"Little brother can tell my sister exactly what’s wrong? If my sister is sorry for your sister’s life, I’d rather be taken by you, "Zhuo said.

June 7, 2024

Seeing that this benefactor has reached such a point, the little boy finally couldn’t help kneeling in front of Zhuo Nongyue and crying and shouting.
"Sister … I’m sorry … I’m sorry, but if I don’t kill you … my sister … my sister will die." The little boy really didn’t know what to do. He was his own rescuer and his own sister.
Through the boy’s intermittent narration, I realized that Zhuonongyue and Muqingfeng escaped from the so-called Mao Ge yesterday, but these little beggars finally returned to the beggars’ residence. Unexpectedly, when they returned to the camp, Mao Ge saw that the brother and sister were furious and admitted that they were injured. Therefore, they vented their anger and flogged their sisters in public, and even fainted on the spot. Mao Ge was also Japanese, and threatened to hang the little boy and sister until the little boy killed Zhuonongyue the next day, or he would play the little girl in her early teens alive and cook her to make amends. That’s why it was so shocking.
"Sister … I really don’t want to hurt you. You are all good people, but I can’t watch my sister go away. Otherwise, you can kill me. Please kill me. So little I can stay with my sister to keep her from being lonely." The little boy admitted that he had found a solution and begged Zhuo Nongyue to kill himself. Soon his forehead was stained with blood.
The little boy’s experience was like a sharp knife stabbing into Zhuolong Moon, and his loss of heart actually brought disaster to the little boy and her sister. Looking at the little boy’s near-self-harm action, Zhuolong Moon was struck by lightning, and the whole person just sat on the ground and didn’t even care about his wounds.
"The elder brother of the peak I did wrong? Shouldn’t we really save them? Brother Feng, what should I do? What should I do? If I die, I can save the little girl. "Zhuolong Moon’s mouth is bleeding. It is obvious that this is anxiety that hurts her heart."
Mu Qingfeng discovered for the first time that Zhuolong Moon is helping this matter like a little girl, so he didn’t know what to do. When he noticed Zhuolong Moon’s spat bleeding, it was not surprising that Zhuolong Moon had any problems.
Just when the six gods of Muqingfeng were in charge, Li Daoling hit the big cave Zhuonongyue and suddenly fell into a coma.
"What are you doing, silly? Hurry up and carry this stupid girl back to stop bleeding. Do you want to see her bleed to death?" Li Daoling is a man who has experienced great storms and waves. He knows what urgency is.
Li Daoling stretched out his hand and threw out a medicine bottle. "Although the old doctor’s medical skill is not as good as Xiao Mansheng’s, our medicine for virtual palace injury is also famous in the world. This little girl looks seriously injured. In fact, it’s a good thing that if her heart is not solved, she will be in trouble. Go quickly!"
Muqingfeng didn’t dare to be careless and quickly picked up the unconscious Zhuo Langyue and looked at the little boy and hesitated.
"Master, why don’t you help Crescent Moon apply medicine and I’ll deal with the current problem first?"
No way to Li Daoling flew into a rage. "Are you crazy? Can I start work if you don’t look at where my little girl is hurt?" ! Is a girl with yellow flowers still alive after being seen by me, an old deathlessly? ! You’re a little different. This little girl film can’t tell you well, so it’s possible to be my apprentice’s daughter-in-law. Just take her body! What else can you do with that Mao Ge, you half-crippled? Hurry back to the old free arrangement. "
Thinking of Master Li Daoling’s affair with Mu Qingfeng, he quickly returned to the inn with Zhuo Nongyue in his arms.
Li Daoling didn’t walk to the little boy until his disciples had gone away.
"Do you want to save your sister?"
Hearing that someone can save his sister, the little boy raised his eyes blurred by blood. "Taoist, please save my sister. I will repay you by being a cow and a horse!" "
"How can a man kowtow and kneel to protect your sister? Men’s knees are not coming! " Li Daoling reached out and pulled up the little boy.
"Take me to your old gathering place to see what it is that can treat women and children." Generally, Li Daoling is not angry, and there is a faint murder in his words.
"Taoist, what are you going to do …" The little boy looked puzzled at the old monk who was a little thin.
"My apprentice is too stupid to know the truth that’ killing people needs blood to save people and saving them’. Since it is so old-fashioned, I have to work hard once to let the wicked know that my virtual palace sword is sharp!"
Li Daoling put away the dust, put the sword on his back in his hand and walked outside the town with the little boy.
Mu Qingfeng carried Zhuonongyue to the bed. At this time, Zhuonongyue looked even paler. Otherwise, I am afraid that the famous chess fairy will fall on the spot.
Urgent things from Muqingfeng also can not consider men and women. He carefully untied Zhuolong Moon Clothes and saw Zhuolong Moon with a deep mouth in his right chest, like a child’s mouth bleeding constantly in the month.
