This is what Hu Yingxue expected. After those evil spirits were killed, they were past. Those resentful shaqi and body resentful shaqi they brought with them would not dissipate with the soul, and when they were killed, they would produce all kinds of unwillingness and resentment, which would not decrease much.

June 14, 2024

A lot of resentment and anger filled Tianjue City, which was brought to you by Fangtian Jiuyou. Those spiritual practitioners and practitioners’ animal partners had to be affected. Before Tianjue City was chaotic, the flexibility of circulation was reduced by half compared with that of real yuan.
Hu Yingxue fortunately, if she doesn’t absorb aura from the surrounding area, it can be ignored. Others don’t have the secret house. This super cheat is generally consumed by several people, and some adults are obviously slow to move.
Seeing that Hu Yingxue let go of the territory, this time it was a big move, which made the territory overlap with the whole square. After completing this step, she poured her own media into the realm delineated by her territory in the square.
Considering the different attributes of the practitioners’ true elements, Hu Yingxue’s reiki drawn from the secret mansion has no attributes. That kind of high-purity reiki scattered in the realm and was shrouded in the realm. The practitioners found that the sense of dignity disappeared when the true elements flowed, not to mention the speed of the true elements, but it felt smoother than before.
In Hu Yingxue’s support square, the elimination of the soul beast was completed very quickly and smoothly. In view of that nerve-racking feeling, it did consume a lot of real yuan and physical strength in the previous battle. Most of the practitioners are planning to recover as much as possible before Hu Yingxue put away the territory.
In fact, Hu Yingxue is not going to put away the territory later, and the battle will end at this time. Although it seems that Jiu You has been prepared before, the speed of bringing those ghosts to clean up those grievances is still very slow, ensuring that her own combat effectiveness can maintain a good state. She intends to leave the territory like this until the end of the battle.
Previously, Hu Yingxue planted six Qing Shenmu trees in the square. She put the six Qing Shenmu trees in the territory and they became six array nodes in the territory. With the help of these six array nodes, not only can the territory be maintained with minimum consumption, but also the people in the territory can be guaranteed not to be affected by the attacks of sound waves and other aspects.
Why don’t you cover the whole Tianjue City? To tell the truth, Hu Yingxue really wants to do this, but she can also do it. Unfortunately, even with the help of the secret government, the disadvantages must be taken into account. There should still be fighting. This is because it takes the most energy to spread the environment so much, but it is a bit troublesome to know that the spirit is good and replenish the energy.
During the Mahayana period in the square, I was lucky that I wouldn’t let myself be uncomfortable. Hu Ying’s snow separated them from hatred and anger. Most other practitioners were not so lucky. I was glad that the city spirits and beasts seemed to have been destroyed and surrounded the whole city. The Zerg temporarily attacked the city to protect the city.
Zerg, like soul beasts, don’t like pure aura, and they are like a duck to water when they encounter heavy resentment. Therefore, under the influence of those resentment, the zerg bodies outside the city release much more momentum than when they are under siege.
Originally, there were many zerg with spirit beasts to besiege various sects stationed in the suburbs outside the city. The offensive was quite fierce. Take the Palace of Nine Heavenly as an example. When the palace guards the large array, it has to bear thousands of attacks at the same time.
There has been a crack in the large array of condensation enchantment that has been hit by the palace of ascended heaven many times. The refuge palace was breached by the Zerg. Su Yi and two younger brothers are organizing the people of ascended heaven and some volunteers to resist the siege of the Zerg.
But just watching another bump will smash the layer of guardian enchantment of ascended a heaven and surround the Zerg in the palace of ascended a heaven, but they all turned around and gathered to the wall as quickly as the Zerg surrounding other palaces.
Hu Yingxue didn’t know at this time that both the Zerg and the Soul Beast noticed in front of the city wall that the sudden surge and change of the red and black layer in the sky upset some of the ghost repair steps, which made the cleaning speed of hatred and anger slower.
