Chapter three hundred and fifty-five Sun Chengzong conspiracy

July 9, 2024

This time is equally shocking, and there are a group of courtiers.
Especially when they saw Dourgen’s head with their own eyes and more than a dozen heads of Mongolian tribes of the Tatars, everyone felt a little shocked and fearful about the Tiger and Leopard Army …
At this moment, in the face of the growing tiger and leopard army, how can the court reward the tiger and leopard army and how can it treat the tiger and leopard army? Several completely different methods are directly placed in front of Chongzhen and a number of courtiers waiting for everyone to choose.
Because of the interest chain of refined salt and the Tiger and Leopard Army, a chariot was tied up, and the command of the Royal Guards made Luo raise his temperament and unexpectedly continue to support the Wei Zheng and the Tiger and Leopard Army. I hope Emperor Chongzhen can reward the Wei Zheng.
However, the official department is the first civilian to see Emperor Chongzhen sitting in the dragon chair with a thoughtful expression. It seems that he will no longer move forward like that, and he will look confident and firm when he comes to the Tiger and Leopard Army and the Governor of Shanshan.
Very good at reading and reading, their horse realized that it was time to bring down Wei Zheng.
So the civil servants at the court seemed to smell the blood, and the wolves began to signal the official department to participate in the Wei Zheng one by one …
What’s wrong? Eliminate dissidents, kill civil and military officials casually in Shaanxi and Shanxi provinces …
What private military system formed the Tiger and Leopard Army with ulterior motives …
Why did you send troops to Mongolia without listening to the orders of the imperial court, causing the two countries to go to war, and in the battle, you ordered the Ministry to kill indiscriminately and ruin the name of the imperial court …
All kinds of crimes are like floods that burst their banks and rushed to the ears of Emperor Chongzhen.
Although the courtiers had said these things to themselves before, Emperor Chongzhen did not rest assured that there would be no strange feeling.
But now it is different …
When I began to doubt and fear Wei Zheng, these crimes were like spikes directly inserted into Emperor Chongzhen’s heart, which made him feel a twinge of heartache.
At the same time, a Chongzhen doesn’t want to hear or see the word "warlord" suddenly appearing in front of his eyes, and he can’t wave it away.
When Emperor Chongzhen and all the civil servants urged him to clench his fist slowly and was on the verge of breaking out.
A sound full of murder suddenly sounded in the hall and brought Emperor Chongzhen, who was on the verge of anger, back to reality to calm him down quickly …
"What do you all want to do? Do you still think that our dynasty is not thinking about it enough to force the dynasty, which has just calmed down and regained its vitality, into war again? "
The official department has not been frightened by Sun Chengzong’s momentum and status, but is tit for tat and asks.
"Chaos … I would like to ask Sun’s adult, if the butch army is not restrained yet, won’t you worry that one day they will take the road of rebellion with their continued discovery and growth? Want to know the butch army is stationed in Shanxi, if it takes two days for them to send troops to rebel, they can arrive at the city … "
Sun Chengzong did not deny this sentence. The courtiers and Emperor Chongzhen looked at it as calmly as possible at the same time. "The emperor’s ministers are not defending the tiger and leopard army … The official department’s Wang Daren also agrees very much."
"I want to wake up the emperor and your adults. Now the butch and leopard army has developed and strengthened. If the court wants to restrain him from taking the army in the hands of Wei’s adults, it is absolutely impossible to do it overnight."
"In any case, neither the Tiger and Leopard Army nor the Governor Wei Zheng of Shanshan showed any intention of rebellion … Our court can’t force Wei Zheng and Tiger and Leopard Army against their own conjecture and fear."
At this time, Emperor Chongzhen finally calmed down.
Suppressed his fear and anger towards the butch army, took a deep breath and continued to ask Sun Chengzong, "Sun Aiqing, I want to know what you think …"
Sun Chengzong a face of calm answer "emperor veteran we now the first thing to do is four questions butch army four questions shanshan governor who’s adult …"
"You know, these achievements made by the Tiger and Leopard Army and the governor of Shanshan are unique to the emperor’s accession to the throne. Not only are all the officials looking at the imperial court, but also the people looking at the imperial court to see how the imperial court intends to reward the great heroes."
"If this matter is not handled properly, it will not only cause instability in the court, but also cause people’s dissatisfaction with the court."
"Only after solving this problem can the emperor consider how to remove the army from the hands of Wei’s adult and how to weaken the tiger and leopard army step by step rather than disband the tiger and leopard army and nationalize it so that they can truly become imperial troops."
Compared with his civil servants’ indignation, Sun Chengzong’s proposal is much more prudent.
After Sun Chengzong finished speaking, not only did Emperor Chongzhen sit in the dragon chair, but even the official department Shang’s face was full of approval.
Chongzhen spoke at this time …
"You love your general direction and phalanx Sun Aiqing has just said that the next step is to discuss how to reward Weizheng and butch army … if you have ideas, you can come out …"
Perhaps knowing that Wei Zheng is no longer trusted by the emperor, and it won’t be long before he loses his army bit by bit. It’s rare for civil servants to be generous once …
Soon a unified opinion appeared before Chongzhen.
"Further Gao Weizheng’s title … but no matter what, you can’t give Wei Zheng a reward that can further increase the strength of the tiger and leopard army."
I am also very satisfied with this proposal of Chongzhen.
After taking a deep breath, he announced, "I remember that the title of Governor Wei Zheng of Shanshan is now a third-class uncle, which means that I and the court believe in Wei’s adult and I decided to raise the title of Wei’s adult to a third-class Hou at one time …"
"You know, since Emperor Wanli came to our country, no one has been given the title of Duke. Such a heavy reward can always satisfy Wei Zheng, Baiguan and Heaven and Man!"
