Mr. Huang sat opposite Yin Ningluo. He saw Yin Ningluo eating elegantly, so he appreciated this little girl in her twenties a little more.

June 6, 2024

"The food doesn’t fit the mouth" seems to feel that there is a pair of eyes falling on her head, and Yin Ning’s eyes are lifted to see the total focus of Huang.
Manager Huang said, "I was always spoiled on weekdays, but I didn’t expect to get used to this staff meal."
Yin Ning has always said little, but now she understands the meaning of female intelligence in manager Huang’s words and smiles at the right time. "Before manager Huang, I intentionally tempted me to bring Ning Rong to this staff restaurant. If I were a delicate young lady, manager Huang would never be able to be my manager Huang. Even if my father stepped forward, he would never cast himself in the dark. If he is another day, the mall may have more opponents."
Huang is always a veteran of the Yinhai Regiment, and others are treacherous and changeable. He is a counselor of Yin Yinhai’s hand. When he was young, he was very arrogant and rarely regarded by him. People say that there are swift horses in the world, but Bole is hard to find. Yin Yinhai is few and can make Huang admire people. He is a swift horse and he is Bole. They hit it off.
Huang, a man who once made a great contribution to Yinhai Group, never took credit for the deployment of the branch. For Yin Yinhai’s many years of mutual affection, everyone often likes to fool the other side with a flattering face when they meet. Yin Ning’s network is also unlucky. When I first met him, didn’t he just treat her like a villain?
Now that he has taken the initiative to take off this mask, it means that he recognizes her. Good.
General manager Huang’s fine eyes show some appreciation for being unmarried for many years because he has a male chauvinism in his sex. He doesn’t need to cling to women to live in a position. He thinks that women have long hair and short feelings since ancient times, and it is very troublesome to carry them around.
He once put the prejudice against women intact to Yin Ningluo and recognized her as a young girl. As she said, it was because of Yin Yinhai that she endured her these days. He found that Yin Ningluo seemed to be born of finance.
Monica is a difficult woman, which he has long known. He has been judging whether Yin Ningluo can stick to it these days. By then, he has seen her writing scheme, which is so perfect that the prospect is reasonable. If it were him, he would not hesitate to sign it.
Monica Yin Ningluo has also made admirable achievements in other aspects, and it is really rare for her at a young age to reward and punish her.
Manager Huang gave a hearty smile to Yin Ning’s eyes. "I’m so refined that I didn’t see through it for the big lady in the end."
Yin Ningluo accepted that "Manager Huang, if you were a veteran of the company, you wouldn’t be so kind because of your wisdom and Excellence. I hope that Manager Huang will continue to serve the company without prejudice."
This conversation is characterized by Yin Ning’s good luck with women, but soft and soft, with a double word, which not only names Huang Qian’s disrespect for her, but also affirms Huang’s value in work. She wants Huang Bai, she is a woman, yes, but in the shopping mall, she is a sage and knows how to control him. If he is a loyal minister and a good soldier, he will certainly be willing to serve her all his services.
On November 2 nd, if you ask Yin Ningluo what else can you be happy about when she is disturbed by Monica’s affair, it is to let Huang Jiquan be determined to be loyal to her in her pomegranate skirt.
In fact, it was an accident. I didn’t expect a good lunch to be harvested. She had to consider solving Monica’s signing.
In the office, Yin Ning collaterals her hands in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and her eyes are quite clear, which is quite a strong woman’s capable aura.
"Manager Yin, what should we do?" Huang Sui asked behind Yin Ning’s collaterals.
Yin Ning looked out of the window with faint eyes and seemed a little tired. She said, "Keep checking for me, but this time it’s not the mysterious company, but the Monica couch hotel and her daily itinerary. Report these to me as soon as possible."
Noon back after dinner Yin Ning collaterals directly into the room.
Jun Ling looked at a woman in a hurry, but it was because she knew that she was sexually distressed.
An Yan called him and told him that he couldn’t find out who was behind the company, so Junling could change his strategy and ask An Yan to go back to Monica Root Base.
Monica must have neglected to guard against the shift of focus in China, and she will definitely find clues if she does the opposite.
Later, Junling made two cups of coffee and brought it into the room.
