"Golden Thief, although officials cheat officers to eat inside and pick outside, after all, there are a large number of cavalry who are very fierce, which is something that our army can’t do. Once a large number of cavalry go south, the problem will be too big for our army. General Su, do you have any countermeasures?"

July 5, 2024

This problem is very serious. Everyone is concerned that Zhao Kaishan and Zhao Liang also look at Su Yonglin and want to know what his coping strategies are.
Su Yonglin nodded his head.
"You all know that the uprising of our army is only five months. When it is five months, it can make the army start to be small and build a strong army, especially the cavalry. Even if the harness is few, it will take a year to be skilled.
And when we don’t have that, I don’t think we can hide things from the gold master. In another seven months, he will definitely send troops to attack south in the next few months. By then, our cavalry will still be no match for the Golden Thief cavalry.
Therefore, I think that if we want to win this situation, we must find another way. We must never sit in Shandong and Shandong. If we face enemy risks, we will be destroyed if we don’t attack outside. "
Zhao Kaishan realized that Su Yonglin got down to business, glanced at Zhao Liang and asked, "Where to attack? North? Or … West? "
"all must attack"
Su Yonglin looked serious and said, "We can’t fight the gold thief by ourselves. We must mobilize the vast number of people with lofty ideals who are willing to fight against gold. We can’t let the gold thief use their advantages against us. We must give full play to our advantages against the gold thief!"
"This …"
Zhao Kaishan pretended that he didn’t want to say anything to Bai Su Yonglin.
"The advantage of the Golden Thief is that the cavalry is more effective, while our advantage is that the helpers are more righteous and break up."
Su Yonglin said slowly, "If the gold thief relies on cavalry, I will feel numb if I don’t fight with other cavalry. We must try our best to exert our advantages and suppress the gold thief’s advantages."
"How can that be suppressed?"
Chen Qiaoshan took the initiative to ask this question.
Everyone’s sight is also in the middle of Su Yong Lin’s body, which seems to regard this place as his personal stage.
Su Yonglin talked about Kan Kan
"The Golden Thief War generally relies on the real female soldiers and the Han Chinese, the Khitan people and the Bohai people. The real female soldiers in the signing army are the main force of the war, and the signing army of all ethnic groups is the auxiliary auxiliary base to ensure logistics. When necessary, they will also be sent to the front to die.
However, the number of Chinese and female real soldiers is small, and the signing army occupies the majority. An army of 100,000 people may have more than 30,000 regular soldiers, and the rest are all signing troops. It can be said that without signing troops, the power of the female real soldiers is definitely not that strong.
Although the combat effectiveness of signing troops is weak, it is just as huge, which guarantees the absolute signing of troops in terms of food and equipment. If there are more troops, there will be more troops, and if there are fewer troops, there will be too many troops. Because logistics can’t keep up,
And what we have to do is to let more local heroes rebel as much as possible, and it is best to achieve the world-wide opposition. Destroy the gold thief and sign the military office, so that they can force the signing of the army and the salary, and they can’t organize the army south! "
Speaking of which, Su Yonglin reached out and punched a desktop.
"All we have to do is the Northern Expedition, that is, the Western Expedition. Everywhere we go, we will encourage local people to follow the rebellion and make us famous. A single spark can start a prairie fire, and even if we want to put it out, we can’t do it at all!"
Su Yonglin’s idea aroused great interest from some generals.
Li Xiao was very excited. He touched Ba and thought about it carefully.
"That’s true! Gold thieves go to the base with less soldiers and more soldiers. When they are fighting siege, they will be forced to sign the soldiers before and behind them. If we can make the gold thieves not sign enough troops, we will not be able to close many troops by relying on female real soldiers. "
Chen Qiaoshan also expressed support.
"If it’s true that the whole world is against it, even if the main force of the gold thief is out, it will be a headache and I don’t know how to calm it down!"
Zhao Yucheng was even more excited to attend the meeting.
"The more rebels there are, the less gold thieves can attack. Although the cavalry is sharp, we are not afraid if the number is too small!"
These three representatives agree that Su Yonglin is closer to the generals and think that Su Yonglin’s anti-strategy is feasible.
They talked enthusiastically for a while, and the atmosphere of the chancellorsville was very warm. Look at Zhao Kaishan one leng one leng.
Although it was expected, Su Yonglin’s prestige after winning World War I was beyond his imagination.
