Ordinary limit skills … Root method affects them!

June 29, 2024

Ur’s face glazed over and he looked at the little light on his right.
I can’t seem to believe what’s happen.
Small light before looking at this half-man, half-mechanical guy light asked.
Have you ever been kicked by the light?
Without waiting for ur to answer
Xiaoguang kicked him in the face with his glowing right leg.
Ullner with a large number of tube head instantaneous explosion.
I lost my head, and my body was half kneeling on the ground.
Xiaoguang yawned when he returned to Liu Yuan after a teleport.
That’s it. He can’t even warm up …
Class a criminals?
Right here? This is it!
Chapter 437 Member here!
They looked at the ghost spider who was directly shot in the head by Xiaoguang. Ur’s face showed frightened expressions in succession.
Even the shrimp with iron tongs, which used to be stable in Diaoyutai.
The expression is also very ugly at the moment.
Because they didn’t think that Xiaoguang’s combat power was so horrible.
Even if it is fast, it still holds the elementalization.
This monster is really cultivated!
Elementalization can plague physical attacks.
Speed and lead to their root there is no way to avoid small light attack.
This combination also caused the scene that Ur and Allosaurus were directly killed by Xiaoguang.
This is Ulho Allosaurus. Is it too weak?
Of course not. This is because Xiaoguang is too strong!
Strong enough to be a bit out of specification!
And they can feel that the small light level is about a golden star.
But Xiaoguang’s strength root is not something that ordinary gold pet beasts can deal with.
And before Xiaoguang, there was a look of fear of Nuo Nuo.
Mom, dressing up as a pig and eating a tiger is not the way you eat, is it?
One bite and one foot. A Class A criminal?
Meanwhile, Allosaurus owner Decrais has quietly put away his pet beast.
And ran out of the island without looking back.
At this time, he has no idea to continue fighting with Liu Yuan.
Compared with Lacman and ghost spiders, his Allosaurus was seriously injured.
This loss is not serious.
But if it continue to fight with Liu Yuan and his party.
Not to mention whether they can join hands to defeat Liu Yuan and his party.
Whether he can live from this battle is an unknown!
And can live to blue domain guy and how many are idiots …
Decrais is not an idiot.
The situation is not right, just run away!
At this time, the people were also deceived by Liu Yuanyi’s youthful appearance.
I think Liu Yuan is amazing even if his talent is amazing again.
At this age, he shouldn’t have such terrible strength.