"Oh, yes, Dad, then you can see me!"

July 11, 2024

"I’ll show you now. Will you sit and close your eyes and don’t talk?"
See Oriental stevia close your eyes skin two dog is pulled out to call ghosts and gods city god seal sighting her yintang parts a stamp a round of white light swing into the borrower to revive Zhang Nana, please come out.
"Zhang Nana in your home unfortunately, I made a report to Long Xianxiang, deputy head of Huanggu District at the first time. Long Xianxiang sent a department head-Wu Yidu. After the trial, Wu Yidu admitted the fact that the gas murdered you. It was not his pot that killed your dad. But don’t worry, some departments have arrested Wu Yidu! I believe that it won’t be long before your great hatred is reported! "
I want him dead! I won’t leave unless you kill that murderer! " Zhang Nana is full of complaints.
"Zhang Nana, are you sure you want to kill Wu Yidu?"
"ok! I won’t stop until he dies! I complain that the soul will make you restless! "
"If you want me to avenge you and fulfill your wish, you will leave Stevia orientalis. Is that right?" Pi two dog repeatedly confirmed
"I will never be vague in my words!"
As soon as Pi two dog nodded, he released the female ghost Xiaohong. After the ghost villa after World War I, the female ghost Xiaohong’s mana rose greatly. As soon as she emerged, she respectfully said, "Master, I am here!"
"Red, you go to nine planets detention center to get rid of a big villain named Wu Yidu!"
"Yes!" Xiaohong floated out of the window like an imperial edict.
Half an hour later, the window curtain moved and Xiaohong floated back excitedly and said, "Look, master!"
It turns out that Xiaohong took some photos on her mobile phone after handling Wu Yidu, and saw Wu Yidu clinging to her neck, causing the illusion of suicide.
Pi two dog showed these pictures to Zhang Nana. Zhang Nana saw that Zhang Dajia’s enemy was dead and laughed happily. "Ho, ha, ha, ha, Wu Yi, king Benedict’s egg, you also have today! Great! It’s my turn! Thank you, Boss Pi! "
"Zhang Nana, where is your grave? I want to burn some money to give you a good road!"
"Ha ha, the boss with good skin is really a bodhisattva’s heart. When my mother comes out, she will burn it for me. I’m leaving!" Zhang Nana’s shadow disappeared from the window. Stevia orientalis has fallen into bed and fallen into a coma.
Pi two dog’s dust helped her. The female killer suddenly sat up and flew to Pi two dog with a punch. Just then, Pi two dog stretched out her hand and wrapped it in her fist. Happy way: "I woke you up with Stevia orientalis! You can’t bite the hand that feeds you! "
"Who are you?" Oriental stevia has a cold eye.
"My name is a farmer from Pi two dog Township. I heard that you are a killer!" He said that this girl’s boxing strength is not small, and it is a real kung fu practice.
"You fart matter!" Oriental Stevia rebaudiana suddenly rolled over the bed and put on shoes and left.
"The east where are you going? You have no money with you! " Tian Huili Xiang tried to stop her, but Dongfang Stevia didn’t look back and roared off.
"The boss want to inform willow fine princess? Her villa has been demolished and there is no money! "
"Li Xiang, she is a female killer, and she is very capable. Don’t worry!" Then two dog called Liu Xifei and said, "Sister Liu, your family’s oriental disease has healed, but this girl is so fierce that I can’t keep her from running out. Why don’t you find her and pick you up at home?"
"two dog, my cousin likes to be alone. Since she is well, let her go!"
"That’s fine. Anyway, she is a female killer and can’t starve her!"
After the phone call, Pi two dog saw that Fan Changgong was splashed with blood and had to plunge into the bathroom to take a bath again
"Boss, shall I go with Mei Zuling?" Tian Huili sweet probe came in to ask
"Okay, go!" See pear fragrance out, he is calling YuanQiongYu this cargo.
Yuan Qiongyu, a rich girl, has always been a night owl. It is estimated that she is still not asleep in the early hours of the morning.
She said, "Did two dog miss me?"
"Yes, I miss you so much that you can’t sleep. Can you come to my bed?" This guy is most afraid of being alone, and he will definitely lose sleep without company.
"What’s in it for me to accompany you?" Yuan Qiongyu is also a no-loss owner, as long as he has the opportunity.
"Like this time, we make a secret offensive and defensive alliance. If we have money, we can make money together. We should share the happiness and share the happiness!"
"You want to be beautiful and share happiness, just let me accompany you when I am what person? Bed attendant? " Yuan Qiongyu’s melancholy way
"Well, it’s beneath you to be a big shot and accompany a small person like me, okay?" Pi two dog hangs up in anger and wants to call the maid Chun-zhu Li. She thinks it’s inappropriate to call her Huang Yan and Ding Qing, but they are all running back and forth in Da Nai Village, and it will be dawn soon.
