"Maybe many of them can survive and leave here even after being destroyed," Lin said.

July 8, 2024

The bus nerve says that destruction should be similar to collapse, so some creatures should be able to escape.
"They … didn’t," replied the bus nerve. "Pollution won’t’ dye’ them out of its influence, but they can live as normal creatures, but the variation caused by pollution will always accompany them."
After that, the bus nerves fused together.
However, it will take some time for the fusion. At this time, Lin has observed the outside situation a little, and the group of aliens has almost ended this crazy state. Because of the conflict, this kind of thing will not last forever. The temporary bus nerve sent to the aliens will soon disappear
But even if they return to normal, they are gone, because their crazy attack just now has been noticed by the biological’ moths’ here. The moth troops came here and attacked the aliens
This makes them take a rest here, and the bus neural fusion is slowly approaching the completion stage …
Chapter nine hundred and ninety-five Signal
"Now play an important news …"
This is … an empty city with empty people, where empty people still live a life without feelings and changes.
Until … Change and find them.
"The environment has changed dramatically recently, and the gravitational balance has been maintained here, and all floating debris will collide, so we must leave this area and all residents must be prepared."
The news played for a moment, and Atlantis was silent here.
This silence lasted about ten seconds, and then they took action.
They all move in the same direction, that is, where the leader is. They quickly crossed the city passage and reached the front of the leader’s office.
Gathered at the front of the office door, those Atlan said to the office door, "The information you just broadcast is inaccurate, and there is no evidence to describe the occurrence, but the speech will make the people confused and uneasy. We are beneficial to ask you to give a complete explanation of this matter. If you don’t explain it, your trip will be regarded as deliberately spreading panic and you will have to compensate us … and you will not be able to continue to assume the post of leader."
Although this Atlan said a lot, the leader’s door didn’t sound or respond.
Because the news just now … was not sent by the leader. There is another’ creature’ in the office besides the leader at this time.
"According to the virtual law, you have committed a felony now, not only attacking and kidnapping me, but also releasing panic news. Why do you want to do this? What do you want to get? We can trade peacefully without starting a war … "
A corner of the office is glued to the ground. The leader is talking all the time, and the object of his talk is a mechanical octopus in the center of the office.
The mechanical octopus is making the broadcasting device in the office to send information to the whole virtual city Atlan. The effect is just like Lin thinks. These Atlan will definitely not take the action of running away immediately.
But after all, it was published from the leader, so they all came here to ask questions. There must be many Atlan who will pay attention to the outside situation. When they notice that the floating objects here are no longer colliding stably, they will have the idea of running away.
Lin did not create a relatively large’ broadcast device’ for Atlan and other biological captors here, and broadcast it to this ruined creature.
Lin learned from the bus nerve that most creatures here communicate in such a way that this kind of broadcasting can make most creatures receive information.
Lin’s purpose in doing this is, of course, to get them out of here, because the creatures here are rich and interesting, and they form a very special environment. If possible, try to bring them back to life
Although Lin thought that the number of people who could survive might not be large, she told them what would happen here anyway.
Now the gravitational sphere …
The troops sent by the aliens are still fighting with the surrounding creatures here, and their numbers are increasing. The aliens are sending a large number of troops here continuously.
They seem to want to occupy this area, but no alien flies to attack mechanical spiders or fuse nerves …
Lin mechanical spiders make things, and the water mother watches the star bus ganglion complete the final fusion.
Maybe it’s because in the end it’s much slower than before, but it’s not very slow …
It is now approaching the completion stage, and it is different from before, and it can communicate before it is completed.
"Our species … will thank you for everything," Bus Nerve said to Lin. "When you find my kind … maybe they will give you a reward."
"But I’m not sure … what they will do and my mission has been completed. Now I will rebuild my body and destroy it together …"
At the end of its speech, the nerves are completely fused together.
At this time, Lin can also detect that it sends a signal around … It seems that it is finally coming.
"This …" But the bus nerve suddenly stopped and the signal disappeared.
"They block me …" The bus nerve said, "They block my control process! They … "
"Is it blocked?" Lin asked a mechanical spider to fly to the head of the jellyfish and look outside. There were many … special alien forces outside.