I have worked hard for a few days before, but I have never made a breakthrough. I suddenly made such progress. On Sunday, if possible, I don’t like to summon a ten-year-old ginseng. On Sunday, after being forced not to swallow it, he immediately made a breakthrough in his original work.

June 4, 2024

The number of work days is several weeks; After several weeks, the injury of the celestial body in Zhou not only recovered quickly, but also reached the ninth floor, which officially declared that the foundation of the family’s Juexue had been laid.
Moreover; Let Sunday feel excited, that is, it may really conform to the unbreakable statement; A breakthrough has been made in the "Thirteen Taibao Horizontal Hard Qigong"; After the operation mode of body gas was changed to the exercise route of Tiebu Shirt, the breakthrough on Sunday did not stop at that time, but was a breakthrough in the practice of hard qigong by Thirteen Pacific Insurance. The situation of changing to practice "Iron Shirt" has once again made a breakthrough, and it is only after raising its own strength to the second level of "Iron Shirt" that the celestial atmosphere is slowly calmed down.
The second floor of Iron Shirt; After reaching this state, the eye should be mobilized on Sunday; Generally, almost weapons (rusty weapons) are already difficult to do harm to Sunday. Although there is nothing too big in terms of actual combat ability, at least compared with the situation when practicing "Thirteen Pacific Insurance Crossing Hard Qigong", Sunday is quite satisfied with his current strength progress.
When you are in a coma; On Sunday, when I was at the very most, I had to practice again for more than three months. When I was three months, I practiced my family’s Juexue to the situation of "Iron Shirt". If you tell, you will be scared to death of many people.
The day after tomorrow; The day after tomorrow, the sixth-rate combat power, this is Sunday’s assessment of his current strength according to his former strength, which may not be accurate; But the final result is that there should be a big gap between the results evaluated on Sunday and such a situation that the strength is stronger than the realm; Although Sunday has never heard of a precedent, the memory of the local sphere makes Sunday very satisfied with his eye state.
People with equal strength are mostly walk-ons; To be a protagonist, you must have a weak victory over strong strength far beyond the realm qualification, otherwise; How can a person who is too ordinary become a protagonist?
Feel at ease to bless the’ protagonist aura’ to yourself. On Sunday, I was satisfied with the progress of my own strength. But then flicker into the.
I was in a coma for three months; Twenty times the proportion of the outside world to calculate words; It also means that it has been 60 months since the eyes; It’s been five years, although I know that Lele, the elf, is watching inside; It won’t be a big problem, but since it’s been five years since I learned about it, it’s naturally impossible not to go in and have a look on Sunday.
Chapter 15 Big Butler Lele
"What’s this all about?" I was dumbfounded on Sunday although I knew the outside world for three months; But after five years, it is inevitable that there will be some changes in it, which can be regarded as such; It never occurred to me on Sunday that since the changes would be so great, I couldn’t believe that this place was my former one on Sunday.
First of all; A large area that was originally covered with weeds was cleared away, and a large piece of ginseng was planted in that place, although it was not carefully examined. But on Sunday, I glanced at it at random and I could see that those ginseng can have a certain year, although it is big; But to raise your eyes is not strong, or there is no problem.
Sunday is in this period; Being in a coma all the time is naturally impossible to participate in the changing events; Ten times, the eye change should be done by the elf Lele. Although this matter has not been approved by him, after seeing the eye change; Sunday is quite satisfied with what Lele has done.
Say the words; Sunday naturally knows that the resources generated by going to profit will improve his strength, but if it is fair to say that Sunday is definitely not a good manager. This is because he just transplanted ginseng when he was a child before Sunday and immediately restricted and went out to make this point. I can see that if he was not beaten in a coma for three months by Liu Busy, he would be afraid of this time. Those ginseng in it have long been pulled out by Sunday’s restraint!
Now, when I saw that I had transplanted some ginseng at random, since the number of ginseng has increased by a hundredfold to become a ginseng field, Sunday is naturally very heart-warming. After all, there are more ginseng. Sunday can benefit the resources, so we have enough materials to support ourselves to practice Sunday, so that we can raise our strength as soon as possible.