Yin Ningluo was still busy. When the coffee cup touched the table, Yin Ningluo saw Jun Ling and she smiled at her "thank you".
"No" His eyes glanced at the documents at her hand when Yin Ning teased "Why do you still want to make a handsome man plan?"
Jun Ling had no answer. Last night, he had a long memory. His little girl lost her temper. It was not that he could parry and drive him out of the room. He ignored him all day. He went out without even eating breakfast or saying hello. The price was still very heavy.
He didn’t look away to drink his coffee.
Yin Ning’s mobile phone rang. Listen to her tone. It’s probably manager Huang.
"I found her in Kaidi Hotel". It took a long time for Yin Ning to frown before answering the end "Okay, I know, so hang up first"
Hang up the words Yin Ning collaterals will hold the forehead and look upset.
"What’s the matter?" Jun Ling asked.
Yin Ning collaterals meet Jun Ling’s eyes and struggled for a long time before saying "I won’t tell you"
After telling him, he won’t sit idly by. It’s her own business and she doesn’t want to bother him.
I have long known that she would answer this way. Jun Lingmo’s eyes showed that he put the coffee aside and walked to Yin Ningluo across a table. His generous palm was placed on his face and pressed over his handsome face. Her relative lip angle was raised. "If you don’t want me to help you, I won’t help you."
Yin Ningluo glanced at him at leisure, you big head.
He added, "Look, you and I are unmarried couples now, and your fiance is also a successful businessman. Maybe I can give you a reasonable analysis from a professional point of view. What do you think?"
Yin Ningluo looked at him with pride, and he was so proud that she had to give her face.
Yin Ningluo said, "Manager Huang just called and said that she found Monica’s home Kaidi Hotel."
Afraid that Jun Ling wouldn’t let Bai Yin coagulate the collaterals, he explained, "Previously, I asked Manager Huang to investigate the company where Monica injected capital, that is, he came out halfway to argue with me. Manager Huang came back and said that the man had done a good job in keeping secrets. I couldn’t find out his background and surname. Later, I could ask Manager Huang to check Monica’s whereabouts and residence."
"Got it" Jun Ling interrupted her words.
Yin Ning Luo Nai sighed and got up from his chair and walked to Junling. His lower back leaned against the table. "Yes, I found it, but now the problem has arisen again. Manager Huang said that Kaidi is a private club, where the guests are all celebrities in business and politics, and the security guards do an excellent job and protect the privacy of the guests. Most people can’t get in. If I move out of Yinhai as the president, I will inform the front desk that Monica Gen won’t see me."
Just when Yin Ningluo was upset about how to see Monica, she got a sharp ring from Jun Ling on her forehead.
With a burst of eating pain, Yin Ning collaterals looked at Jun Ling.
I didn’t expect him to look at Yin Ningluo coldly with a hatred of iron and steel. "Are you an ordinary person? Why don’t you think about your real identity and not see her? You might as well change your identity, such as a department employee."
She’d like to
Yin Ningluo retorted, "Kaidi is a private club. Although it is under the name of a hotel, its employees are all professionally trained. It is said that their identities are mysterious. They are either special agents or special forces. Like the dead, they are given absolute orders. Every guest in it must defend you with their lives and ask me to steal their identities. I am afraid that I have already been clicked before I meet Monica."
Yin Ningluo said it was a mystery, but it was all true. Huang made it clear to her in her words that Monica would choose a good place by herself.
"I don’t know who is so crazy to create a club like that." Yin Ningluo muttered a sentence of dissatisfaction.
That’s why I missed the deep gaze in the eyes of the man next to me.
"I have an idea," Junling said. "Just go in as I say."
Men are so light, but Yin Ningluo is surprised. "What are you talking about? Even if I have money and Katie, I can’t go in if I want to."
The warm light lit up Yin Ning’s eyes. She reacted after a moment. This man never exaggerates. If he grasped it, he would not easily promise. When she saw Jun Ling’s expression, she suddenly had a hunch. She couldn’t tell exactly what it was like. She stepped forward to Jun Ling and looked at him in front of her. "Tell me honestly what you are with Kaidi. Maybe you know their boss."
Yin Ningluo simply imagined before Jun Ling announced the answer.
The man with the light burns his eyebrows and eyes gently, and puts his hands on the woman’s shoulders to smile enchanting and stunning.