"ah! ! !”

July 4, 2024

Bellows kept ringing, and dozens of intelligence cavalry departments were killed by the white horses, not one left!
"Oh, my God!"
"How can there be a human cavalry team!"
The foreign lieutenant was blindsided by all the soldiers of the foreign army, and many people fell into sluggishness and shock on the spot
What? There will be human soldiers behind them!
What the hell is going on here!
Where did they come from!
A lot of doubts fill every alien soldier’s mind.
Everyone looked at Bai Mayi silly wait for a while from Zhao Yun with Bai Mayi from the charge is getting closer and closer to many foreign soldiers to react.
Because this group of human cavalry body fills the air that shocking murder is not fake!
It’s like killing your face in essence, which makes people panic!
They have enemies behind them!
There are hundreds of human light cavalry!
Zhaoyun huffed and took the cavalry bow from behind.
Behind him, 100,000 white horses are driven and brushed together, and big bows are also bent and full moon!
Zhao Yun drinks one low.
"whew ~!"
"whew ~!"
"whew ~!"
Flying arrows not only appear from the front, but also have hundreds of arrows falling from the rear!
In a short time, many soldiers were killed and injured in the alien Pang Dajun array!
"damn it! Fight back! Kill these cavalry for me! "
Foreign guard hurriedly roared way
We must not let these 100,000 human cavalry stay behind the team without fear, otherwise they will be able to transfer new troops from the first line to the battlefield!
The night cavalry all turned around and began to charge at the white horse.
"Hum! Flank charge! Take this group of evil animals for a few laps! "
Zhaoyun cold hum a command to the lieutenant.
One hundred thousand white horses started from a team of one hundred per thousand people, and the arc-shaped rush was sharp, and the excellent maneuverability was constantly shooting and killing this group of night cavalry soldiers who chased them!
And Zhao Yunze is the first to go straight to the enemy army!
"This guy is looking for death!"
There is an alien general who gnashes his teeth and rides a horse. The charge hand brandishes a pair of sledgehammers and points at Zhao Yun and growls, "Damn human beings! Give me a good death! "
Two people charge each other and get close together in a flash!
"hey, the law ~!"
At night, the jade lion screams, and its legs are high and straddle!
Zhaoyun’s pike shook out his spear, and the seven snakes came out of the hole like a poisonous snake, and a commanding blow blew off the head of this alien general who burned the gods!
"Burst ~!"
The head of the corpse fell from the horse and sputtered, and the smoke counted again. There was that solitary head with a pair of big eyes angrily open, which contained an unbelievable look. He never thought that he could not stop a move!
This human knight is too strong!
"da da da!"
At night, the jade lion continued to fly after landing. Zhao Yun’s expression shook, and the blood at the tip of your gun continued to charge the enemy formation!
"Damn it, this is a master! He thinks he wants to destroy siege equipment! "
Foreign lieutenant face a surprised hurriedly yell "quick! Send someone to stop him! "
The master of the territory will not burst into his own momentum, and people can see through the true strength of the territory. At this moment, this group of aliens is very riding alone, and the human knight dares to charge because of his bravery.
"Hum! How dare you! "
"Dare to ride a single charge army! Brothers teach him a lesson! "
A famous general who is preparing to join the wall to fight a tough battle turned his horse’s head and began to charge Zhao Yun with a grimace of a grin. There are also many fighters with proud expressions.
"Weak human, you are dead!"
Several foreign military commanders in Nie’s territory licked their lips and looked at Zhao Yun riding alone with malicious intent.
There are more than fifty foreign military commanders here!