After analysis, experts all agree that although the half-court game is unexpected, it does not mean that AC Milan has no choice.

June 5, 2024

If AC Milan can score a goal ahead at half-time, the balance of the game will be lost again.
Generally speaking, the balance of victory and defeat is still tilting towards AC Milan.
Experts always win this opinion, and so do themselves.
After returning to the dressing room, he first praised the team’s performance at half-time. "I am proud of your performance, guys. You perfectly showed your fighting spirit and desire to win."
However, praise accounted for a small part, and then he changed his subject.
"But don’t take it lightly, guys! Our opponent is AC Milan. They have had several experiences of coming back from the dead in the Champions League! You know, we are just tied with their total score now, and if AC Milan can score a goal in the half game, they will regain the initiative. If they score a goal, we must score two goals in a row. The half-court defense is very important and we need more control. "
"At the same time, in the attack, we should seize the characteristics of their aging defense line and excessive physical consumption to launch a fierce impact on their defense line! How many straight plugs and how many forced breakthroughs seem to have no technical content, but they are actually very tube. I believe you should have seen this from the half game. "
Someone laughed and then they looked at Reyes.
Everyone was particularly impressed by the scene that Reyes forced his way through Maldini and pancaro by speed.
Reyes smiled shyly as everyone watched.
Compared with the relaxed, lively and positive atmosphere to the home team locker room, the silence in the visiting team locker room is like a graveyard.
Every AC Milan player who returns to the dressing room can’t figure out why they will be hit so hard.
Carlo Ancelotti couldn’t do anything about it. He made a few casual remarks in the dressing room without making any adjustments.
It is not that he doesn’t want to adjust, but that he has no one to adjust.
Being able to play eleven players is already the strongest team that AC Milan can rank at present.
How to adjust again?
At halftime, Carlo Ancelotti calmed a player and told them that it was not time to surrender, because after all, if they scored another goal, they could regain the initiative.
His success has touched many players, and everyone’s fighting spirit seems to be back.
Carlo Ancelotti decided to strike while the iron was hot and told the players that the goal of Valencia would be stormed at half-time.
Since Valencia can score in five minutes, why can’t we AC Milan score at the first half of the game?
With this in mind, AC Milan players are back on the pitch.
At half time, the two sides fought again easily, and no one changed.
AC Milan did perform a little more positively after half-time.
Just three minutes ago, pancaro left Sepcenko headed the ball too far on the edge of Gabriel Milito’s interference with the small restricted area, which was confiscated by a well-positioned canizares.
It is the 51st minute after three minutes. thomason rolled out of the left post with a low shot from his right foot at 17 meters in front of the door.
Less than a minute later, Pirlo’s backcourt straight Sepcenko once again fell into Valencia’s elaborate offside trap.
Valencia has a high success rate in offside defense tactics and [offside trap] competition skills.
Today, Sepcenko feels uncomfortable with how he kicks, as if he were stuck in a swamp.
"This damn referee! How could Sheva be offside? That’s a good shot! Mom, the Germans really don’t have a good thing! " Seeing this in front of the camera, La Coruna scolded in annoyance.
He thinks that the referee is too biased at home in Valencia.
Next to him, several guys eager to kiss up also jumped out to help Sepcenko. "It’s just how good the ball is, so the referee blew the coal …"
As a result, they all shut up when the offside ball was replayed in slow motion.
Because nobody likes being hit in the face …
The slow-motion video clearly shows that AC Milan striker Sepcenko has stepped over a whole position in the attack just now!
Berlusconi said nothing.
Although AC Milan had a strong offensive at half-time, they soon became impatient when they found that they could not score.
More solo.
Kaka broke through in the frontcourt and found Valencia players around him. He looked up and didn’t see an AC Milan teammate nearby. He was finally surrounded by Valencia players and his ball was broken by albelda.
Kaka didn’t steal the ball on the spot, but spread his hands and was very idle.
It wasn’t long before Kaka broke through again. This time, he succeeded in making Ba Laha foul himself. AC Milan got an Italian ball 25 meters away from the goal.
As a result, Pirlo chose the penalty area without waiting for the referee Mayer to whistle, and planned to play Valencia by surprise. Instead of making a surprise attack, he got a yellow card. Even if AC Milan could eliminate Valencia, he would miss the first semi-final of the Champions League.
Then Pirlo rearranged the football, and this time he didn’t play the ball, but shot directly.
But the shot football hit the wall itself.