Liu Dachuan nodded like a doze. When he and Liu Changzu insisted on walking back, I didn’t think their injuries were serious. Now it seems that they are not optimistic. They hurried to clean up the stones in the cave and lit a smoke stove with Lu Keqin and Lin Xianer to cook the dried fish into a pot. Let Liu Dachuan and Lin Xianer eat a little. Lin Xianer found some to let them spread sleeping bags on the side of the cave and let them rest. We guarded the cave.

June 30, 2024

It took about three or four days for Liu Dachuan and Liu Changzu to turn around. These days, Lu Keqin and Lin Xianer took turns to doze off, but I didn’t dare to sleep. The first thing that Lu Dachuan got better was to send us to sleep. I saw him smoking a cigarette and pressing his hands into the magazine. I was sure that he was really okay, so I went to rest with Lu Keqin and Lin Xianer.
Because of the narrow hole, two sleeping bags can be laid side by side where two or three people can sit for cooking. I can sleep alone, and Lu Keqin and Lin Xianer are squeezed into one surface.
I didn’t sleep for three or four days, but I fell asleep quickly. When I woke up again, I found that Lu Keqin didn’t know when to run into my sleeping bag and sleep in my arms. I couldn’t bear to wake her up, so I held her and slept for a while.
I don’t know how long I slept again. When I woke up again, I was left with two sleeping bags. I got up and saw them all sitting at the mouth of the cave and asked, "How long did I sleep?"
Lu Dachuan said, "If you haven’t slept enough for a long time, you should sleep for a while."
"That guy didn’t show up, did he?" I went to them and found a place to sit, took out dried fish and stuffed a few pieces into my mouth.
Lu Keqin handed me a glass of water.
Lu Dachuan said, "I went around and didn’t see it."
"How far have you come?"
"I didn’t dare to go too far. It’s more than 20 meters."
"Oh," I drank the water in my glass at one go. "I’ll go and see if you stay here and shoot if anything happens."
My breath squeezed out from them swept to the hole along the right side of the cave. It was estimated that after ten meters, it turned to the left, then swept to the left, and then swept to the right for ten meters. After walking out of the hole for fifty meters, I saw the hole again, looking up to heaven and yelling at me. It was even more shocking that its body had changed greatly in a few days.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one The Sphinx
I remember clearly that a few days ago, I asked Lu Dachuan to look at the tunnel on their stone ridge, waiting for me alone. When I roared, I turned to the back of its huge face and saw that its body was a round stone pillar, which made me doubt that it was a snake. After walking back five or six meters along its body, I saw that it had a thick leg like a stone pillar. I also suspected that it was a dragon and its claws had six fingers, but now all this was gone and replaced by a huge cat body with golden hair.
The farther away from Lu Dachuan and them, the more insecure my heart is, and the sight of going back and forth from left to right and from right to left is seriously blocked. The cave has shuttled back and forth several times. I already know that the cave is 50 feet wide and the ground is flat and there is no obstacle to swing inside. My flying speed is faster and faster every time. When I see a snake body with golden hair, it shakes in the middle, so I can’t see the past too carefully. I can only see it when I take advantage of it again. Chu’s golden hair turned out to be a huge lion’s belly crawling flat on the ground, and his front paws stretched out from both sides of the ground. The front and rear parts of his body were blocked from seeing clearly, so I was sure that it was a lion. It was the lion with its neck that had a mane bigger than the waist.
When I stayed in Ling for more than ten seconds, I made sure that its body was a lion, and then I let it pass. I fell to the ground again and took advantage of it to come back. This time, I wanted to see how big its body really was. When I took a closer look, I couldn’t help but take a breath. It was long and had three feet of ass sticking out, and a big tail was like a golden python.
When I saw its length clearly, I noticed that its body was about to fall back to the ground, and the bellies on both sides of its thick body heaved powerfully. I remembered that I got the back of my hand wet a few days ago to feel its weak breath, and suddenly it turned white. This guy was bombed by our Grenade for a few days and disappeared, not because he was afraid, but because he needed to recover. It was inferred that it had changed from a former snake body to a present lion body, not because it had really changed, but because it was suppressed. Its extremely weak body became like that (maybe it was really like Liu Changzu said that he had a big head) We are just like the Tathagata, the Buddha, the Five Elements Mountain and Sun Wu, pressing it here, and no one is feeding it food, so it will become like that.) Now, because of us, it has broken away from repression and is recovering, and the big head came to see it and directly sealed the hole without even a face-to-face contact. Obviously, they know very well that we have no ability to hurt the roar of looking up to heaven, and once it is restored, it will definitely kill us.
Then I associate it with the fact that those big-headed dwarfs in the village at the bottom of the lake didn’t kill us directly after they caught us, but threw us into the valley to feed the fear lizard (thanks to Zawang’s saving us, otherwise we would have become a pile of bones by now), which further confirmed that my guess was correct. Once again, I was angry and scolded my ten generations of ancestors with big heads, and at the same time, I took out Liu Dachuan’s machete and chopped at the lion’s body …
Soon, I was so tired that I was panting and sweating like a hill. The lion still moved slightly as before. I didn’t look up. When I saw it restored, I forced it out of the body, and I couldn’t hurt it. I stepped on its back and raised my knife with both hands to cut it directly. Who thought that a knife would go to Mars, and it didn’t lose a hair? The sharp machete turned its blade into a saw, while my knife holder was shocked and numb. I threw it into a broken iron machete. Look.
A few days ago, people’s breathing was so weak that they resisted a little. Three of us were injured. Now people have not resisted themselves at all, and they have been injured. At that time, people have recovered, and my anger has been suppressed. I jumped from its back to its head and jumped directly in front of it regardless of my hand wound.
