Hyun Yang Feng’s mountain protection circle doesn’t recognize people. At this time, Bai Gong flew here with people, so it was only when the mountain protection circle blocked the outside that he ordered it.

June 15, 2024

The peak brother immediately reacted and immediately shouted out one by one. The sound soon reached the right side of the Nine Ri Palace.
Then listen to "hum" a loud dazzle YangFeng Guanghua immediately fade out completely outside those dazzle YangZong fairy let the way.
However, immediately after nine Ri Palace, there was a big scream at the door of the temple, and I didn’t know when Yang Rong had rushed there!
"get out! ! !”
In the roar loud, a thunder ring appeared in Yang Rongshen Zhou, and all the low-ranking brothers who dazzled Yang Zong flew out around him, and he also rushed into the temple as quickly as possible!
"quick! ! !” Bai Gong couldn’t help but urge his master to speed up, and at the same time he was a little faster in the impossible.
At this moment, Bai Gong is against Ming Jianzong, the guy who makes Leifu, and there is no resistance to Xing [finding novel materials]. He must be killed immediately!
A moment later, I heard Yang Rong disappear and suddenly there was a dull sound in the temple, followed by the second!
"Hum …"
The light outside the whole Xuanyang Peak is extinguished, and those who are rushing here are scared. Xuanyang Zongbai’s vanguard troops are about to rush over, and I don’t want any more chaos at this time.
Then I heard a loud "hum" sound, and a huge solidified mask appeared outside Xuanyang Peak!
"bang! Bang! Bang … "
At that time, I don’t know how many people couldn’t stop bumping into the surface and entered the Guardian Mountain Array before the mask was formed.
The boom in the right temple didn’t stop there. Yang Rong has obviously destroyed the addiction outside!
"Rats die! ! !” Bai Gong roared and rushed to the temple entrance. At this time, his heart had already been broken. However, their symbol of dazzling Yang Sect was so damaged by an outsider!
However, in the flight, Bai Gong turned a small corner again because he passed the falling red ball halfway!
No matter what that thing is, it must be that their ancestors of Xuanyang Sect stayed here to become a success, and some places may still be great treasures!
Getting closer and closer to the red bead, Bai Gong also felt its heat, but he still rushed over!
Thirty, twenty, ten …
Avatar protector, reach out!
Seeing that Bai Gong’s hand was about to grasp the red ball, he turned out to be stuffy humming and shrank back like a snake and scorpion! The heat of the red ball is actually the root of his magical power!
Bai Gong ate a boring loss, but he stopped and continued to rush toward the Piandian. Since he can’t take it, others can’t take it either.
In a blink of an eye, Bai Gong has reached the door of Piandian, but he is touching Yang Rong from the inside out. Both of them are caught off guard and attack each other at the same time!
Lei Guang exploded and the white male turned out to be a few feet backward, and Yang Rong was simply and neatly shocked back to the temple …
"The doors of the temple! ! !”
Bai Gong roared when he rushed into the temple again to get started!
The two sides outside the Guardian Mountain array had already fought again, but it was as fierce as expected because their minds were still attracted to the situation in the Nine Ri Palace to some extent [just looking for novel materials]
Of course, the fairies of Xuanyang Sect wish that Yang Rong would die early. At this time, when they saw that Yang Rong was blocked by their patriarch, they were happy to wait for Bai Gong to come out with Yang Rong’s head. While Ming Jianzong is naturally worried about Yang Rong’s safety …
Then I heard a loud bang from the roof of the Pian Temple, and a figure full of Lei Guang rushed into the middle and shouted, "Grandpa Yang is leaving!"
Yang Rong saw that chasing him was white justice, and because Bai Gong was the master of Xuanyang Zongzong, he insisted on calling himself Grandpa Yang! He is arrogant, which is beyond the ordinary people’s understanding. He doesn’t pity the weak or fear Wei. If he is offended, even the king of heaven will kick his ass!