Chapter 39 Wan Shanhong’s objection
Suddenly he had a flash of inspiration and thought of Julia.
The problem is that this young lady leaves home crying and shouting to marry her, or don’t ask for trouble.
Wondering who to call, the doorbell rang, and two dog came out to see that the unexpected visitor was none other than Yuan Qiongyu!
See her in a cool dress camisole, Qibi skirt white sneakers look lively and lovely.
"Are you satisfied with this guy who has been tossing people around in the middle of the night?" Yuanqiongyu Chen white the way
"Thank you Joan jade elder sister! I am grateful to you for coming to accompany me! Wow, you are so beautiful tonight, just like a fairy! Oh, my God, the beauty is incomparable! " This guy’s mouth is like a pat with honey, which makes YuanQiongYu giggle and giggle.
Accompanied by a big and expensive beauty, Pi two dog quickly went to sleep …
The next afternoon, when he woke up, Yuan Qiongyu had left. She left a WeChat message, "two dog, you snore!"
I hate snoring. How can I snore?
This guy just snuck out of the room to see pear fragrance. He just asked, "Is it true that pear fragrance snores when I sleep?"
"Back to the boss, you snore occasionally. It’s not very serious!"
"Will it affect sleep?"
He breathed a sigh of relief after getting a positive answer.
At nine o’clock in the afternoon, Pi Ergou went home with the approval documents for road construction and the 60 million yuan he earned.
He went to Baiyang Town to apply for road construction and Wan Shanhong unexpectedly expressed his opposition 2.
"two dog, you said take out fifty million roads or four-lane asphalt roads. Have you ever thought about how to compensate farmers for land acquisition? You can’t afford to give more if you don’t promise to give less farmers! You know, this 50 million yuan is just compensation for road construction and land acquisition. Oh, where did you get so much money? "Wan Shanhong holding the staff for him.
Tian Xiaoxia also shook his head. "Yes, Brother Dog, you are putting a lot of pressure on you alone! Everyone in Shaoda Nai Village should make a contribution! It’s unfair for you to pay alone! "
"I can think of some way to compensate the mayor for land acquisition. The problem now is that Yang Chaochun, the village leader of Yangkeng Group, opened his mouth. His price is 50,000 yuan per square meter! This price is a bit scary? " Two dog has two main roads in one head.
"The Yangkeng Formation is a leather cannon site. It must be the leather cannon that instructed this to negotiate with the leather cannon!" Tian Xiaoxia hated the name of the leather cannon.
"The leather cannon wants money and wants to be crazy. He has always held a grudge against the sub-village. First, he tore up the 100-mu mountain forest contract and then instructed the village leader of Yangkeng Group to make trouble!"
"What mountain forest contract torn up? He said that if it is destroyed, it will be destroyed. Is the contract a piece of paper? "
"Mayor Wan’s eyes on this mountain forest contract leather cannon are really a piece of paper."
"Then you can’t promise."
"Don’t promise? Then my family and employees will disappear inexplicably! "
"What is such a thing? Do you have any evidence? " Wan Shanhong was angry and said that it was too arrogant to be a small village head.
"There is no direct evidence. Forget it. The mountains are not good for me. It is better for women workers to dig in the fields!" Laipi cannon means that after the original contract is declared effective, he can find an opportunity to re-sign the contract and take the opportunity to knock on more rent.
This is why he encouraged Yang Chaochun to open his mouth.
If Lao Zhang doesn’t come forward here, maybe he has re-signed the contract with the leather cannon.
"Second, the dog skin cannon is a crafty old scoundrel. This is a series of tricks. First, cancel the contract, and then find Yang Chaochun to make trouble. Calm down the trouble. Early construction will definitely promise him to re-sign the contract, and the annual rent will be more than one million!" Wan Shanhong said the old leather cannon was full of bad things.
"That’s why I’m looking for you. I hope you can say that Lao Zhang asked him to come forward and collect the land along the way in the name of the town government, and then I gave him a fee so that the leather cannon wouldn’t dare to blackmail me!" Two dog threw a big bang way
"So I am no problem. By the way, how much are you going to give? What are the requirements, such as land acquisition compensation? What is your psychological price? "
"According to the market, I know that Niujiao Village in the south has just built a cement road to the town. What is their compensation for land acquisition? You should have a few right?"
"Niujiao Village is a village donation plus government funding to repair land acquisition compensation of 3,000 yuan per square meter!"
"Well, I can give more compensation, such as no more than 10 thousand yuan per square meter?" He has prepared 60 million special funds for land acquisition compensation, but he doesn’t know how many square meters the specific land acquisition area is.
Ma ‘erdan Road and Bridge Company hasn’t measured the specific data yet, so let’s wait for the data to come out.
"two dog who are you going to find construction? Has the specific land acquisition area been measured? I think it’s better to wait for the land acquisition area to be measured and then find Zhang Jixie’s firm? " Wan Shanhong cautious way