Nothing else matters.

June 13, 2024

But even if the fans love the team again, it will not determine the fate of the team.
If the team is demoted, the players will feel uncomfortable at most. One day, the next day, they will pat their asses and pack up and go to a team to continue to earn a lot of money. The coach will be dismissed as well, and they can make a comeback in another place.
But fans can’t change places
Especially in the west, fans like their living environment. They were born and raised in Hertha, and they naturally liked Hertha when they were young. Even after they went to other places, they would never forget their childhood support for the team.
They won’t turn to support other teams just because Hertha was demoted.
Even if the team finally goes bankrupt and starts from the regional league, they will still support this team.
There are many such cases.
For example, Florence fans, Napoli fans and Wimbledon fans.
They are all like this. They show the world what is "love you in life, love you in failure, and love you in death".
Ever since he crossed over, Changsheng has been thinking about how to make himself successful in coaching.
But today, when he saw the friendly smiling faces of these neighbors, he suddenly thought, wouldn’t it be better if more people could laugh like this on their way to success?
He is a fan himself, and he understands the feelings of fans.
He doesn’t care about the club board or the big-name stars, but he can’t help but care about these fans.
Because having fans is the foundation of this sport …
What is the value and possibility of a sport without a foundation?
He was glad that he didn’t go to some rich area to rent a villa of several hundred square meters, but lived in an ordinary apartment building with a group of ordinary fans. The house was small but the life was warm and enjoyable.
China said that living like this … grounded!
In the evening, all the residents in the central courtyard of the apartment building held a celebration dinner to celebrate Hertha’s successful relegation and his great success in coaching the first team for the first time
Changsheng has become the focus of everyone’s drinking.
And he’s in a good mood, and he takes everything, and he will never put on a fight in front of these ordinary fans.
He’s nothing without fans. What’s there to wear in front of his fans?
He didn’t even know how much he had drunk that night, and finally he didn’t even know how he got back to his room.
Anyway, the next day he was directly awakened by Aunt Maria’s loud knocking at the door.
"often! Chang! It’s noon. Come to my house for lunch! Have you woken up? !”
Changsheng got out of bed and was grinning with a headache.
"How much did I fucking drink …" Chang Sheng muttered, getting out of bed slowly and wanting to wear shoes, but I couldn’t find where my shoes were, and Aunt Maria’s energetic knocking at the door kept ringing. He finally walked barefoot to the door.
Aunt Maria’s fist almost hit him in the face …
"The hero forgives!" This decadent state after a constant hangover dispelled more than half.
Aunt Maria was also shocked. "You are still sad at home … you often wash up and go to my house for lunch!" "
"What time is this? Aunt Maria … "
"It’s two o’clock. What are you thinking?"
Changsheng is stunned. It’s so late?
Shit, how long have I slept!
"Er, it’s good to wait for my horse …" Chang Shengmen ran away without turning around.
Aunt Maria also you’re welcome directly followed into the winning house.
We are all neighbors. Come on, we are not strangers. Maria came in more than once.
But every time she comes in, her lines are the same
"Gee … it’s often not that I say you’re a bachelor. It’s too …" Aunt Maria frowned and stared at the messy room.
Changsheng’s clothes, socks and shoes are scattered in every corner. Changsheng comes out of sanitary washing. The dressing process is like treasure hunting in the mountains.
Then hurry and get dressed.
The bed is messy, the bed table is piled with all kinds of fast food packaging boxes, and the corner trash can is full of garbage, but no one has cleaned it yet.
Aunt Maria sighed. "I often think you should find a girl to take care of yourself."
Changsheng is a little embarrassed to hear this. "I’ve just been a little busy recently … in fact, it wasn’t like this before …"
"You and I don’t know? I know that you have paid a lot to keep the team from relegation, but there is no need to make yourself so embarrassed? " Aunt Maria shook her head. "Forget it. Let’s eat first. Find a cleaner to help you clean up later …"
Chang Sheng had another very rich lunch at Aunt Maria’s house.
According to Aunt Maria, it was a party last night. Today, this is their family dinner. Thanks to Changsheng for leading Hertha to avoid relegation.
"Continue to work hard in the season!" Old Gorland said to Changsheng
Changsheng nodded again and again. "Be sure!"
In his mind, he wondered how happy old Gorland would be if he really led the team to upgrade successfully this season.
Chapter 60 The end of the season
The two-day holiday passed quickly.
Although the team has been relegated to the previous level, there is still a round of league games to play. If you can’t really herd sheep, you have to come back for training.
It’s this training, and everyone’s mood will be much easier
There are also many Hertha fans outside the training ground.
They all came to thank the team for their efforts to avoid relegation, and many fans raised the thank you slogan.
Chang Sheng, a fire-fighting coach, accomplished this seemingly impossible goal perfectly.
In the eyes of Hertha fans, the winning streak and savior are almost the same.