"All right, let’s stop talking about it. The first five of you to volunteer are the fifth. Come out now. If you don’t come out, leave the frustum of a cone for a while and come back when you challenge." Zhong Meng said to the frustum of a cone teenagers.

June 9, 2024

Suddenly, the frustum of a cone was quiet. All the teenagers were considering whether they should come out. At this time, there were already three people coming out. These three people were Zhong Jia, Zhong Ling, brother and sister, Li Jia, and another person, lijian Li Heng, did not come out. This is a problem that surprised everyone.
At this moment, Li Heng was watching insidious smile and didn’t move either. It seems that Wang Qiang’s intention is obvious that he is waiting for Wang Qiangxian and then challenging Wang Qiang himself, so that Wang Jiafa can have a quota. On the contrary, if he comes out first, he is afraid that Wang Qiang will also fight first, so that the two will be the first five places, so it is impossible to challenge.
When Wang Qiang was considering it, he suddenly saw that Taiwan’s father was recruiting for himself, and he turned and walked towards Taiwan to see that both Li Heng and Wang Qiang had not come out. At this time, the villagers finally knew the reason. It seems that the Li family really wants to suppress the Wangs this time.
"Father, what do you want with me?" The Wang Qiang asked.
"Strong son didn’t you should also see Li Hengyou’s intention? It seems that it is very difficult for you to become one of the five places this time. If I estimate it is good, the challenge method should also be the Li family’s cheating." Wang Yuanzhi said at this time with a blue face.
"Father doesn’t worry that Li Heng and I haven’t played yet. Then I won’t necessarily lose to him. Just now, Li Heng told me that Xiang Ye was missing. It was the Li family’s cheating that drove Ye Xiang to jump from the edge of the falling eagle platform. This time, even if Li Heng didn’t look for me, I would still find him to solve it." Wang Qiang said calmly instead.
"It seems that the Li family really wants to deal with our Wangs this time. Well, even if the Wangs are extinct, they will fight for a larger foe. I don’t believe they can eat us," said Wang Ben, the second grandfather of Wang Qiang.
"Well, now that we’ve been torn apart, we can’t then Li Guhui hum. They want to get two places this time. Xiaoqiang will challenge that lijian for a while and let them lose a place first." Wang Yunxiao also said angrily at this moment.
"I’m still sure that a good grandfather can deal with a fake monk like lijian who is piled up by drugs," Wang Qiang said with confidence.
When they were talking, there were already five people in the field. In addition to the original Zhong family, Li Jia and lijian, there were two self-satisfied teenagers. When they saw that there were already five candidates in the field, Zhong Meng said, "From now on, until today, the last stage of Sun Mountain, five will become five places in the Imperial Military Academy."
Chapter 21 Wang Qiang appearance
As soon as Zhong Meng’s voice fell, someone went to Taiwan to challenge the tinker. A teenager left the frustum of a cone and bowed to the three judges and said, "I challenge the stone group." Then he bowed his hand to the stone group.
The stone group actually has some strength, otherwise he wouldn’t be the fifth person in the frustum of a cone stupidly. With the referee’s order, the two men competed …
See frustum of a cone two people have come up with their own guarding the stone group, which makes it a set of imposing manner and fierce palm, while challenging him is a set of softer fist, so that the metaphysical fist is gradually restrained by the stone group palm. It seems that failure is difficult.
Finally, after more than a dozen rounds of fighting, the stone group was superior and successfully saved its quota. This clock slammed again, "The stone group successfully saved the quota and can accept the challenge after half an hour’s rest."
After hearing Zhong Meng’s announcement of the results, the stone group and the Taiwan Stone Family suddenly got excited, especially in the tinker, the stone family cheered as if they had got the final quota. At this time, several families around the stone family didn’t like to talk about it in succession. "It’s not the end yet. It’s just that they are happy to win a game. Didn’t you see that Li Guyou, Li Heng, Wang Family and Wang Qiang didn’t go on stage? Maybe the stone group will be defeated in a moment. "
After the victory of Shiqun, there was another platform to challenge the young man named Liu Hui among the five people. This time, the challenger was not bad. He successfully defeated Liu Hui and got the qualification of Liu Hui in Taiwan.
In this way, people came to the stage one after another, but their challenge targets were two other places besides the Zhong brothers and sisters and Li lijian, so no one knew whether they could win these three people or whether they were afraid of the family reasons behind them.
Wang Qiang got up at this time. He looked at Taiwan, where lijian was leisurely and talking to the Zhong family. "Hum, I’ll take your knife for a while." Wang Qiang said to himself and walked towards Taiwan.
Everyone in the school is very curious. Looking at Wang Qiang, they all want to know who Wang Qiang will challenge. After all, Wang Qiang is very famous. He has been practicing the Wang family’s body-building skills since he was a child. It can be said that his strength is very outstanding, so it is still easy for him to get a quota.
At this time, five people from Taiwan saw that they had different performances when they came to Wang Qiang. The Zhong brothers and sisters still had that calm expression. The Li family and Li Jian looked forward to it as if they were waiting for Wang Qiang. At this time, the other two teenagers looked flustered. They were afraid that Wang Qiang would challenge them and beat them with Wang Qiang’s ability. At this time, their hearts were tightly stretched and they all hoped that Wang Qiang’s goal was not themselves.
