Before walking to the cab, the team members found that the entrance was open, and they could see a corpse of a driver covered with hyphae and a three-dimensional image with a flashing operation panel.

July 11, 2024

"Because there was an infection in the engine room … they made me have to fly back to those bastards. I have isolated the infected people and there should be a cure. Just let us come back and die … well, in this case, let’s all die together …"
This is a stereoscopic image, and there is a continuous countdown number in it, which is the countdown to the explosion, and it is almost time.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-one Emergency
There are few strong winds in this city.
Fungal powder in the air flies slowly with a slight wind, and their growth and diffusion speed is not fast.
Occasionally, they will fall somewhere with nutrients and the nutrients will grow.
But it is still a little far away from spreading all over the city.
But the impact of the explosion is different.
A violent roar broke out in an aircraft parking square. If it was the aircraft manufacturer, it might regret why it had to be equipped with a self-destruction device.
If it is an explosion next to the square, the onlookers will be full of fear.
White dust and fog accompanied by flying metal fragments burst into the sky like a fountain, and then suddenly exploded.
Scattered in the dust and fog to the virtual people around the square
"Ah ah ah! ! !”
The first panic scream rang, and all the imaginary people broke out with the gathering around them. They exerted their greatest strength in their lives to push their companions around them backwards and frantically into the distance.
The power that a creature explodes before dying is very shocking, but when all creatures explode together, this kind of explosion is meaningless.
It seems that their enemies are not fungi, but the same kind of virtual people around them. Everyone is terrified and crowded with the infirm who are directly stepped on the ground to get up again.
Some empty face filters have been squeezed out, and the smell of dust and sweat suddenly fills its lungs. Even so, it will go crazy.
And there are also some strong people who successfully pushed the weak to the rear and fled to a far position. When they saw that they were out of the range of bacteria and dust, they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
But it soon discovered that a huge shadow appeared in the sky.
"Level-1 situation occurred in 52 urban areas … Please understand." This huge fighter with a wingspan of 70 meters is used to transport and bomb huge weapons.
It can turn a large area into a sea of fire with high efficiency.
"Wait! Don’t ah ah! "
Whether it was successfully hiding from the bacteria dust or being covered with the bacteria dust, the imaginary people screamed and saw the huge wings sprinkled with flames all over the sky, and both infected people and normal people were suddenly submerged by the flames.
"Help …" "Ah, we are not infected!" "put out the fire quickly!"
On the edge of the sea of fire, some imaginary people were running with flames, but they found that in front of them was a row of teams wearing steel armor with the mark "Flame" printed on their chests.
"Burn them! No one is allowed to run out! "
The weapons in their hands spew out flaming pillars of fire, and the members of this flaming army will be completely isolated by the virtual people planning the’ danger zone’
The troops just stepped out of the danger zone behind them, and the citizens were recognized as infected. They watched in horror as similar fires in those areas slowly dissolved them and could not say a word.
"Hurry up!" A team member turned his head and said, "Don’t dawdle when you gather in another place to take off! The longer you grind, the more events there will be! "
"Yes … yes!"
They didn’t dare to look again and ran to the designated place.
Meanwhile, on the other side …
"Executive efficiency is quite superior and decisive. You are different from others, but this is just your random proof. If a strong man is randomly selected to command the whole world, you will be prosperous. If a stupid thing is randomly selected, the world will be full of war and sorrow …"
"But you just rely on your current means to fight against those creatures, which are called’ plague fungi’. Their multicellular biological world can form a terrible plague. Now the only way is to burn the whole city. I said that it is not a type 7 explosive bomb. Because shock waves and radiation have no effect on them, they will spread further. But there is another way to burn them besides burning …"
The’ di’ information was dropped.
The general was waiting in the command room, when he was directing the scene, he suddenly found that he had received the message from the’ imam’.
There is such an idea about this information teaching army
"… our world doesn’t need alien creatures to command"
Then the general made another picture showing the scene. It said, "What’s the current situation?"
"Most citizens have left!" "There is nothing unusual here!" "52 urban areas have been cleaned up, but it is not excluded to hide in buildings!" "There is nothing unusual here!"
"We’ll clean up the building then and let the citizens evacuate first …" The general changed one image to another. "What about that?"
"Yes, we have found it! It was also completely damaged by the institute! "
In the picture, a group of members of the flaming army are carrying a limb creature, which is constantly struggling, but it is still pressed into the cabin of the aircraft by the army.
"This creature has been talking nonstop since just now as if trying to tell us something," the captain reported to the general.
"Take it away first and then let the’ alien language interpreter’ translate it. You should soon know what it says. It should have a lot to do with this incident …"
As he spoke, the general immediately changed to a picture where he could see a group of imaginary people wearing white armor walking around. The general asked them, "Has the research team worked out what this creature is?"
"At present," the voice said, "I know that this is a very aggressive creature. They are all of different sizes, but they are almost the same as dust. Things with nutrients will absorb nutrients crazily and grow up. They can penetrate our skin and even some clothes can wear closed armor to protect them. Of course, the best choice is to kill them."
"So to speak …"
"Is that they may spread to other places with the wind …"
"Is this the plague fungus …" The general remembered the words in the imam’s message. It seems to be a rather terrible creature, but what is the imam and this creature?
Anyway, they will not change when they act now.
"General!" Suddenly, the general heard a voice "something is wrong!" "
Meanwhile, on the other side …
"Isn’t that the aircraft that just took off?"