Little edamame cried terribly when she saw her. She didn’t know what had happened to Xia Zhu. She was afraid of not hearing from her mother for several days.

July 2, 2024

She was worried that others would cheat her and Xia Zhu had left this world. Fortunately, she came back.
"Mom, do you still want me?" Little edamame has never let go of Xia Zhu.
"how can mom not want us so cute little edamame?" Xia Zhu Xiao edamame kissed a face.
It’s so good to go home. For Xia Zhu, she is now the happiest moment. Looking back on these days, the experience is like a nightmare, but it also makes her feel a lot.
She and Bai yinting will really go through a lot of hardships and pains, but still won’t let her have the idea of giving in.
After that, their family will live a good life like this, eclipsing all the difficulties before them.
"Mom, I’m going to stay with you all the time today, and you mustn’t suddenly disappear again." Little edamame spoiled.
Xia Zhu promised her that she would fall asleep with Xiaomedao in her arms at night, and Xia Zhu experienced hardships. At the same time, for Xiaomedao, she also experienced a life-and-death parting hardship.
Now that mom is back, of course, she doesn’t want to stay away from her, and even going to health has to be followed step by step.
I’m afraid this fear of losing my feelings will last for a few days before the child can gradually get rid of this deep fear and then slowly forget it
Bai Yinting came back very late, and it’s also gratifying that those people were finally caught. They haven’t come to spend the money in Xiazhu Cary yet.
But Yan Ningxuan was not arrested and disappeared.
She is still very clever, and the woman seems to know how to avoid being tracked. No one knows where she has gone.
Although Li Youchen confessed that they had come to stay, Yan Ningxuan, a dangerous place that was exposed, naturally could not go again
Because Li Youchen voluntarily surrendered and actively helped solve the case, his problem was not particularly serious. Xia Zhu asked Bai Yinting not to pursue it too much and was willing to intercede with him.
The final result still depends on the legal judgment, but Xia Zhu promised him those things, and she will still honor them, of course, and there will be no more trouble in the future
Xiao edamame fell asleep, and then Bai Yinting slept gently. Xia Zhu was so happy to hold her on the other side.
These days, he has hardly slept, and his heart is full of worries about Xia Zhu, and today is his most practical day.
"I was so scared when my wife couldn’t find you. Fortunately, you came back." Bai Yinting whispered in Xia Zhu’s ear.
"I’m afraid I won’t meet you, too. Sometimes I really end up like that." Xia Zhu snuggled up to Bai Yinting’s arms and was very warm
"I know you must have experienced many nightmares, but now that you have settled down, it won’t happen again." Bai Yinting was afraid that Xia Zhu would have psychological pressure.
Xia Zhu nodded and went home. On the first night, they talked for a long time.
The next day, Bai Yinting wanted Xia Zhu to take a day off at home, but Xia Zhu still wanted to go to the company to have a look. After all, without her, there must be a lot of things that were overstocked and there was no time to deal with them.
Bai yinting also had no way to send someone to protect her and personally sent her to the company.
When Liu Yao saw Xia Zhu, she hugged her and cried. "Xia Zhu, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I blame you for suffering."
"It’s not that you’re okay." Xia Zhu comforted her and looked at Liu Yao, who seemed to have lost a big circle these days, knowing that she must be very worried about herself.
Her employees have also expressed their concern for Xia Zhuxin, and everyone is worried about her these days.
"I’m fine. Let’s continue to work hard. I hope we can create a brilliant future." Xia Zhu said and went back to his office. Liu Yao followed him in.
"Tell me if I have a lot of work to deal with?" Xia Zhu is ready to enter the working state.
But Liu Yao said mysteriously, "Xia Zhu, don’t you think you are particularly troubled?"
"Ah?" Xia Zhu one leng seems to be true.
"Xia Zhu, I think you and Bai Yinting may have different words, or find a master to break it?" Liu Yao went on to say
"Come on, you don’t still believe this, do you?" Xia Zhu thought it was a fable.
"I’d rather believe it or not. Maybe?" Liu Yao said very seriously
"I think it may be that we have mishandled many things before and buried the curse." Xia Zhu felt that it was unnecessary.
"Then please a protective talisman." Liu Yao still thinks so.
Xia Zhuyu looked at Liu Yao and made her feel at ease and agreed, "OK, then please invite a protective talisman?"
"Well, I’ll go with you this weekend." Liu Yao is very concerned about it
"Where to?" Xia Zhu didn’t react at the moment.
Chapter ninety-three Lay down your life with you
Liu Yao stared at Xia Zhu more. Did you just say that for so long? Was it a joke with him?
"protective talisman!" Liu yaoxing
"I have to go in person? I don’t have time "Xia Zhu began to back down.
"But it’s not so effective when someone invites you." Liu Yao seems hard to say.
"Let’s work first. We’ll arrange it when the time comes." Xia Zhu casually replied and started work
However, Liu Yao has a lot on her mind. She is really interested in this matter.