"Correct answer" Yan Muqing kicked the cold again and still did not move.

June 12, 2024

"My wife is very strict with me. It’s twelve o’clock. I have to go back or I have to go home and kneel at the washboard … and I have to trouble you to come to the palace to meet the cold and go back."
Helen closed her eyes hard and said something important three times.
"hello? Miss Helen, are you still there Oh, my wife’s words are coming again. I’m leaving or I’ll come to that bag next time. Bye! "
Helen opened her eyes "…" His wife is a tigress, which scared him like this.
Helen, who was sitting in bed, groaned in pain. She wanted to sleep and was sleepy.
Ten minutes later, she changed her clothes and took a taxi to the palace.
It’s past twelve o’clock, and nightlife in the palace is the time to have fun.
Helen walked into the hall with a cold face and passed through the crowd to the second floor.
The bodyguard at the door recognized her conspicuously. This time, she didn’t confirm whether she was Miss Helen or not. She pushed the door directly to signal her to go in.
Helen put her hand in her coat pocket and lifted her foot. She went in and saw the man lying on the carpet drunk and touched his face.
She dragged such a heavy man to send him back. Will she lose half a catty when she wakes up in the morning? If so, it’s worth losing weight.
Two bodyguards at the door looked at each other and then came in.
Looking at the middle of the bag, one of Helen’s bodyguards came up to her and respectfully asked, "Miss Helen, do you need me to help you carry General Cold upstairs?"
Helen turned and looked at him with a smile. "Handsome guy helps people in the end, or you can help me send him back?"
The bodyguard shook his mouth and waved his hand. "Miss Helen, we are in class and we can’t leave our duties, otherwise we will lose our jobs."
Another bodyguard trembled with fear. "Yes, Miss Helen, we can’t do that."
Helen smiled, and she knew it was unrealistic, but it was so heavy that a lump of meat weighed on her.
"Miss Helen, it’s already applauded that we should help manager Han to the floor car now."
Two bodyguards are scrambling to hold the cold and go out as if afraid of her regret.
Helen can’t follow the stairs well.
The taxi at the gate of the palace has been waiting for a long time. The bodyguard helped the cold to sit inside and said to Helen, "Miss Helen is already late at twelve o’clock. The cold mother has already slept. I’m afraid there is something wrong with sending him back at this time …"
The bodyguard glanced up at Helen and continued, "It would be better if Miss Helen brought him to your house."
Say that finish two bodyguards and ran away.
Helen stared at their backs and ran so fast. What did she do? She wouldn’t go back on her word.
The taxi driver and others shouted impatiently at Helen, "Girl, it’s getting late to express. I have to go home to accompany my wife after this work."
Helen corners of the mouth mercilessly smoked.
Go home with your wife. Why isn’t anyone with her?
She has to send a drunk home in the middle of the night.
Wait? What did those two bodyguards say just now?
It’s too late. Mother Han is asleep and can’t be disturbed.
Ah …
Do you want to bring Han back to her rented nest? She wants to run away.
Section 276
Helen reluctantly got on the bus and reported the address when the driver’s eyes were about to pop out.
Both bodyguards were relieved when they saw the taxi leaving behind the door.
One of the bodyguards called Yan Muqing, "Manager Yan’s business has been completed."
"Do a good job" Yan Muqing hung up and picked his eyebrows. Don’t blame my brother for not helping you. It would be too sorry if you didn’t have anything to do with Helen again.