Wang Qiang in the frustum of a cone, he didn’t say much what is a finger pointed to the Li lijian did make their own choice.
At this time, there were bursts of exclamations from the stage. Almost everyone thought that Wang Qiang decided to feel incredible. They all thought that Wang Qiang was weaker in terms of family potential or physical strength from behind. Although his strength was good, it was still difficult to deal with the gas refining realm of lijian. In fact, it was difficult for Wang Qiang to choose one of the two stone groups. Why did he challenge lijian? Everyone was not white.
Lijian was very upset to see Wang Qiang so arrogant. Although he didn’t have Li Heng’s influence in the Li family, he also got a lot of attention since he reached the realm of refining gas by drugs. Now Wang Qiang dares not to teach himself a lesson.
Clock home sister and brother saw this tacit understanding with lijian from some distance, presumably to leave some for two people for a competition, and then both of them were very interested in watching them want to come and have a competition.
"Wang Qiang, are you stupid enough to challenge me? Let me teach you a lesson and let you know what is overreaching." lijian said arrogantly.
"Come on, Li Guren, is there so much nonsense? Li Heng is, I think you are, too." Wang Qiang sneered at lijian.
"It’s no wonder that I’m so small that you die. Although you can’t kill people, you can’t maim a person. It must be a bit heavy. After all, your fists and eyes are heavy." lijian said bitterly
"Just as you just woke me up, your field will be like what you just said." After that, Wang Qiang ran towards lijian.
Seeing Wang Qiang rushing to lijian was also a rage-but he didn’t meet him, but quickly retreated. Friar Li Jian chose to retreat because he needed some time to cast spells, so the two men chased one after another.
At this time, Li Jian’s first spell has been put to good use. See Wang Qiang’s feet suddenly drill out some tiny green vines. If Xiang Ye were here, he would surely find that lijian’s trick is as good as Li Heng’s spell against him. The name of this spell is "Sinomenism", which is a low-level spell attached to Li Jia Qing Mu’s air-breathing tactic to limit the enemy’s size by condensing a green vine with aura.
Although this green vine didn’t bring much danger to Wang Qiang, it also greatly restricted Wang Qiang’s posture so that Wang Qiang couldn’t get close to lijian. Even if Wang Qiang had a big collar, there was no way to defeat him when he couldn’t get close to lijian. In this way, Wang Qiang just broke away from lijian’s green vine, but lijian immediately showed a way to see the two people’s endurance. Whoever insisted on the duration was the winner.
The villagers originally wanted to see a good show at the tinker. When they saw that the two men had turned into a tug-of-war, everyone shook their heads without any wonderful performance.
"It’s no fun for these two people to chat. Well, it seems that the plan has fallen through," said Tai Zhong
"There is no way for the two of them to do this. Wang Qiang wants to be close, while Li Jianze wants to have some distance. In fact, two people wouldn’t be so interesting if they changed to other opponents." Zhong Linger said with a calm expression that remained unchanged for a hundred years.
"I said, kiddo, don’t always be so calm, okay? It’s unbearable to look through the world of mortals. I’m really looking forward to what my future brother-in-law will be like." Zhong curled his mouth and said.
Zhong Linger didn’t pay attention to her brother at this moment, but stared at the center of the field tightly. Suddenly she said, "Look carefully, I think the result will appear soon."
Chapter 22 Wang Qiang frustrated
After listening to his words, Zhong was also puzzled. He looked at the hearts of the two people in the fight and said, "Are they both going to do their best?"
At this time, lijian suddenly found a bad thing, that is, he had unconsciously retreated to the edge of the frustum of a cone, so he quickly wanted to change direction, but seizing this opportunity, Wang Qiang would not let him escape so easily.
"Come to an end, now is the time for you to fail as a coward." Wang said, and broke his foot with his physical strength. The green vine foot was also violently pushed towards lijian.
At this time, lijian also wanted to change direction, but he was eager to retreat. When he didn’t have time, he cast spells to limit Wang Qiang’s footsteps. Although he changed direction, he was still close to Wang Qiang.
Close-quarters Wang Qiang reached out with one hand and grasped lijian tightly, and with the other hand, he clenched his fist and hit him hard at Li Jianshen. Although lijian had aura to protect himself, his aura was thin by medicine, plus the consumption of Wang Qiang just now. Almost every punch hit him made him feel severe pain.
Wang Qiang grew up practicing Wang Jialian’s body achievement method. It can be said that he is the strongest physical strength among all the teenagers in the field. He grabbed lijian like this and suddenly felt his body as if he had been hit by a hammer. At this time, he let alone break free and even cast a small spell.
At this time, if everyone can see the result, there is no way for Li Jianzhen to shout "I give up, I give up" for fear that Wang Qiang will maim himself.
As Li Jianyin shouted out, the Li family suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of shame. Li Xiaodi was defeated by a Wang family who did not practice martial arts, which made them accept it in some ways.
After hearing that lijian conceded defeat, Wang Qiang didn’t continue to fight. Although he wanted to teach lijian a hard lesson, he was afraid of being disqualified for violating the rules. He threw lijian out of his hand, and the competition ended when lijian was thrown out of the cone.