Before the car arrived at the hospital gate, the sentry came running to greet Li Chujing in the back row.

July 10, 2024

When Li Chu opened the back window, the sentry said, "Vice President Li’s medical office, Vice President Wang, just confessed that you will go directly to the nursing home after you come back."
Li Chu nodded. "You let people say hello to Ding Qiunan, a Chinese medicine shop, and say I won’t come back at noon."
Say that finish hand patted the driver’s chair ODA knowing directly put the car into reverse gear and drove over to the nursing home.
After more than half an hour, the sanatorium
Li Chu didn’t expect to find him. It turned out to be the secret of life
"Li, vice president, is really sorry that I have to find you this way."
Zhang secret before looking at Li Chu said some nervous.
I can’t help but worry. After all, he called Li Chu. If people are unhappy, his good days will really come to an end
"This time, let’s talk about it. What’s the secret?"
"It’s the chief thing. At that time, you asked the chief to work for four or five hours at most every day. At the beginning, the chief could still abide by it. Slowly, I need nurse Ning and I to wake up, but we can’t wake up these days. I’m really worried about the chief’s health …"
Li Chu listened and nodded his head. The health of the chief is really a big problem. Although the conditioning is not bad at present, he should be careful again. In this case, it is understandable that he called himself here under false imperial edict.
"What is Chief Zhang Mi doing now?"
"Just in the front office, I was watching the briefing handed over by the central office. I came over after 7 o’clock in the morning, which means I can rest for 20 minutes when I take medicine at 10 o’clock."
"Chief lady? She doesn’t care? "
"Er … the chief is busier these days, and he hasn’t been to the grassroots level in Beijing recently."
"Shout …" Li Chu breathed a sigh of relief, and the two crazy workers met together, which made the face workers the most headache.
"All right, I’ll go and have a look."
"Vice President Li, don’t say I called you here, or I’ll be out of luck when you leave."
Li Chu smiled. "I see. Go away and wait for a few minutes to come in and pour me water."
"Hey, thank you, Vice President Li!"
See how hard it is for the face workers to lead the health and now they are acting like thieves.
In front of the office building, Li Chu stopped and took out his work permit. The sentry registered there and sent his backpack to the guard room.
Although we all know each other, we still have to go through the procedure.
This building is a sanatorium, which is specially for you to come here to recuperate. The leaders are going to say that it is a real building and has three floors.
Inside, whether it is a small conference room, a large conference room, a copy room and so on, office equipment is readily available.
Of course, there are also many leaders who come to recuperate and work in their own houses without coming here.
When Li Chu came to this chief, he preferred to work here, saying that there was that kind of atmosphere.
I saw him at a glance in the chief engineer’s secret room on the second floor and hurried out.
"Vice President Li, why are you here today?"
"Secretary Li, if I don’t come, will the chief be ready to live in the office?"
"Uh …" Li was asked a little embarrassed.
"Li secret work you are qualified but you don’t consider the chief health problems? I’m going in to check the chief’s health now. If there is anything wrong with his health, I will report it truthfully. "
Say that finish Li Chu twist a head and walked to the head office, leaving Li Mi there with or without.
Li Chu raised my hand and knocked at the door of the office.
"Come in"
Slightly hoarse, I said that I haven’t spoken or drunk water for a while, and I still feel a little tired.
"Alas," Li Chu pushed open the office door and went in directly.
Sitting behind a desk, looking at the file handed me, the leader looked up and saw who came in, and his eyes flashed a nai.
Li Chu went to his desk and looked at the old man with thin hair and white hair. His heart was very admirable and he loved him very much.
However, there is a duty to be responsible for his health.
"I won’t call you chief Wu Shu, or you give me an order to dismiss this health care doctor. I promise I won’t bother you again."
Li Chu’s words made the old man shake his head with a wry smile. He let go of the file and went to the window to look out.
"Don’t say angry words, Xiao Chu. You have your job responsibilities and I have mine."
"Uncle Wu, why didn’t I know you still have a job?"
This words gave the old man a top-he turned to look at Li Chu with some anger.
"Don’t look at me like that, or you can listen to me or you can take me away and find another obedient."
"Yo-ho, you little, are you negotiating with the leader?"
"Uncle Wu, how dare I? I dare not even lend me a kettle gall, but I want you to be healthy and responsible!"
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Respect
"Smelly little more than forty people, the size is also a leader, how to speak more and more jumping off."
"Wu Shu I this is no way! How about you be kind enough to listen to my arrangement after I finally wear an official hat? "
Li Chu wanted to kneel for the old man.
"I listen to your arrangement."
"Wu Shu, don’t fool me. This is my professional skills. Look at your face yourself. I don’t feel the pulse. I know you haven’t had a good rest recently.
I managed to keep your body in a relatively balanced state. If you go like this, I won’t be able to make it. "
"Alas …" The old man was a little lonely and sat down on the sofa.
"Chu, I’m eleven years old this year, and how long can I live? The ancients said that life is seventy years old, and I earned eleven more years."
"Uncle Wu, don’t compare the past with the present, but we should pursue more physical health and spiritual aspects."
"Is it really a peaceful and prosperous time?" The old man got up again and went to the window, looking southwest.
"Er … that’s partial after all." Li Chu was embarrassed and quickly changed the subject. "Uncle Wu, let me put it this way. Do you want to work four hours a day but you can persist for ten years or two or three years at most?"
"Shua" an old man turned around and looked at Li Chu with bright eyes.
"What do you mean?"
"Wu Shu, what’s wrong with you? You know what western medicine says over there. They don’t know how many years they can live after surgery.
As for me, it’s been more than ten years since I first conditioned you. Don’t you believe me? If you are willing to cooperate with me, I guarantee that you will see the prosperity of our country. Don’t you want to stay in this country for a few more years? "
This sentence touched the old man somewhat, and he sat back on the sofa.
"Chu, do you think my old man’s thoughts can keep pace with the times?"
"WuShu you forget a word? You don’t need to do anything to have an old family like a treasure, but you need those young leaders to have a bottom in their hearts. "
"Ha ha" The old man raised his hand and pointed to Li Chu. "You are such a smelly little ass-kisser."
After thinking for a while, I continued, "I listen to you, but I also have one condition."
The doctor begged the patient to pay attention to his health and agreed to the patient’s conditions
"Go ahead, Uncle Wu!"
"I didn’t rest on time these two days, I admit it, but in a few days, your aunt will definitely look for you when she comes back. You can’t tell her."
What else is he doing?
"No problem, Uncle Wu. Don’t worry. I won’t tell my aunt. I dare not be angry with her."
The last sentence of Li Chu was a whisper, but the old man heard it clearly.
"Then you dare to be angry with me, right?"
Then there was a knock at the door. Li Chu knew it should be a secret.
Sure enough, Zhang Mi came in and poured a glass of water for both of them and then went out.