So Lynn chose the old way to deal with it.

July 9, 2024

Bridges and buildings have sprung up again everywhere, and this time, no matter what material it is, it is flying towards the void.
Qian Lin has launched a lot, but Lin also rebuilt and launched the building some time ago.
When they fly to the sky together, the number is more than tens of millions.
A large number of buildings’ flames’ fell from the sky and collided with each other, causing smoke and dust to cover the sky … This strong impact made the atmosphere of the ball god tremble, and some fragile bridges have collapsed.
But not even a flame rushed through the smoke and approached the ground.
This is similar to Lin’s idea that balloon creatures, a flame-like weapon, have a’ cancellation’ effect.
It will collide with matter and disappear together instead of growing itself by burning matter like a flame.
That is to say, balloon biological fires will not spread, they will hit the matter and dissipate together.
It’s … it’s dissipation that doesn’t cause an explosion. It’s a very’ quiet’ disappearance process.
The smoke and dust produced in the sky is produced by the broken buildings.
When solidified in virtual space, they have a huge number and can launch enough attacks to almost penetrate a world.
But there aren’t enough of them here … at least not as many as this building.
There is still the possibility of resisting them by building alone.
Sure enough, don’t freeze the creatures. When balloon creatures find that the world will fight back … they decide to attack more violently, and the flames pour again.
Most of the buildings in Gao Qiao, the god of the ball, flew away, but there were many huge … chimneys.
Chimneys are also common buildings in many articles. Lin didn’t launch them, but also built many.
At the moment of the second balloon attack, these chimneys spewed strong smoke into the sky.
The smoke contains dust and debris, which quickly surge into the sky and block the flames.
Balloon creatures … seem to feel angry.
Because they found that their flames were blocked by smoke and slowly dissipated in the collision between the two sides … The sky became clear.
It seems that their flame has a very good effect on dust removal.
Much like the previous solidified creatures, balloon creatures send out their anger.
But they didn’t lose their minds because of anger.
They didn’t continue to attack or rush forward. Lin found that some balloon creatures formed a circle in vain, and they kept spinning.
They … are trying to summon reinforcements.
These 10 thousand balloon creatures are actually a very small part of their huge population, and they can call many troops at any time
However, the normal virtual to solidified virtual signals are not very good. They have to adopt some special ways of sending signals.
Lynn didn’t stop them, but just watched them try to summon reinforcements.
Of course, Lin also’ eavesdropped’ on their letters
Soon these balloon creatures sent out a distress signal, and then … they felt even more angry.
Because they got a signal response from the solidification virtual companion … refused to support them.
In fact, it is not accidental that they dispatched these 10 thousand balloon creatures, nor do they think that the troops can solve this kind of idea here
It’s that a few of these 10 thousand balloon creatures are willing to come to normal virtual individuals, and the rest are not willing to come here
All these balloon creatures didn’t get reinforcements
So they can get angry again about the law asking for help …
While Lin is this time … Also moved.
Hundreds of chimneys on the ground started again.
This time they emitted fireballs instead of dust.
This fireball is made by Lin … simulating the flame emitted by gemmule before.
In fact, they are made of a mixture of various solidified substances, and Lin found that the manufacturing method is not very difficult, and enough materials can be found in this place
Lin wants to give it a try … What effect will this’ fire against fire’ have?
When they saw a large fireball flying, these creatures stopped and continued to send help signals, but they all dispersed into the distance.
They seem to want to leave the sample.
The information sent by anti-slime mold to coagulation virtual indicates that the ball god is an disgusting object, and there is nothing dangerous here … so when coagulation creatures encounter Lin’s attack, they will leave one after another.
Maybe balloon creatures … are the same.
Although they fought for a while, it seems that they are going to leave now.
Lynn noticed that they flew far away, but they didn’t fly back in the direction of the gap, but flew in another direction.
What are they doing in that direction?
Lin’s fire didn’t last long, but Lin’s eyes were everywhere around the virtual space to watch them fly to a place in the virtual space.
Lynn noticed that they flew almost 100 million kilometers and then gathered there again …
As if they were going to make a … solidification gap?
Lynn noticed that some balloon creatures exploded like ordinary balloons when their bodies expanded rapidly to the limit.
And where they explode, a dark hole will be left. Other balloon creatures will then throw into the hole … some strange substances will make it expand rapidly.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and fifty-five Shuttle