On Sunday, when I was looking at the field happily; The line of sight was a glimpse of Lele, an elf hiding in the grass.
Seeing Lele’s little body hidden in the grass, a little face behind a ginseng with a long year was nervous and afraid, and I didn’t know what it was for on Sunday. Is not as usual in Sunday came in immediately rushed out Sunday affectionate.
Sunday didn’t think much at that time; When I saw the elf Lele, although I saw that its performance was somewhat wrong, I still shouted to it as usual, "Lele; What are you doing hiding in that place? Come here soon! "
"Oh!" After feeling a little depressed, Lele finally flew towards Sunday with a face of fear.
Lele just flew to the front of Sunday, and Sunday first caught Lele with his hand; Kororo has just arrived at the palm of his hand on Sunday and immediately pointed his finger at Lele’s head and gently clicked a little on Lele’s fear of eyes and asked him, "Honest account; Why don’t you dare to come and see me if I have done something bad and don’t want me to know? "
The original Sunday was just a casual remark, but I didn’t want to say it on Sunday. Lele really believed his words, and a pair of small water-bent eyes looked at him pitifully and begged for help; "master; Lele didn’t mean to plant those plants, but master, you haven’t come inside for a long time. Lele is very boring in it alone! That’s why those ginseng plants are planted in the soil, master; Don’t be angry with Lele, okay? After the big deal, Lele will no longer grow ginseng privately. This is always possible! "
Hear the words of Lele; On Sunday, this is the affirmation that the eye change is really due to the elf Lele hand. After knowing the truth, God may be angry and excited, and directly extend his’ maw’; Aiming at Lele’s little face, I kissed him in the past, and Lele was a little angry and resisted; Directly after kissing Lele half-body, Sunday was excited at that time. He put Lele, an angry elf, in front of his eyes and asked him with some excitement, "Is ginseng really your kind here?"
"Well" is due to Sunday performance; Lele can be seen as if his behavior didn’t make his master angry, and his heart suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. I am no longer as scared as before. When I heard Sunday asking about ginseng, I didn’t think about it, so I should come directly.
After hearing Lele’s affirmative answer again, Sunday smiled; It is impossible for a secret Sunday to let the second person know the world like an eye; Even if it is a better thing, everything can attract blood shed. If you let others know that Sunday has such a piece of chaotic treasure, it is even a relative; Sunday can’t guarantee that they won’t give birth to evil intentions then.
I can only know that I am here, but Zhou Tianshen is not very good at managing this law. I can effectively transport my ability. At most, I know that moving things into it is a matter of fact, which obviously waves my ability for more than half.
Meanwhile; The flow rate inside is still much faster than outside, so just stay outside on Sunday. Days and even months passed inside; Maybe this time difference will be even worse in this situation; Unless you stay inside every day on Sunday, it is almost impossible to manage good words on Sunday.
At first, on Sunday, I was still having a headache if I wanted to manage myself, but I didn’t think I had just dozed off. Lele sent a pillow to the elf Lele on Sunday. Naturally, she was able to believe it. After all, it was a talk. The elf’s happy eyes are equivalent to this spirit if she can’t trust it; Then there will be no one to trust on Sunday.
Meanwhile; It seems that Lele the elf can’t leave this place. There is still a certain management ability in Lele the elf, and it is simply fitting that she will take care of the situation.
Thought of here; On Sunday, I looked at Lele, the elf, smiling, and looked at Lele until it was all over my body. It was only at that time that we talked about it; "Lele! Master, I give you an arduous task. I wonder if you can finish it? "
When I heard Sunday’s words; Lele smiled at that time. For Lele; She didn’t have so much thought to care what her master was thinking; If you want Sunday not to be angry with her for her private behavior, just hear Sunday’s words; Lele immediately put his small breasts on the table; Patted it and assured Sunday, "please rest assured, master;" Lele guarantees completion. "
"well; Our house Lele a horse that nature is nothing can’t be done "little praised the elf a straight le kua little face flushed with excitement after Sunday that at that time, the wind turned the sidewalk" Lele; You should have seen the situation in this, and it’s okay now; At that time, when you first appeared, it was almost a wasteland. Your master and I still had a lot of things to do outside, so there was no time to look after them. Master, I’m going to hand over the care injury to Lele. I don’t know if Lele can take care of the master and I transplanted those herbs. "
"No problem; Lele promised to complete "the original Sunday will give her something arduous, although promised to be very happy, but when saying those words;" Lele’s heart is really afraid that Sunday will give him something that is difficult to complete. Now I suddenly hear that Sunday is what she usually does when she comes to send. Lele naturally came directly without thinking.
