "tour guide" could not be maintained. Let the blade guard directly punch him to shut up and impulsively follow the tour with a cold face.
Two blade-guard machines put in "nails" to serve as a rice transplanter at every key building position behind them.
Nie Yun, who slowly infiltrated this base in Yun Nie, adopted a more arrogant invasion method.
See Yun Nie on the landing craft also flew out of the three man-machine hall and flew out of the base towards the depths of the jungle.
For this reason, the radar system of the base has chosen to see whether it is sightseeing or intelligence search. What’s strange about a commander with secrets releasing several man-machine machines? The base commander didn’t even ask Yun Nie.