"You should paste it," Yuan Hua said in a very good mood. "I’ll double what you can win today."

July 6, 2024

"You Yuan always plays mahjong, which is rare. Haha" The bald man smiled next to him.
Yuan Hua lit a cigarette and looked up at Yongdong and said, "It’s a good thing to do, but Lao Li won’t stop there so that when you go out for a while, wait for the wind to slow down … otherwise I’m afraid he’ll get you in trouble."
Yongdong considered pushing the card immediately and said, "But God, I will go and paste the seven pairs of Anglong."
After watching everyone play cards for a long time, Lao San couldn’t help but ask, "Does Yuan Zong’s ditty have to be gone?"
They heard this one leng.
"He’s just a little boy running on the road …" Old three smiled easily. "It’s also quite pitiful."
Yuan Hua bowed their heads and counted the money words gently asked 1 "old what did you say? I didn’t hear you clearly. "
Old blink eyes.
Yuan Hua ourtenant looked up and asked "I really didn’t hear what you said just now"
"Ah, it’s all right." The third grinned.
"Ha ha" Yuan Hua paid the money and waved and said, "Come and shuffle and continue playing."
The other end
The red-faced man is driving fast.
Ma Laoer frowned at Xiao Liu on the roadside of the slum and asked, "Are you sure he is good with Xiaoqu?"
"OK" Xiao Liu nodded.
"Looking for him" Ma Laoer greeted the first car "Hurry up!"
Chapter 19 Little people give birth to energy
Sell butcher’s shop
Xiaoqu sat on the bed smoking a cigarette and looked at her wrist watch with a little anxiety.
The street braked suddenly, and an old SUV stopped at the intersection. The red-faced man bowed his head and dialed the old words and said briefly, "I’m ready to start work."
"He 37" replied in a low voice.
"Okay, I get it." Red-faced Han hung up and bowed his head and took out a pair of doctor’s rubber gloves from the glove box, and then took a wool cap from the back seat to buckle his brain before pushing the door and turning the car.
The car was in gear and pulled the handbrake, but it didn’t turn off. The front of the car was also facing the most spacious road. The guarantor could escape from the scene at the first time after coming.
The red-faced man walked into the butcher’s shop with his clothes on and his arms on.
"Brother, come and play?" The guy at the door got up and greeted a "sister’s room, I’ll call it out and you choose."
"Why don’t you talk to a friend about something first?" The red-faced man asked with his head down. "Where is 37?"
The young man at the door was very disappointed after smelling it. He sat back in his chair and looked impatient. He pointed to the left stairs and said, "You can see it when you turn left and take two steps."
"Thank you", the red-faced man stepped upstairs.
The guy at the simple bar pouted and scolded, "The poor guy always comes here to talk about shit."
The building is dimly lit, the corridor is red-faced, the right hand is in his arms, and his eyes are sharp and scanning the sides.
Xiaoqu frowns and plays a mobile phone game, but he can’t be calm. After the game character died twice in succession, he suddenly got up and scolded, "Why are you so fucking slow?"
Got up and walked around the house with a shoulder bag slung over her shoulder. I couldn’t help but go to the door and wait and see.
Red-faced Han looked at the left door number and suddenly stopped. Then he took out a gun from his pocket and lowered his wrist. He put the gun on his right leg and took two steps again.
Right in front of your eyes
Red-faced Han turned around and glanced at the door and knocked at the door.
Xiaoqu glanced out and saw that there was no movement in the corridor, then turned around and went to the sanitation. He was so nervous that he almost peed ten times this moment.
"Knock, knock!"
Just then the knock on the door rang.
Xiaoqu Zheng immediately turned around and came to the door, with his cheek sticking to the door panel and looking out through the cat’s eye.
"Tune? Where’s the third brother’s building? Let me call you "Red-faced Man".
Xiaoqu heard that he was overjoyed to open his mouth and wanted to respond, but he suddenly froze when his palm touched the door handle.
"Xiaoqu, don’t you answer the door?" Red-faced Han continued to shout
Xiaoqu suddenly broke into a cold sweat on his forehead, blanched and his right arm trembled, and took out a long and narrow saber from his bag.
After a brief stalemate, the red-faced man lost patience, stepped back and suddenly raised his right leg.