Important officers and their own sons seem to have become his admirers, and all agree with his ideas.
Long-term is definitely not a good thing.
Zhao Kaishan is very nervous.
Zhao Liang doesn’t think it’s strange that Su Yonglin has always been like this. It’s definitely not incomprehensible that people have won such great victories and accumulated some people’s hearts.
It is not a good thing that so many people agree with him and have a vague intention to follow him.
It seems that it is necessary for him to leave here as soon as possible for Hebei to develop.
Zhao Liang looked at Zhao Kaishan and found that Zhao Kaishan’s face was also very bad
Su Yonglin rarely shows off his sharpness in such meetings. How can he show off his sharpness today?
Zhao Liangke didn’t want Su Yonglin to provoke Zhao Kaishan to do anything contrary to the plan.
Doing this kind of thing well means that if you don’t do it well, you will lose face and face, which is a big problem
So Zhao Liang uncolored and tugged at Zhao Kaishan’s skirts, and his eyes signaled Zhao Kaishan to hold steady.
Chapter 16 I’ll make you the manager of Hebei in the name of leading the handsome!
Zhao Kaishan certainly wants to stabilize.
But I feel that Su Yonglin is the leader and he is a nobody.
He should arrange such a big strategic thing. Why does it feel like Su Yonglin is here to do it?
This feeling makes Zhao Kaishan feel uncomfortable.
And it’s not pleasant to see so many people in the ministries agree with and flatter Su Yonglin and Zhao Kaishan.
So he didn’t hold back his mouth.
"Rain pavilion you said is very reasonable but really feasible? Not to mention whether outsiders are willing to follow us against gold, even if they are, how can we ensure that they obey our orders? If the order can’t be unified, how about fighting the 8 Jin Army? "
Su Yonglin smiled.
"The collar handsome must be so? They just have to accept the flag of the Guangfu army. Is he important? What if you fight for yourself and give them the local seal if they want to rebel? "
Zhao Kaishan one leng.
Zhao Liang immediately looks up at Su Yonglin.
Zhao Kaishan did the same thing before, but with the development of the forces of the Guangfu Army, Zhao Kaishan became more conscious of his actions and suppressed the local forces of the Guangfu Army.
In particular, the local forces in Qianli overthrew Sun Yi, and he himself became worried that someone would follow suit and overthrew his local forces and began to attack them secretly.
The landlord and the squire were limited in their armed forces, and they placed their own people in the county government to master all kinds of available power and compete for profits.
I ordered people to be county magistrates, but Zhao Kaishan arranged for all the clerks to issue orders in the past, but whether it can be done depends on whether it meets Zhao Kaishan’s wishes.
This makes many people feel dissatisfied and has a lot of complaints about Zhao Kaishan’s palm.
Zhao Liang doesn’t know much about politics, but he knows the heart and knows that it is not very good to rule Zhao Kaishan, but he doesn’t know how to persuade Zhao Kaishan.
As a result, Su Yonglin picked up this practice that had been abandoned by Zhao Kaishan.
What is this?
"They just want to give it to them. Give them most of the military and political affairs, let them expel the Jin people, let them rebel and be hostile to Jinting, and then help us share the pressure of the main army of the Golden Thief.
When the most important thing is to get more of our friends, they can row back. Not the most important things can be discussed. The most important thing is that they are willing to defeat the golden thief army with us. "
Su Yonglin waved his hand. "If we can get rid of the gold thief and overthrow the Jinting, we can wait for the gold thief to have this big trouble. We can sit down and talk slowly."
All comrades-in-arms have credit for what you deserve and what I should get. According to the credit, everyone can be satisfied and will not make trouble. "
Su Yonglin’s words, let alone support his admirers. Even Zhao Kaishan’s die-hard relatives and generals nodded and said that Su Yonglin’s plan was in their interest.
Zhao Liangbai Su Yonglin, this is a model for doing great things without being informal.
It seems that Su Yonglin doesn’t care about temporary gains and losses. He is more interested in whether he can overthrow Jinting. If he can overthrow Jinting, then everything can be discussed. If he can’t overthrow Jinting, everything will be over.
This is similar to Zhao Kaishan’s theory of whether the Guangfu Army is surnamed Zhao.
But the law is completely different.
Zhao Liang couldn’t help but sigh-if Su Yonglin was the leader of the Guangfu Army, the Guangfu Army would be even bigger than it is now.