After landing, I felt the breath from its mouth and nose to hold back the foul smell in its breath. I posted it to check its mouth and found that it was true when I didn’t find any broken limbs a few days ago. The five grenades did not hurt it at all after the explosion in their mouths. At this time, its tongue and mouth had changed from the original stone color to the flesh color, and its teeth were white with gray and a little bone luster.
Although I don’t know what’s going on with this change, it’s become a thing that we simply can’t fight it after it’s recovered. I decided to take another chance with a knife and a gun to make it indifferent. The Grenade can’t do harm to it, but at least it can’t keep it away from us. So I quietly took out Liu Changzu and groped for the Grenade behind my hands. I threw the Grenade into the sky and roared half of my mouth, and jumped up at the same time. It slammed its nose and took advantage of it to sweep back.
Not only did he sneak up on me, but he also ran away. It was because this guy came at us after Liu Changzu took out the Grenade. I was afraid of repeating the same mistake, and that’s exactly what happened. At the moment when I got rid of the Grenade in my hand, it gave a roar and jumped at me (this time it was a real jump). I saw it rise as high as ten feet in the rapid sweeping, and when I grabbed the ground, my body was so fast that it turned into a shadow. When I saw that I couldn’t escape before it, the Grenade exploded. Its figure fell back to the ground and its huge body turned its head flexibly and jumped at the
Before, I ran a lot of roads in a straight line, but the distance was about 50 meters. This escape and chase also came back. I controlled my body and fell back to the ground to see Liu Dachuan. The four of them all squeezed their heads out of the hole and looked at me. Their expressions were full of doubts and anxiety.
"Give me a hand" went to Shikan and I reached out to them.
They pulled me back at the same time to make room for me.
"Zheng Shuang, how can I hear you coming and looking up to heaven? It’s a lion barking." Liu Dachuan asked doubtfully.
If the Sphinx hadn’t exploded when the Grenade turned around and ran away, I would have been caught by it and felt weak after being pulled by them.
"The Sphinx" Liu Changzu exclaimed and turned his eyes to the cave.
"It’s a sphinx, big brother." I shouted at Liu Changzu and asked Liu Keqin for water.
"You’re hurt."
There is a hand in the hole to illuminate the light, and everyone is worried. When Lu Keqin handed the water glass, he could notice that my hands were dry and blood made my heart warm. "Nothing broke."
"Xianer elder sister medicine, gauze …" Liu Keqin looked at my hand wound and said to leaned in Lin Xianer.
"Looking up to heaven, yelling is a sphinx." Liu Dachuan muttered to himself as if he didn’t believe it.
"Don’t worry about looking up to heaven and yelling at this guy is too much …" After drinking the amphibious piano and Lin Xianer, I bandaged my wound and told them the results of the analysis in a few words.
"It seems that we still have to find a way to get out." After listening, Liu Dachuan didn’t say his opinion and turned to seal the mouth of the cave directly.
"Well, I took a risk and blew it up with a Grenade. Just let it run farther and dig a hole when I can win more." When I spoke, my hands were bandaged with medicine. I shook my fist and the wound hurt a little, but it didn’t affect my strength.
"Blow all the grenades together." Before I broke the big stone that sealed the hole, I couldn’t plan it. Liu Changzu thought of grenades again.
I feel that they have been holding these grenades for a long time, but their power doesn’t seem to urinate. I asked, "Can all grenades explode at the same time and break through a stone wall more than three meters thick?"
Liu Dachuan thought for a moment and said, "The power is estimated to be no problem, but we won’t directional blasting. If the inside section is not hit outside, it will be even more troublesome to be blown down."
"Directional blasting ….." I thought about this in my mind for a while, but I saw a lot of directional blasting pictures. I also remembered that I don’t know what military program or movie I saw. The best blasting expert can blow up a room while the people in the room are safe and sick, but I have all the knowledge about how to arrange explosives. "Forget it, let’s understand it according to myself."
Originally, I planned to blow up the sky roar farther away from us and then come back. Instead of breaking the rock wall that sealed the hole like before, I tried to plane the whole hole, but the rock wall was drilled out one by one, so that the rock wall was still supported, so I was not afraid that I had just planed the rock wall like quicksand. Now Liu Changzu had a bomb, and Liu Dachuan said that directional blasting was needed. I didn’t drill a hole in the rock wall to put grenades in it first, and then put one or two grenades in it to detonate it. This not only solved the problem that grenades in the blasting department could cause trouble, but also saved me a lot of effort
I told Lu Dachuan my idea, and he immediately agreed with it, but he also expressed his concern that "how can you drill a hole for putting grenades if you break a stone with your strength now?"
"This is also easy." I got up. "But Sister Qin and Sister Xianer put everything in this place in the bag."
Lu Keqin and Lin Xianer began to pick up Liu Dachuan and Liu Changzu, and followed me to the front of the sealed cave stone wall. I pulled out my dagger and drank it to force out the mixed yuan reiki to protect the blade. Then I inserted the dagger into the stone wall and dug a hole one and a half feet deep in the fist.
"How" I took out all the gravel in the hole and asked Liu Dachuan.
Lu Dachuan’s agent went in and tried to shine his eyes. "It should be no problem."
"Leave the things to me," Liu Changzu and Liu Dachuan said confidently after reaching out and groping for it.
Through this period of practice, I groped for the aura that I have been able to control my body, but I am not proficient in deliberately controlling the aura. When I do something, I feel a little tired. At this time, my hand hurts again. Liu Changzu said that I left the things to him. I took Lu Keqin and Lin Xianer, who had packed up the cave, to the Shikan Cave.
Soon after Liu Dachuan and Liu Changzu came out with a rope carefully, the five of us hid on one side of the hole, and they smashed the rope out and the hole exploded.