"God, tell me what happened to my parents. We are brothers. You said you killed my parents?" Xuanxing heartache asked

July 10, 2024

Now it’s attacking XuanXing without saying a word.
"Since you don’t care about our brotherhood, don’t blame me!" Xuanxing’s performance in heaven has lost hope.
Xuanxing injected all his true yuan into the palm of his hand and patted the sky to vent his pain in his heart
Day is not bad to attack the XuanXing last two people will be their magic weapon offerings out of a fight.
It was not until the consumption of the two human bodies was almost up that Xuanxing injected the rest of his true elements into the flying sword, and he was ready to make a final attempt.
"Duh …" The flying sword stabbed the sky, but the day was also ready to make a final attack. It quickly rushed towards Xuanxing. "Bang …" Xuanxing was hit by Tianyi’s palm and fainted. When he passed out, Xuanxing found that the sky was injured by his flying sword and fell to the ground.
"Ah … it hurts. What’s wrong with this smelly little guy? I don’t even know your eldest brother." Luo Suo now looks without a trace of bloody pain and grinned.
It turned out that Luo Suo had just broken the five lines of kill array when he went to another place. From time to time, there were all kinds of beautiful women and wine in front of him. Luo Suo was also puzzled by the scene before him. After a while, Luo Suo felt that it was meaningless. Although he liked wine and beautiful women, he wouldn’t cherish them if he was too easy to get them. At this time, Luo Suo returned to reality. At this time, he was also in a fantasy array.
Real Luo Suo’s mind is still very simple, so he came out of this magic array so easily.
At this moment, he also found XuanXing beside him. It was obviously lost in the magic array, and he was still silent. Although Zhong Luosuo didn’t know much about the law, he was always silent in the dreamland. The result was very serious. He woke XuanXing up and hit XuanXing with some real elements, but he didn’t expect XuanXing to fight back and look like he was going to fight hard with himself.
Xuanxing used to be a man who survived the disaster, but he also had a fatal weakness, that is, his parents.
Chapter 14 Broken array
The magic array can lead to the desire of the practitioner. One thing Xuanxing can’t let go of is that his parents suddenly saw that they missed their loved ones for thousands of years, and he was addicted to it as soon as he saw it.
Luo Suo’s blow led to another pain in XuanXing’s heart, that is, the sky used to be his own brother, but in the end it opposed himself. It would be a lie to say that XuanXing doesn’t feel heartache if he loses a brother.
Luo Suo didn’t have the strength to attack XuanXing XuanXing because he was in a dreamland. Luo Suo finally knocked XuanXing out and didn’t hurt him at all, but XuanXing didn’t leave a hand. Finally, XuanXing fainted and poor Luo Suo was seriously injured again.
After a few hours, XuanXing woke up. Why did he fall asleep? Think carefully about what happened before the coma and immediately realize that it would be a fantasy.
Looking around, the horse found a lock.
But the situation of Luosuo is quite bad now, so it’s almost as lifeless as the dead ancient Buddha.
Fortunately, I haven’t fed one pill to his mouth quickly, and then I really want to solve the Dan medicine for him. Xuanxing now wants to understand how he slept in the past and how Luo Suo was injured.
Luo Suo leisurely opened his eyes and saw XuanXing looking at himself.
"XuanXing, what happened to you just now? Why did you try so hard to save your brother’s life? But I almost let you go back."
"Did I hurt you?" Xuanxing asked in surprise.
"Is there anyone here besides you?" Luo suo didn’t good the spirit replied, so he told XuanXing what had happened.
Xuanxing now finally understood what had happened, and at the same time he was grateful to Luo Suo. If he hadn’t knocked himself out desperately, he might have been trapped in a dreamland.
After this, Xuanxing has taken Luo Suo as his brother, because Luo Suo is willing to take such a big risk himself.
"Brother Luo, you should recover the true yuan first. Now we are out of the magic array, and we will continue to go later." Xuanxing sat aside and took a while to recover from Luo Suo’s serious injury.
"Xuanxing, let’s go." Just thinking about it, Xuanxing suddenly heard Luo Suo sound.
"Brother Luo, are you all well?"
"Well, there’s no problem now. Your brother is killing me." Luo Suo joked again.
The two of them walked for a long distance and accidentally found the pine and the pine. The three of them were all motionless and their expressions changed.
Xuanxing and Luo Suo were also quite happy when they found out, but seeing them like that should also be in a dreamland.
"Xuanxing, my master, they seem to be trapped. What should we do?" Luo suo worried about asking XuanXing.