However, after rushing out, Yang Rongcai found out that the situation was wrong. His Nine Ri Palace must be full of dazzling Yang Zong immortals. He is under siege, but how come there is no one outside? With a little certainty, he could see that those people who should appear were actually stopped outside the mountain protection circle! Besides, the light of the mountain protection circle is actually stronger than when it was full. What’s going on? Did he just smash the center of the mountain protection circle?
However, if this new situation is greatly beneficial to him, he still wanted to escape, but now he has turned away from the light and rushed towards the main hall of the Nine Ri Palace! There’s a white man chasing him, but he can’t beat him, but it’s okay to run away and sabotage!
In a blink of an eye, Yang Rong rushed to the right side of the main hall to display the Leibo method, and a thunder hammer smashed the giant phoenix sculpture head!
Then Yang Rong rushed forward without stopping, and his feet kept moving on the top of the main hall. Each foot brought up a large piece of broken bricks, because those bricks were golden. At first glance, they looked like a flash giant running in a golden river, and they looked strangely beautiful.
However, this kind of aesthetic feeling is simply fatal to the disciples who have just chased out Bai Gong and Xuanyang Sect outside the mountain protection circle. The golden splash is not a real splash, but their dignity of Xuanyang Sect has not been violated for tens of thousands of years! For tens of thousands of years, they have dazzled others, destroyed others’ clans and violated others’ dignity. Have they suffered such a blow themselves? !
Bai Gong was in a hurry to protect the mountain and dazzle the immortals of Yang Zong outside the array, but there was no way to hurry. Bai Gong chased Yang Rong, but Yang Ronggen didn’t continue to fight and fought back. Because he was fighting Bai Gong in his own building, some people couldn’t let go, but outsiders couldn’t get in …
Yang Rong won’t have any sympathy for Hyun Yang Zong. He still firmly remembers what happened a day ago. Hyun Yang Zong’s army was under siege. They all hid in the eleventh pulse and watched Hyun Yang Zong destroy the other half of Ming Jian Zong …
He’s just destroying the palace of Xuanyang Zongfeng. What’s the damage compared with his own destruction of Jiumai?
Yang Rong hates himself for not destroying enough!
He is a Ming Jianzong who understands the new fairy method faster. In the past two years, Lei Bo’s spells have been j and ng, and his comprehensive combat power has been greatly improved. At this time, it seems that it is not white and hard to fight.
This kind of situation will really greatly affect the mood and morale of both sides outside the Guardian Mountain array. It is really urgent and frustrating to stop the destruction of the Nine Ri Palace, and it will make mistakes and make people feel unconfident and hesitant …
They are fighting against the Ming Sword Sect with their former anger, but that anger will be replaced by impatience and frustration sooner or later …
Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing have simply become thorough people since the appearance of Red Beads. Even Bai Gong didn’t look at them when he first flew in …
Being so regarded as Xiao Wen doesn’t sigh, but soon those low-ranking brothers who dazzled Yang Zong gathered around him again, and he had to let the hissing wind run again.
Xiao asked naturally, I don’t know that Nan Yunqing didn’t react much when he first saw the red bead, but after a while, his face was confused. Se seemed to guess the origin of the red bead, but he didn’t quite believe it.
In the flight, Zhongnan Yunqing will look at the red bead that has fallen to the ground from time to time, which seems to be a step closer to confirming whether the red bead is what she guessed.
Finally, Xiao Wen realized that Nan Yunqing was not calm and asked, "What can I do for Miss Nan?"
"I think the red ball is very similar to the one mentioned, but I have never seen the real thing before."
"oh? What is it? "
"It’s hard to say … do you have any precepts?"
"No, but I can spare one."
"That’s good. Let one come at once."
The hissing wind took two people flying around in the middle, and was blocked by Xuanyang’s low-order brother. Xiao asked at the same time, everything in the three things in his hand was moved to two of them.