Several cavalry were in tears when they saw the scene, but the lack of chasing and blocking by Turkish cavalry sometimes made them sad when they died in battle.

July 1, 2024

Two thousand Qingqi suddenly chased and intercepted all the way and the Turkish cavalry collided.
There is no possibility of avoiding the side winding because the two sides are in a tit-for-tat direction.
The two armies meet in a narrow way.
When Li Chongjiu saw this scene, he drank a lot and bowed and shot an arrow at the same time.
Li Chongjiu single-handedly shot and killed three Turkic cavalry Ma Instantly, and both armies persecuted him.
Li Chongjiu should pull out his long sword from the side of the horse without losing his bow!
A Turkic cavalry came from the direction of Li Chongjiu with a horse pole.
Blinking Li Chongjiu’s legs clamped the horse’s belly and the whole horse fell to the saddle to avoid it.
The tip of the horse pole blew a cold wind at the tip of Li Chongjiu’s nose, waiting for the other party’s trick, Li Chongjiu suddenly pulled himself out and pranced forward for a moment.
Li Chongjiu’s long knife in his hand draws a lotus flower and directly splits the other side with a horse pole.
When the other party’s body fell, Li Chong’s 91 longitudinal ride had gone more than a dozen paces.
Chapter one hundred and seven A thousand troops change easily
The thick smell of blood mixed with horseshoes overturned the loess and smelled good.
Every moment when the war horse is in the wrong stirrup, his life is breathing. Li Chongjiu can’t remember how many sledgehammers he has avoided.
This feels like a 130-kilometer retrograde speed in the expressway.
The cavalry were scattered when the arrays of the two sides staggered and collided.
Many people rushed over with their horses at the maximum speed and then gestured wildly with knives.
After fighting, everyone looked morbidly excited and was stimulated by the scene of the bloody flying horses colliding.
Li Chongjiu desperately protected his brothers in the chaotic army, burying his head in the front and rushing behind him. Some of his brothers were cut down and some Turks were cut down.
Compared with riding and shooting, Li Chongjiu’s slashing skill is flat, but it is better than his arm strength and quick response.
I don’t know how long I’ve been in conflict, but I suddenly feel that the pressure in front is suddenly loose. It turns out that everyone has already fought through the encirclement.
Li Chongjiu looked around, and there was a escort agency in Sun Erniang, Su Su. Nearly 100 riding brothers followed their horses, and many of them followed from the 7,000-village, which made Li Chongjiu glad.
And Li Shimin will flag also rushed out of the tight encirclement. Li Chongjiu immediately brought people to meet and gather together, and there were hundreds of riders.
Li Shimin was cut three or four times with the body armor of the stables, while Li Zhiwan and Chai Shao also rode on horseback, and everyone was stained with blood, but fortunately there was no serious injury.
"Finally came out," said a lucky rider.
Suddenly someone pointed forward and looked at the golden wolf!
Indeed, a golden wolf is bared his teeth in front of him, and this big-toothed Turkic army is ready for battle.
Many people shook their heads. Did they have an illusion?
It was easy to kill a surprise retreat by mistake, but it broke through the encirclement and killed the Khan Golden Wolf in the beginning.
That’s impossible!
"We didn’t hit each other by mistake, but Khan led the detachment to intercept us." Li Shimin hit the nail on the head.
See the golden wolf big GeZhaShi finish khan led by turkic elite attached to the army array in front of cut off their way out.
While the smoke and dust in the rear rolled over their robes and fell into the encirclement of Turks, and more Turks pursued after their horses.
All the cavalry showed signs of despair. It was really difficult to fly before and after.
"It’s a great honor to let Turkic Khan go out in person!" Su Su smiled to Sun Erniang said
Sun Erniang shouted, "What do you say that I have the honor to see the old lady and I will kill him with one knife?"
Susu grabbed Sun Erniang’s reins and said, "Mother, don’t be rash!"
Sun Erniang saw that Susu was full of cutting colors, but he couldn’t send it at the moment.
At this time, Khan Wolf Flag’s eyes are as arrogant as an eagle, and he looks at a pair of majestic air.
At this moment, I suddenly saw him wave his hand!
Wan Fu left the soldiers and shouted "surrender and don’t kill!"
"Surrender and don’t kill!"
"Surrender and don’t kill!"