Ghosts and spectres gather more into billowing black smoke, whistling and circling around the iceberg.

July 8, 2024

A strange array has been erected in front of the iceberg. If Wang Xuan finds it is very similar to the broken shifting array in the ancient battlefield of Kanyuanshan, it is also densely packed with runic stone columns, but it is much smaller.
In front of the array, there stood ten black-robed people of different sizes, each with a strange interest and unable to see his face.
At the same time, they knead the method and a green light beam rises from the array to the sky, and the ground rumbles and trembles, and the surrounding mountains are constantly broken and falling …
"This is … broken array!"
Guangyuan Zhenjun was taken aback. This kind of thing has long since disappeared. It can communicate with heaven and earth in the long river of history.
Five-element shifting array like Liangshan is the most mysterious shifting array at present, but compared with the broken array, it is simply heaven and earth.
Buzzing …
The green light column vibrates violently
Suddenly, a pale arm stretched out from the light beam, like several abyss evil spirits vaguely screaming out.
Affected by this sound, all the corpses around them fell to their heads and violently twitched. Even those who roared and screamed and scattered, many of them were stunned …
Okay, these pale arms seem to be blocked by some force. Root method is separated from the light beam.
I don’t know what to whisper in the tactic of the first black man suddenly pinching forward.
A pale arm instantaneous fracture dripping with black blood suspended suddenly clenched fist rushed to bronze doors.
There was a loud noise, and it was visible to the naked eye that the waves of terror spread outward and the ice broke instantly along the way.
The pale arm also burst at the same time
Black blood and rotten meat fall to the ground, and the corpses around them are evil, like crazy, and they scramble for random swallowing, and then the corpses suddenly skyrocket.
Not good!
This arrangement is to fight bronze doors.
Guangyuan Zhenjun doesn’t know what the other party is going to do, but it will never be a good thing.
His hand is to force Taiyi to teach Baoqing to be slightly mysterious, and the sky rises like a fierce sun, and the golden light instantly tears the cloudy fog in the basin.
Guangyuan Zhenjun pinch method tactic treasure seal suddenly shot a golden light that was just sunny and went straight to the altar array.
A desolate dragon song sounded in the black fog where a huge dragon head suddenly appeared, and the first-born unicorn scales were red, and the crimson flame spewed out from the mouth and instantly enveloped the mountains of Guangyuan Zhenjun.
This fire is obviously not a mortal fire.
The mountain ice melts instantly, and the white fog rises, but as a result, the ends of the earth turn cloudy and the wind and snow roar
The golden light flashed, and the true gentleman of Guangyuan appeared on another hill with a gloomy face.
His Yang God cruise can be broken and moved thousands of miles away, so naturally he won’t be hit by the dragon flame, but the magic weapon, the subtle mysterious seal attack, is also interrupted.
Guangyuan Zhenjun thundered at the dragon’s head. "The Zhou family is not thin and big for you, but it is a betrayal of all kinds of preferential treatment!"
In the black fog, the dragon’s huge eyes flashed a dim light, but soon it was yoshimitsu with big fangs and big mouth facing Yi Long, the true gentleman of Guangyuan.
Dragon roar The magic horn in Longyin Town, Wang Xuan has the same effect, and there are ripples visible to the naked eye, but the power is not the same.
Booming …
Less than half of the mountain collapsed when the ice burst.
"In that case, you can’t stay!"
Guangyuan Zhenjun suddenly appeared in the basin, not only in the left hand, but also in the right hand, there was a long sword, Lei Guang, winding and murderous.
The black fog dispersed and the dragon showed its shape, but it had a head in the shape of a dragon, and its body was like a python’s scales surging with lava.
The dragon seems to be a little annoyed, and the whole body is clouded again. Only the scales occasionally appear flickering and spurt out flames at the same time.
Dragon’s nature is good at hiding and unpredictable. Although this week’s Chijun is a fire dumpling, it is also amazing to escape, or it will not deceive Guangyuan Zhenjun.
Guangyuan Zhenjunbao’s four archers, Fa Jian and Lei Ming, rolled a few strokes, and the fire dumpling was splashed with flesh and blood.
However, this fire dumpling is also rough-skinned, although it screams repeatedly, it also arouses ferocity, and the white fog turns into a rolling cloud of fire, chasing Guangyuan Zhenjun crazy bite.
Guangyuan Zhenjun also has some nai.
Although the fire dumpling of Zhou family is not a fairy tale, it is a long way off, so Zhou family can become the first family.
If he comes in person, he can easily kill him, but Yang Shen’s parade is even
The trouble is that Fang has several pale arms to break free and bang the bronze giant door …
Guangyuan Zhenjun’s sullen temperament suddenly changed, and his eyes were cold, as if God had golden light floating all over his body.
"Guangyuan, you are not dying!"
Fire dumpling red gentleman was covered with scales and roared, then hurriedly hid.
It has an extraordinary spirit and knows that the true gentleman of Guangyuan will kill it even if he damages the foundation of Yang God.
Who knows that Guangyuan Zhenjun has been deceiving a sneer and has instantly come to the front of the broken array.
Just about to make moves, the ground around him suddenly changed and solidified like iron. Even the yin was silent, and dozens of fronts broke through the ice and trapped him.
Guangyuan Zhenjun looked around and looked pale "trapped god array! Xuanyuan hierarch can’t believe that you are here … "