The bronze symbol falls to the ground like a drop of water, and the valley boils instantly.

July 3, 2024

The evil wind roared and the white fog enveloped the faint cry of the devil.
The white fog keeps spreading, covering a large mountain forest and gradually dissipating to restore calm …
Chapter one hundred and twenty-seven Climb the stairs and look at the mountains and rivers and ghosts to Rowen.
After the rain, it’s as clear as water.
After the flash flood, the original clear stream was full of silt.
The soldiers walked along the river bank, seemingly messy but orderly.
Soldiers of the mountain search army on both sides of the mountain galloped like apes, holding crossbows, releasing eagles and walking dogs to explore the surrounding movements.
River Suzaku Dangkou Army Forward White Tiger Army Destroying Evil Forces in the Center Xuanwu Armored Army will protect the center with auxiliary soldiers behind the house.
Not far from the cliff top, Wang Xuan Guo Shouqing climbed the mountain and looked at the situation of mountains and rivers.
"The situation of mountains and rivers is divided into two parts …"
Guo Shouqing was indifferent to the floating dust. "Wang, a captain, please look at the middle-earth terrain. From the Longshou Mountain in Tiandu, nine dragons are separated. The epicenter of Jiugong Gankan Gen is separated from Kundui’s first name. The southwest of Yongan is the branch of Kanyuan Mountain."
"Long Mai can be great, small, flexible, flexible, invisible, now able to fly and dive. It is difficult to explore the mystery all his life, but usually the gathering place is a treasure."
He shook his head slightly and sighed, "It is reasonable to say that there can be countless temples in the mountains and rivers of Long Mai, but after all, the traffic is inconvenient, and the temples along the way can drive away evil spirits and lead to the outside of the mountain."
Wang Xuan mused, "It’s no wonder that the royal family and your religion are so concerned about the Huang family’s secret collection. If you can really find the gods in it …"
"Then the land of Dayan can be increased tenfold, and it will be possible to restore the grand occasion of the Great Chu Dynasty after a hundred years of recuperation and unification of the Southern Jin Dynasty!"
Guo Shouqing threw his face to the ground and had some flushing.
Wang Xuan is startled. It’s the first time he’s seen this woman’s gaffe.
Guo Shouqing calmed down and shook his head slightly. "Wang, a captain, doesn’t laugh and be original, has been running around with the master since childhood, knowing that there is always such a thought about Terran hardships."
Wang Xuan primly handed over "the Taoist priest Wang is ashamed of himself."
Guo Shouqing doesn’t seem to want to talk about this topic any more. He pulled out a piece of "Looking at the Symbol of a Heavy Building", "Being original, please go upstairs and look at it, and ask a captain Wang to protect it."
After saying, when the ofuda in the hand is lit, the smoke is gathered in the eyes, and then the whole person’s temperament is transient and illusory.
Wang Xuan, take a step back and look around with sharp eyes.
It was only after Guo Shouqing explained last night that he realized that "Looking at the Symbol on a Heavy Building" was precious.
The so-called heavy building is not only the door of the floor corridor, but also the throat, which means that there are twelve sections of air flow, so it is called twelve heavy buildings
"Looking at the symbol of the heavy building" is a guide to the heavens and the earth. Every time you climb a floor, you can see more mysteries of heaven and the earth. Of course, every floor is more difficult.
Guo Shouqing’s breath in front is more ethereal like the world of mortals.
Suddenly, her previous step seemed to be standing without steps, and her eyes were shining with golden light, looking into the distance, and her eyebrows gradually tightened.
Guo Shouqing’s Five Spirits can ascend to the second floor in the Yuan Dynasty.
But it is obviously not easy to maintain this state.
Guo Shouqing’s forehead sweat drops breath gradually unstable.
Suddenly, the golden light in her eyes was scattered all over the floor and she turned pale.
Wang Xuan eyebrows slightly wrinkled "Taoist ok".