As the surge amplitude is getting bigger and bigger, a vortex is gradually formed in Tianjue City. As soon as the vortex is formed, it keeps spinning at high speed, and all the resentment and anger nearby are involved. As the color of the vortex becomes stronger and stronger, the white clouds and blue sky in Tianjue City finally show a little edge.
Seeing those white clouds and blue sky, some people are happy to think that the whirlpool was created by those mysterious repairs at this time to clean up the resentment and anger. One person even said to the people around him with a look of excitement, "This is much more efficient than before."
People in that square, such as Hu Yingxue, will never have this misunderstanding because of the distance. If you look at the deep hole in the backyard of Danfang, you can see that there is a long, dark gray line stretching out quickly, and soon it will connect the middle tail to the whirlpool.
The original gray line is thicker than the hair. After connecting the vortex composed of resentment and suffocation, it instantly becomes the thickness of the wrist. The long-term change of gray does not stop there. As the resentment and suffocation continue to flow into the deep hole along the long line, the width of the long line continues to increase, and soon it will no longer be called a line but a column.
Hatred ShaQi was continuously sent to the cave. Hu Yingxue found that her heart was frightened and felt more and more obvious. At this time, she remembered the speculation made by her and Mu Tianxuan. Her eyes flashed and flashed and released a s-curve flame. Red-violet was thrown in from the hole over there.
When throwing, Hu Yingxue didn’t aim at the column that was condensed by resentment and anger. He planned to see what kind of feedback the red-violet fire would get after throwing it into the hole, but he didn’t expect that the column would be widened by one third in such a short distance.
I just got a small edge and saw the red flame spreading rapidly in the gray column, which was still expanding in diameter. Soon, I saw the red flame running along the gray column all the way and directly in the middle vortex, and soon disappeared into the dark hole.
It just rose by a general distance, and the red lotus flames stopped, and there were constantly new resentments and shaqi leaning from the side, but the flame did not continue to rise and did not follow the resentment and shaqi.
What you can see is that the diameter of the column is still increasing, and the flame of the column is burning more and more vigorously. You can’t see that it is continuously increasing along the diameter of the column. The red lotus flame is rippling like a waterfall and falling towards the bottom of the deep hole.
Because there has always been resentment on the surface, the flame attached to the column is also burning more and more brightly. There are many resentment before the cave, and occasionally a flame red-violet or a bunch of small flames will shake from the column and fall on those resentment, which is even a sea of fire.
Where there is resentment and anger, the sea of fire will extend just like sweeping. There are some stones piled up in the hole, and there are blood on the wall, and a lot of resentment and anger are attached to the surface. As a result, it can be imagined that the red-violet fire is a fire burning the wall, and the resentment and anger are also erased from the wall.
Those runes have been weakened a little because of the decreasing spread of the fire, which prevented people and gods from exploring the cave. But at this time, no one found this. Now the red-violet fire has almost sealed the whole cave, and no one will send the gods at this time.
After a while, a roar sounded from the bottom of the deep hole because it was too deep to the ground, but this time around the city, the zerg and the spirit beast looked up and roared together
This reminds Hu Yingxue of the scene he saw in the celestial pole ice sheet of Ganyuan World, and his face suddenly changed. "That bastard Xu Rui won’t create a monty here, will he?"
Chapter 424 Actually, all of them are in the middle.
Outside the city, the zerg and the spirit beast are madly impacting the Tianjue City to protect the city. Some brave practitioners touch them and attack them from behind. They are completely ignored. No matter whether they attack the area to be attacked, the zerg and the spirit beast are killed or maimed, no one cares about them.
Although I’m still worried about the zerg and the spirit beast suddenly fighting back, I haven’t received any counter-attacks even once, which makes those who were surrounded by the zerg and the spirit beast have little courage. Many of them ran out from the palace or hiding place and ran behind the army of the zerg and the spirit beast, that is, they put their hands and feet on it and tried to kill as many as possible.