He didn’t dare to wake up his master three people like stunning XuanXing. First of all, all three of them are leading roles and elders. Moreover, Qingsong attacked himself as a child in Yuan Dynasty, which is no different from suicide.
"No wonder they didn’t go out for so long, so they were trapped in this magic array." Xuanxing knew, "We can find the eye of the array now and then try to break this magic array."
Both of them have broken through the illusion, and now they are not affected by the illusion, which is very beneficial for them to find their true eyes.
Although they are looking for each other together, there are also some Xuanxing who are looking for Luo Suo by themselves, and they still have some jokes from time to time. Anyway, he doesn’t know anything about law.
Xuanxing searched all the places, but still didn’t find the eyes. Now he is more admired by the people who decorate the law. It seems that he has to work harder in this respect. Xuanxing warned himself in his heart.
"XuanXing we all turned a circle, now back to the original position, how haven’t you found this eye? Is it still running to the sky? " Luo Suo came to complain, but he woke up XuanXing with a word.
"day? Yes, haha, I didn’t expect eldest brother Luo to be so clever. "Xuanxing also noticed that he had always been searching the ground and never noticed the situation.
After careful law formation, Xuanxing found something strange in one place.
I have been paying attention to the changes in different locations, or there will be different scenes on the ground, but there is a white cloud that has been staying there.
"Luo Dage array eye estimation is that cloud, let’s go and have a look" XuanXing pointed to the cloud to Luo Suo way.
"oh? I found it. Then why stay here? Go, "Luo Suo said, but before XuanXing flew past with a flying sword, he saw Luo Suo, so XuanXingNai shook his head and smiled bitterly at himself. Didn’t you tell him? Otherwise, he would have gone early and followed Luo Suo.
When I got to the side of the cloud, I found that it was not a cloud, but a magic weapon like a bead. It condensed some aura into a cloud and hid the bead.
"Xuanxing, what the hell is this?" Luo suo asked doubtfully.
"I didn’t expect to meet this rare magic weapon here, and this magic weapon is also rare in the field of repairing reality. This magic weapon has no attack defense and is specially designed to decorate the array. Their real value is much more than the magic weapon." Xuanxing Luosuo introduced.
"the spirit?" Luo Suo’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard the lingqi. Even if the master has a Chinese treasure, if he gets a lingqi …
"Brother Luo, this magic weapon is auxiliary, and there is no strength for us." Xuanxing knew what he was thinking at the sight of Luo Suo’s expression.
"Oh … I don’t care if I can be a decoration." Luo Suo lamented.
How do you say "eldest brother can’t? You can use it to arrange a law for the Xuanling Sect. The effect is much better than that of your guardian mountain array. "Xuanxing is awake and locked."
"Yeah, haha, thank you, bro. We’ll accept it when you come." Luo Suo faded away and became active again.
It’s much easier to find the eye of the array and then break the array. Xuanxing Lizhen cut off the external energy of the bead and put it away.
"Eldest brother to put away" XuanXing directly threw this magic weapon to the lock.
"Are you willing to give me such a valuable thing as Xuanxing?" Luo suo asked in disbelief.
"Brother Luo, since we are all brothers, do you still care about this?" Xuanxing smiled at Luo Suo. Xuanxing knew that Luo Suo would rather risk his life than save himself. He had already regarded him as a magic weapon when he was a brother. Although he was still poor, he believed that there would be three sects of people in the fix-true world, but many of them would definitely find trouble when they returned to the fix-true world. It was also a good idea to rob them at that time.
"Brother, that brother is not melodramatic. Haha, I’ll accept this thing first." Luo Suo laughed.
"Well, now the real eye has been accepted by us. This magic array should be broken. Let’s go and see your master. They are estimated to be out of the dreamland now." Hello Luo Suo walked to Qingsong and others
Chapter 15 Scattered fairy clouds
Qingsong and others are awake now, but they don’t know that they are coming out of this magic array. Just when they are wondering, they see two people coming to their side.
"Small six? How did you come here without staying outside? " Pine didn’t get happy when he saw his baby disciple, but immediately shouted at him.
"Master, I was worried when I saw that you didn’t go out for so long. Xuanxing and I came in. You see, this magic array is broken by the two of us." Luo Suo argued.
"What this magic array is you two crack? When I get back, I’ll deal with you. "Qingsong was very angry that Luo Suo didn’t listen to his words this time. Fortunately, nothing happened to him, but even so, he had to teach him a good lesson before he made such an adventure.