Zhuonongyue’s proud twin peaks are shaking with her shortness of breath. On such a romantic occasion in spring, Mu Qingfeng didn’t peep at it at all, so he quickly smeared Master’s medicine around the wound.
The virtual palace is worthy of standing side by side with the painting heart square. Li Daoling, a decent Hua Ning real person, was really extraordinary. It was not long before the wound stopped bleeding and the shortness of breath became stable. It seems that it should be a hindrance
It seems that the blood-stained dress can’t be worn. Now Zhuolong Moon is wearing a green Chinese-style chest covering. Mu Qingfeng is afraid that she will catch cold and quickly cover it for her.
Just when I was going to tidy up the house, I didn’t expect Zhuolunyue to hold her hand tightly in a coma. Although Zhuolunyue was not strong enough in a coma, Mu Qingfeng couldn’t help but feel a little distressed when he looked at her gaunt face, so he took her palm in his backhand and sat down by the bed.
Mu Qingfeng couldn’t help but think of Master telling himself that if he picked flowers, he would brush his plum tips and Zhuo Lunyue. This is even more unreasonable. Although he said that he was trying to save her, it was also true that he saw her body, plus her affection for himself. Mu Qingfeng really didn’t know how to face the charming and affectionate chess fairy.
The warmth of hands and the fragrance of hair in his arms put Mu Qingfeng in a dilemma. Even Congru is at a loss in the face of these two feelings. How to choose will definitely hurt another person’s heart.
At the same time, Li Daoling and the little boy also came to the beggar gathering place.
It’s a bit too small to say that beggars gather here. There are a lot of refugees in this small hill outside Taolin Town, and there are many women and children among them. This so-called Mao Ge is obviously one of the leading figures. Wei Fu knows that he is not a good thing when he sees the woman with tears in his arms.
"Don’t die, dead girl. It’s boring if you die in front of your brother. I’m going to watch the touching scene of your brother and sister knowing each other!" Say that finish Mao Ge mercilessly smoke a hang in a small girl.
The little girl was beaten with half a breath, but she was still stubborn. Staring at Mao Ge had no soft meaning at all.
Maybe my little girl’s unyielding aroused Mao Ge’s anger. He got up and planned to educate her well. Just leave a breath for this little girl.
"Let my sister go!" The little boy who found out that Mao Ge was going to violence again quickly shouted
Mao Ge smell speech whip to see the little boy with an old Taoist at the intersection can not help but swear to "a little rabbit cub always let you take that smelly woman’s head for your sister. What did you bring back a smelly Taoist? Is this to prepare for your sister’s funeral? Find someone to cross over? "
"And you!" Mao Ge pointed his dirty big hand at Li Daoling. "Where do you come from, wild Taoist? Go back to where you are. Be careful that Grandpa will threaten to skin you, you old hairy bastard!"
Dare to scold Li Daoling, the famous Tianhua coagulation reality, face to face. This Mao Ge is the first person in the day. Li Daoling is a short-tempered person, and he shot before he opened his sword.
Mao Ge’s right hand is like a broken kite thrown in the middle. It is Mu Qingfeng who made the most skilled move, "Swallowtail Cutting Willow". I think it was this move that broke the arm of the people who bullied Mu Qingfeng grassland.
"Ah … killing me … ah! Ah! " Mao Ge rolled around and broke his arm. Not everyone can bear it, especially Lai.
Li Daoling’s face didn’t change. He shook his sword and blood. "You dare to call me Zamao in front of being original. You have great courage to call someone that way. His grave grass is already tens of feet."
Li Daoling walked slowly to Mao Ge’s hand. With a wave of his sword, the little girl’s rope was cut. After being hung for one night, the little girl collapsed in her brother’s arms on the spot.
The little boy found that his sister was suffering, and the hatred in his eyes was even stronger. Now, if he had a weapon in his hand, he would definitely stab Mao Ge.
Li Daoling doesn’t intend to let such a child get killed, so these things should be done by himself.
"What do you want to do …" Mao Ge Li Daoling shouted without pain.
"Do you believe me when I say I invite you to dinner?" Li Daoling pointed his sword at Mao Ge.
"You … you can’t kill me … these people can’t live without me … they can’t live if I die!" Mao Ge throws a killer weapon when he looks at the bad form
Hear Mao Ge Li Daoling some hesitation.
"Now the imperial court is encirclement and suppression of the rebel army. If I die, these people will be killed by the government if they can’t get to the rebel army!" Looking at Li Daoling hesitated, Mao Ge couldn’t help but relax.
Where did I think that Li Daoling was a little hesitant to’ fold Yan Jianfa’? The most ruthless trick was "Luan Bird Ring Head" gaining momentum and Mao Ge’s head flew high.
The last thing Mao Ge heard before he died was Li Daoling complaining.