"Pursuit English …" Although the courtiers were shocked by the generosity of Emperor Chongzhen, they didn’t say much.
Chongzhen a face of satisfaction to stare at kneeling in front of his courtiers just speak Sun Chengzong suddenly out again on the Chongzhen said.
"The reward of the emperor’s veteran is not enough … in addition to the promotion of the title of Wei’s adult, the court should also promote Wei’s adult position … it is best to let Wei’s adult enter the pavilion to better assist the imperial court and make great efforts …"
Pavilion is the real center of the imperial court … It is the place where the whole dynasty benefits …
Once Wei Zheng enters the central government, he will become one of the most powerful people except the emperor … Compared with the governor of Shanshan, his prestige and status will greatly increase.
In this way, not only will it not weaken the health benefits and status, but it will also have the opposite effect
After listening to Sun Chengzong’s introduction, Emperor Chongzhen frowned directly and consciously wanted to speak out and refuse, and then severely reprimanded Sun Chengzong.
But to Chongzhen’s surprise, his words haven’t been spoken yet, and the official department has unexpectedly agreed with this idea.
Chongzhen looked at the corners of the mouth of the official department and quickly flashed a sneer that no one noticed and then said to Chongzhen
"Emperor, I have to say that Jiang is still great."
"Sun’s adult is not the kui is that I hid so many pitfalls in a simple sentence at the old minister."
See the emperor chongzhen still didn’t respond to come over, the official department still continued to explain.
"On the surface, the emperor transferred Wei’s adult to the cabinet, which increased the potential and hope of Wei’s adult … but it was not."
"Once adult Wei enters the cabinet, he can’t continue to take charge of these two positions: Governor Shanshan and Tiger Leopard Army. Then you can take this opportunity to take the most trusted courtier to take these two positions …"
"When the time comes to lose the support of the butch army, Wei’s adult can’t afford to turn over any big waves in the capital even if there is a great ability, and the court can also turn the butch army, a powerful fighting force, into a loyalist …"
At this time, Sun Chengzong, the thinker, followed closely and added, "Besides, is there another purpose for the court to do this?"
"If Wei’s adult is willing to give up the governor of Shanshan to enter the cabinet … then it proves that Wei’s adult is still loyal to the court and the emperor, but if Wei’s adult is not willing to enter the cabinet and give up his interests in Shanshan and the army, it proves that Wei’s adult really has a confidant."
And this also means that the court must seize the opportunity to weaken the strength of the Tiger and Leopard Army from all aspects …
At this time, Emperor Chongzhen’s face dissatisfaction and doubts have been replaced by meditation.
Although knowing that you do this is likely to turn the last thing you want to see into reality, it will bring you huge benefits than losing the glass.
However, before the two options of political stability and money, Emperor Chongzhen finally chose to accept Sun Chengzong’s opinion because Chongzhen didn’t want to ruin himself and become a king of subjugation.
At this time, Chongzhen has made a decision in his heart, and he has not spoken when he is ready to purport. It is still very unexpected to come out.
Yang Yang bowed down to Chongzhen after holding a letter in his hand. "Dear adults … this is a memorial sent by the Shaanxi Governor’s Office yesterday, asking the court to allocate one million and two hundred silver to relieve the victims in Shaanxi Province with less than three hundred thousand left …"
Chapter three hundred and fifty-six cornucopia
"According to the memorial handed by the governor-general of Shanshan, Shaanxi has hardly produced grain in the past two years because of perennial banditry and drought. The imperial court allocated one million and two thousand silver less to ensure that these victims will persist until the autumn harvest of next year, otherwise the Tiger and Leopard Army can’t guarantee whether these 300,000 victims will become a new rebel."
"However, the situation of the Ministry and all the adults are clear that if you don’t say that one million and two silver is twelve thousand silver, you can’t take it out. I can report this matter to you for a decision …"
Anyone who has a little political sense will know that Wei Zheng sent such a memorial to the court at this time, and that is to tell the court that only the Tiger and Leopard Army and Wei Zheng can ensure the stability of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
If the imperial court wants to kill the donkey, it should prepare enough silver to calm the hearts of hundreds of thousands of victims in Shaanxi before making plans.
Otherwise, the court will not only be unable to take over the Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces and the Tiger and Leopard Army from Weizheng, but also cause a new round of unrest in Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces, threatening the capital’s security.
Emperor Chongzhen, who has been a emperor for several years, of course knows the hidden meaning behind this letter.
After his report was finished, Emperor Chongzhen’s face became extremely gloomy directly.
In addition, Emperor Chongzhen is a very conceited emperor, and he will never allow himself to be manipulated and threatened by courtiers.
The more Wei Zheng doesn’t want to leave Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces, the more he wants to transfer him from Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
Since Wei Zheng calculated that the imperial court had no silver to provide disaster relief, he transferred silver from the library himself.
If you want to build Datong glass workshop with the Wei Zheng of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, you will continue to replenish silver to your library.
Thought of here, a face of firm expression Chongzhen direct purport way
"There is no silver library for me to come out. In a word, I must transfer Wei’s adult from Shanxi …"
"Imperial decree: Minister Wei Zhengge, Governor of Shanshan, was promoted …"
"I am promoted to the Governor of Shanshan, Sun Chengzong and the head of the Tiger and Leopard Army."
"Sun’s adult must complete the handover with Sun’s adult when he goes to Shanshan Governor’s guard, and hand over most of Shanshan Governor and Tiger and Leopard Army to Sun’s adult and then go to Beijing immediately."