Even though the blood lotus bodhi old zu origin is strange and powerful, Li Xuandao is not at ease. What he wants to know most is the identity of the blood lotus leader and the blood lotus leader will pursue him tirelessly.

July 7, 2024

Meng Xuanji crooned with a smug face. "You just upset me, so I can’t let you get what you want. I’d better tell you the bodhi old zu identity of blood lotus."
Looking at Li Xuandao’s startled expression, Meng Xuanji’s smile became more charming. She deliberately coughed a long voice and said, "The bodhi old zu of the real blood lotus is a sea of blood in the underworld. An ancient blood lotus has changed because of being instructed by a master. It can travel between Yang and the underworld."
"Master advice? Which master is it? "
Li Xuandao immediately seized the key point and his face became dignified.
However, Meng Xuanji shrugged his shoulders and said, "Don’t ask me, I don’t know if all this is the smell of the underworld. I don’t know if it’s true, but the bodhi old zu of the blood lotus has indeed mutated, not only being able to shuttle between Yang and the underworld, but also having strange and powerful strength!"
When Meng Xuanji’s eyes flashed throbbing, if he thought of something terrible, he said, "The blood lotus bodhi old zu has a very special ability. He can devour the soul and simulate the lifelike theory of being killed. Whether it’s manners or soul breath is exactly the same as being killed, it’s hard to tell the truth from the false."
"Devouring the soul? Simulated being killed? "
Li Xuandao frown puzzling over the ability of blood lotus bodhi old zu, but he has learned that the shadow master can incarnate Ying Li without leaving a flaw and left a deep impression on him.
If it weren’t for Li Baihe to expose even the elders of Jian Qing, several people would be fooled.
This shows how powerful the bodhi old zu is!
However, no matter how realistic the blood lotus bodhi old zu simulation is, it can’t cover up the blood lotus quality of the ages. Li Xuandao was swept away and could detect how Li Yingshen could cover up the blood gas.
The blood lotus bodhi old zu’s ability is effective for refining the strong in the realm of God.
Even so, it is already very powerful.
After all, there are only a few strong people in the world of Xuan and Huang who refine their gods, and they never ask about worldly things in practice. Otherwise, Taibai Jianzong’s huge sect would not be easily infiltrated by the blood lotus Sect and planted hundreds of spies.
At this moment, Li Xuandao seemed to think of something, and his eyes flashed off.
He suddenly raised his head and stared at Meng Xuanji’s eyes. "Can blood lotus bodhi old zu simulate human beings or …"
"Of course it’s not just humans."
Meng Xuanji knew what Li Xuandao wanted to ask lightly. "He can simulate what he wants to devour, and he can also simulate it as the head dragon of ten thousand families. There is no flaw in it!"
"Sure enough!"
Li Xuandao narrowed his eyes and eyes seemed to have a cold light flashing.
Murphy …
What happened to the blood lotus bodhi old zu and the dragon clan?
But soon Li Xuandao shook his head and rejected the speculation.
The blood lotus religion has only gradually become active in the last hundred years, but the dragon has completely disappeared 300 years ago, and the powerful means of the dragon are the poor blood lotus bodhi old zu’s blood doppelganger, even if the simulation is realistic, it will definitely not be difficult for the dragon!
"By the way, you said that the blood lotus bodhi old zu can still freely shuttle between Yang and the underworld?"
Li Xuandao flicked his fingers and continued to ask, "So blood lotus bodhi old zu can carry creatures from the underworld to the world of Xuan Huang? Or can it also carry the creatures of the mysterious world to the underworld? "
"Of course."
Meng Xuanji chuckled, "If not, how do you think I came to Xuanhuang World? However, there are great restrictions on the ghosts coming to the world of Xuan and Huang. Only the indigenous people in the underworld can come to Yang with the blood lotus bodhi old zu, and those dead souls can’t shuttle because of the restrictions of world laws. "
"I don’t know if creatures in the world of Xuan and Huang can travel through the underworld."
After Meng Xuanji explained, Li Xuandao had a general understanding of the bodhi old zu of blood lotus.
This mutant eternal blood lotus should be something similar to a magic weapon, and it doesn’t have its own sanity. Otherwise, with its ability, it can simulate the strong human beings confronting the dawn empire head-on
I don’t know whether the owner of this ancient blood lotus is the blood lotus leader or the mysterious person who once pointed out.
"Well, you answered my question. We are even."
Li Xuandao rubbed his head and said, "But you came all the way to Tongshen City to see me. It should be more than just answering questions."
Chapter 56 Crossing the Sea, Ship, Steel Monster
Chapter 56 Crossing the Sea, Ship, Steel Monster
"I heard that you are going to the vast state?"
See Li Xuandao nodded and admitted that Meng Xuanji’s eyes lit up and said, "What are you doing in the boundless state? Is it Han Tiandong?"
"I don’t think it’s best if you don’t know, but Han Tiandong I will never let him go!"
Li Xuandao sneered at the corner of his mouth with a faint murder. "This Han Tiandong not only deceived me, but also dared to provoke you. I was almost succeeded by him. If I don’t teach him a lesson, I will be known as Li Xuandao?"
"In that case, I also want to go to the vast state!"
Meng Xuanji suddenly jumped out of the silk big bed and arranged a skirt. "I’m afraid it’s not easy for you to find Han Tiandong in a strange place in such a vast state. On the contrary, it will be very simple if you have my help."
"Are you going to the vast state, too?"
Li Xuandao was surprised. "What if you went to the whole southern Manchuria in the vast state?"
Meng Xuanji corners of the mouth with a strange smile look full of confidence. "Don’t worry, I have already arranged for South Manchuria. Now the most important thing for us is to jointly slay Han Tiandong! This little practice is getting faster and faster if you don’t give up. You must never let him grow up like this again, otherwise it will pose a great threat to me! "
Li Xuandao didn’t know what plot the Blood Lotus Sect had in South Manchuria, and he wasn’t interested in knowing whether the Blood Lotus Sect would take the initiative to provoke him. He had no mind or energy to pester the Blood Lotus Sect.
However, Meng Xuanji’s proposal was rudely rejected by him.
What joke?
How can Li Xuandao keep a strange woman with him? Besides, although he and Meng Xuanji are close now, this extremely unstable situation may break down at any time and turn against each other.
Meng Xuanji didn’t insist on seeing Li Xuandao’s opposition so firmly.
Before parting, she gave Li Xuandao a communication charm to keep in touch at any time, and she secretly woke Li Xuandao carefully because some people didn’t want to see Li Xuandao go to the boundless state.
Who are those people? Meng Xuanji didn’t say Li Xuandao didn’t ask.
Three days later, the night leader sent a concise brontosaurus elixir, and Li Xuandao planned to leave.
It is meaningless for him to stay in the city of God, and he feels that this trip to the vast state will gain a lot.