Outside the city, the practitioners could not hear the sound coming out of the deep cave, but no matter how many zerg and spirit beasts died, a group of zerg and spirit beasts still focused on attacking the large array of guarding city in Tianjue City, and the offensive became more and more fierce, and they did not respond to the onslaught behind them.
Of course, it’s impossible for people outside the city to know that the soul beast that ravaged the city before will be cleared up. Except for those Mahayana practitioners in the square, other practitioners in the city will be organized in the Fix the Truth Alliance and Tian Shu Palace respectively.
Look at how many practitioners there are and how strong they are, and then look at how many practitioners there are in the Xiuzhen Alliance and how strong they are, such as Tian Shu Palace. At this time, they are in Tianjue City, and the two elders have to admit that Tian Shu Palace is indeed a thing of the past.
Although white glory has become a thing of the past, people here in Tian Shu Palace seem unwilling to see more masters, so the two cabinet elders suddenly figured out some things and wanted to say a few words, but they listened to a group of people who felt ashamed to hear all kinds of vicious words attacking the Fix True Alliance, and suddenly they were somewhat depressed.
No matter what you think in your heart, you have to make an arrangement at this time to ignore those who are clamoring to teach the fix true alliance a lesson. They are very tough, and the order requires them to meet with people from the fix true alliance at once and listen to each other’s instructions.
Although I am very dissatisfied with the old orders of the two cabinets, I have been awed by the cabinet for years. Those who received the orders still took people to meet the people of the Fix True Alliance according to the orders, and some people slipped away halfway. However, at this time, few wise people knew that it was wise to follow the big group.
See Tian Shu imperial secretary to come over and the number is quite large. Those who are in charge of gathering practitioners in the Fix-the-Truth Alliance can’t help but add some precautions in their hearts. Hearing that they are here to listen to the arrangement, several temporarily elected practitioners can’t help but pivot to the Palace during the day. What tricks is this going to play?
There are so many pairs of eyes looking at the suspicion. Moreover, this time is not a time to care about personal grievances. Several commanders still welcomed Tian Shu Imperial Secretary. Knowing their strength, they made arrangements according to the standards they discussed.
However, many people have been paying attention to the situation in Mahayana period such as Hu Yingxue, etc. Combined with the summary news, several commanders unanimously recognized that less Du Jie practitioners could be sent there, and it is estimated that those who are lower than this will die.
For the above reasons, except for a few bring up the rear, other Du Jie practitioners were assigned there. Although there were not many practitioners in Du Jie and Mahayana for more than 2,000 years before, we can’t forget that there are so many practitioners gathered in Tianjue City now because the alliance called out the leaders of various families, and there were also a large group of people who had gone there before counting.
There are so many practitioners in the Du Jie period and Mahayana period, and there are more than this low-level people. In addition to the people here in the mixed world, there are four small-world people affiliated to the mixed world. According to endless statistics, the total number of practitioners who have condensed the elixir or broken the gallbladder into infants should be close to 100,000.
During the integration period, the practitioners also gathered together, but no one considered letting them join the battle camp. It was also because they degraded the past and most of them died. This part of the practitioners was divided into Dan medicine and other materials and placed in them to distribute materials and treat the wounded.
Let’s not talk about the number of practitioners from the integration period to Du Jie here. There are at least three Mahayana practitioners and 12 Du Jie practitioners in each group. Other practitioners are divided into four teams according to the total number, which are stationed in the southeast, northwest and four walls respectively.
Assign a good person to move immediately. At this time, don’t forget that Xu Rui’s hands have soared, but they are still in the team. Even after the evil spirits have done some camouflage, they will not be easily seen through. The practitioners in the city are all together, and the team must be mixed with skeletons.
We have to talk about their current situation when we get to the Bones Temple. It’s a little complicated to listen to the formula. It’s hard to say whether Xurui didn’t tell anyone that he would soar at this time and saw him soar to the Bones Temple. People immediately divided into three factions.