"That’s good; Since Lele took me to issue this, I will now announce it from today; Lele is all the animals or plants in this big housekeeper except me; Lele has the management. If the animals come in later, they don’t listen to Lele. Lele called their asses "until they were separated by the combination of scientific and technological cosmic consciousness. Lele’s eyes were just in early childhood and she was treated as a little girl on Sunday." It is natural to coax a few good words to him immediately after he picks himself up.
Have to say; Not only girls have to be coaxed; Children eat this set even more, and make a promise without saying anything on Sunday; Just a few words; Lele immediately laughed at that time …
Chapter 16 Sugar Gate
On Sunday, after talking about other things in Lele for a while, I finally thought that where my eyes were, I was not very at ease, and I thought that I was not suitable for staying in it for too long, so I reluctantly withdrew my eyes in Lele.
Shortly after returning to his room, the Sunday door was pushed again. The little girl was curious to put her little head in and look at it for a while. After seeing Sunday, she forced the door to "stride" into the Sunday room.
"Hey, hey, hey …" Don’t talk; The little girl can’t help but look at Sunday and make a satisfied or dissatisfied expression from time to time. The little girl looks like the market, and those who buy animals are similar.
Just emerging as an idea; Sunday immediately tossed it out of his mind what a joke; If the little girl just looked at animals; What do you become? Waiting to be sold?
If others show such an expression to themselves; On Sunday, I have to put on such an expression with the other girl desperately; Sunday in addition to feel embarrassed; There is no feeling of anger in fact.
"Good girl; What are you doing? I can’t stop turning around. I’m almost dizzy. You have to say something! If you have nothing to do, go outside to play. My brother has to exercise and heal. I didn’t play well with you during this period. Otherwise, be careful, my brother, I will hit you PP again! "
Hear Sunday words; The little loli conditionally put a pair of small hands on her PP as if she was really afraid that she would hit her PP on Sunday. Just finished moving like that, the little girl suddenly put her hand down and was very angry. She accused Sunday of "Uncle is the worst; Since I want to play Luo Li PP, I will tell Sister Yu; Let her punish you … Well; You are not allowed to eat sugar for a month. "
Good’ severe punishment’ When I heard the little girl’s punishment, I suddenly felt a burst of distress on Sunday, but I didn’t dare to be really angry with the little girl on Sunday, regardless of my heart’s reaction. Otherwise, the little girl was angry and cried by herself. That would really be a big deal
"Please don’t do this." On Sunday, she made a look of great fear. In the little girl’s proud eyes, she was’ afraid’ and begged for mercy. "Tell me if you have sugar to eat this month; No matter what my brother can do; Be sure to help the girl you make it. "
Hear Sunday words; The little girl saw that her "threat" really played a little face and couldn’t help but show a smile; I don’t know why the little girl didn’t keep her smile for too long at last, but she just turned up her mouth and immediately put away her smile, and her face was tense; Make a very serious expression and ask Sunday, "Uncle; You intend to repay us by working hard because you were saved by us, right? "
"Is it because you have no money to repay your medicine that you are forced to agree to work to pay off your debts?" Of course; Words that is, in my heart, I know that I don’t try on Sunday; If I dare to say this, I will definitely be cleaned up badly.
Sunday is not a masochist. If we know what the consequences will be if we say that, naturally it will be impossible for us to say it out of our hearts and secretly spit it out at the same time. On Sunday, he put on a grateful expression and praised the little girl, "Yes, yes, yes; If that kind girl hadn’t save her brother; At this time, my brother is afraid that he has died on the side of the road. My brother will work hard to repay the girl in the future. "