Yang Tian to ten mind immediately a dark shout door continue to delay at the same time secretly surrender immediately.

June 3, 2024

It seems that you, the great devil, didn’t do it. You serve me here, and I can give you absolute power
You are a six-fold Dan robber fairy, maybe I will consider it, but you are not.
Whether the magic emperor is the six-fold Dan robbery all day?
That’s right. Even if I drop you now, you and I still can’t escape, and we will be recaptured by the all-day magic emperor.
But you have no choice now. I can force you to break through and leave. You should know my strength
It’s almost time for you to stop thinking about one
My body is full of magic seals, which can not only keep me at the level of the great devil forever, but also control my life and death. I can’t escape unless you can remove the seals for me.
Well, it depends on your insincerity.
Well, I am the direct hand of the devil here, and I can’t control the rest of them. You must fight every last one.
Ten nai will secretly refer to those who belong to the magic emperor all day long, and Yang Tian knows them one by one.
Sixty-six, sixty-seven, sixty-six, alas, it seems that it is still not a big war, but it is barely acceptable. As soon as the battle is over, I will inform you that the department is stuck in the periphery.
Secretly, I found that there were more than 60 people in the magic emperor’s straight hand all day. Yang Tiannai sighed and knew that he was suspected of being selfish.
Just as many demons were wondering and suspicious, Yang Tian grabbed ten and disappeared into the ground quietly, and suddenly he was massacred.
Of course, the target of slaughter is those who belong to the all-day magic emperor. Yang Tian didn’t intend to leave them all day. The magic emperor stayed in their body to seal his strong one. Yang Tian was not sure to seal the sixty people for getting rid of the body. He didn’t even want to think about it.
These demons are far inferior to Yang Tian’s strongest magic weapon, but they are only in the middle of the earth. At this close range, Yang Tian suddenly attacked Bai Ming’s powerful avatar, and when they reacted, ten people were struck by Yang Tian.
At the same time, the old ghost secretly ordered an attack at the same time in Yang Tian. At this moment, the power of killing the sword was revealed, and the suspected blade pointed to one another and even killed seven people in an instant.
In Yang Tian, I have secretly read my mind and let them retreat to the periphery with my straight hand.
But those demons are scattered in all directions, even if Yang Tian’s speed is faster, he can’t kill his department instantly. At this time, he listened to dozens of demons qi qi roar and hundreds of thousands of demons roared immediately. At the same time, every demon demon body shot a black gas instantly, gathering a statue of a huge fiend. The huge power immediately threatened the field.
Yeah, damn it
Yang tianyi saw the fiend’s scalp pins and needles at once. This scene is deja vu. I immediately thought of the demon god’s wrath and let it completely condense. That’s still got it. It seems that I underestimated the devil’s means. At the same time, Bai Shi, this guy has bad intentions and didn’t have it in advance.
Without the slightest hesitation, when Yang Tian shot at the fiend, the feeling of urgency and wisdom had not arrived yet. Immediately, there was a shock in the abdomen, and the spring thunder was still a bolt from the blue. An exploding wave of terror immediately swept through all directions, causing the earth to tremble and hundreds of thousands of demons to shake. The strength of Qiqi earthquake was slightly weak and it was directly destroyed.
Although the statue of the condensed fiend was also shocked by a lag, it was not interrupted because of this. After an earthquake, it came together with a steady stream of black devil’s army and became very solid. It seems that it has turned its eyes to Yang Tian 2.
Go home.
At the moment, Yang Tian has rushed to the nearby boxing front, and now it is a Hercules fist directly.
O crashing burst, but the wisps of black gas did not disappear completely. As Fang’s demon king’s animal was still crawling, it seemed that he would gather together.
Yang Tiannu looked up with a roaring arms and a real body, and immediately thousands of pores blaster
At this moment, in this gloomy and gloomy world, hundreds of thousands of devil Yang days are suspended there, and a round of fierce sunshine shines in all directions.