Dongfang Yu and Xuanwu both laughed and said, "Good idea!"

June 8, 2024

Four people with a light happy teleport directly to the most into an island, where there is a send-off array and the east of the patriarch in the Oriental Yu nature will not let go.
When they returned to Xinghai, there were already many people waiting there. Obviously, everyone knew that Baiye was coming back.
Baiye, who has been dragging on for 300 years, doesn’t want to delay it any longer. When he came back just one day, the whole day was full of a sound "San Gong!"
And Bai Ye asked a group of experts to discuss how to protect and manage this sentient beings after the work.
"Leave a few masters for them to keep?"
No, heaven and man have lost their work. If a few masters don’t lose their work, they will face great pressure. This pressure is given by heaven. If one is not careful, it is likely to be possessed. This possession is not an Arctic possession, but a mindless one, which is more harmful than the weakness of heaven!
"Let’s get together for large array protection?"
No, this is the whole work. Once it is implemented, it will be earth-shattering. That kind of law will definitely be wiped out in an instant. Even now, many laws will disappear. At the very least, the East China Sea is full of road bans and laws will be wiped out.
"If the array method doesn’t work, then the treasure will forge an amulet for everyone?"
No, although the impact of scattered work has little impact on things like amulets, once they are scattered, they will be in a weak state for a long time. At this time, amulets will not only fail to protect their owners, but also affect their owners’ ability to repair the foundation.
Baiye listened to everyone’s deliberation, and he was also thinking about it in his heart. In fact, he had been thinking about this problem for a long time. These people said that it was true. Baiye once thought, "My skills are intertwined with this heaven. What if I arrange the array after they have finished their work?"
After thinking about it for a long time, Baiye rejected this idea. If this idea is to protect the powerful East Pole sea animals, it is ok, but it is not suitable for practitioners, which will make them weaker after they have dispersed their work.
Bai Ye thought for a long time and finally thought of a way.
Watching people constantly come up with methods, then denying them, then trying to deny them again shows that people have been thinking about this issue that concerns their own vital interests.
Look at the crowd, there is no result. Bai Yecai said, "Let me say one!
DiErYiLiu scattered work time
The yogi scattered his skills and went to the most stable place where mortals lived. Although the yogi scattered his work, it was still very advanced compared with those martial arts experts among mortals. After all, they just had to disperse to the early childhood, and mortals were absolutely defeated.
In addition, where Heaven is the least affected place, except that the south is disturbed by that celestial religion, the north is still calm, and there is no more suitable place than there.
Moreover, mortals are the most common creatures, and their heaven is in perfect harmony. Together, they can infect that atmosphere to the greatest extent, and these practitioners will have less and less disturbance to heaven.
In the end, everyone was together, without self-styled or scattered. Even if there was any irresistible force, it was better to discuss the countermeasures and let everyone have a landing in their hearts.
Bai Ye finished his thoughts and everyone was silent. It is true that mortals are the best choice. These people have been separated from that low-level group since their practice, and they can look down on them. Mortals are just ants in their eyes. It is inevitable that the yogi will feel superior when facing mortals, which is why people have never considered it.
Now, Baiye said that everyone talked about it for a while, and all the leaders made decisions and agreed with Baiye.
Many experts were sent to the East when they went to wipe out the Heavenly Shintoism. In a short time, they already knew something about Fanfan. One of them suggested, "Although the southern part of China was wiped out by the Heavenly Shintoism, the scenery there is beautiful and the atmosphere there is strong. We can settle down there!"
Baiye felt that everyone nodded. At this time, Wu Yun, the patriarch of the new Lingyun School, came over and said to Baiye, "It has been completely completed!"
He said that nature is a celestial performance. At the beginning, Wu Yun Shubo went together to destroy the celestial religion and decorate the whole celestial performance. Later, they have not been idle. Shubo was an experienced person and Wu Yun finally finished the arrangement after 300 years.
"oh? Brother Wu has worked hard! "
Say that finish, he followed Wu Yun to the place named Tianyan Pavilion. Together with Baiye, he is naturally a master from all over the country.
The layout of Tianyan Pavilion is the same as that of Xu Xiangxiang’s Magic Temple. There is a wide and abnormal platform swinging around. Shu Bo keeps flashing a few stars in his hands. After a while, the platform appears a lot of graphics.
Others may not know what this is, but Baiye understood it at a glance. At that time, he was fortunate enough to realize the whole situation when he was refining the Star King’s Order, and the performance in front of him was demonstrating what he had seen at the beginning.
Now the performance is much more exquisite than Xu Xiangxiang’s original one. This is a complete map, and it can be changed at will.
Wu Yun and Shubo didn’t walk less this day. Fortunately, they acted in Baiye brand, and all places gave them convenience. Otherwise, it would take them tens of millions of years just to travel around the world!
Xu Xiangxiang said aside, "This is much better than mine. Everything is easy to do with it."
Dongfang Yudao said, "Indeed, you can see that this is the place where the slaughter in the southern region of China has been going on for hundreds of years, and the turmoil here has subsided, which is just right for us!"