When Qiu came in, he saw that the old man was still keeping his eyes closed and didn’t want to open his mouth. He said, "Excuse me, my elder."

June 16, 2024

Hearing Qiu’s words, the old man slowly opened his eyes and looked at Qiu’s eyes before lazily saying, "What can I do for you?"
"I wonder if I want to receive this month’s gift from this senior?" Autumn smiled asked tone say
The old man nodded indifferently and said flatly, "Take out the identity sign."
Without hesitation, Wenyanqiu took out an iron card from the bag and respectfully handed it to the old man.
The old man took the iron brand and threw it back to Qiu after a probe. Then he patted his waist bag and jumped out of it a small jade bottle. He turned his hand and caught it and threw it to Qiu.
After catching the jade bottle in autumn, the old man said to it faintly, "There are twelve Pigu Dan in this small jade bottle. Please have a look."
"Bigu Dan?" After listening to the old man’s words, Qiu was puzzled and confused, muttering, "Shouldn’t it be pulp-washing Dan?"
Autumn to himself, though slight, was still heard by the old man. Seeing his eyebrows wrinkled, he said with great anger, "Why don’t you tease me when you look at my old man’s house for bullying?"
When the old man was angry, his whole body was furious and ran straight at the autumn head-on, giving him the feeling that the waves were beating, the giant mountain collapsed and the sky were to fall.
The old man’s momentum lasted for a very short time, but even that moment of stormy waves was not enough for autumn.
When the old man’s imposing manner impacted Qiu, he actually stood unsteadily and stumbled backwards. When the old man put away his imposing manner, Qiu was slightly pale and panting.
"I don’t know if my predecessors offended you and made you so angry?" Autumn after he caught his breath to brimming with fright in the heart to the old man asked carefully.
Qiu’s question actually provoked the old man to worry again. He glared at his eyes and said, "Are you still playing dumb with me?"
Seeing that the old man has a rage tendency again, Qiu Xin was surprised and hurriedly retreated while shouting, "You should be angry with me in the end, or it would be very wrong for me to bear your anger."
"I’ll talk to you if I’m good," said Qiu. "The old man suddenly recovered from a state of rage and stared at Qiu coldly." You can get a pulp-washing Dan and twelve pulp-washing Dan every year when you have already received that one this year. Where can there be pulp-washing Dan? "
The old man suddenly realized that he immediately called up a collision with the sky. "The elder just broke through to the first floor of the gas refining period today and wanted to get a pulp-washing Dan."
"Oh," I heard Qiu say that he had broken through the gas refining period. The old man said with a slight movement of his eyebrows, "You will show me your spiritual strength."
Hearing the old man’s command, Qiu did not dare to neglect and quickly mobilized the faint spiritual force in the abdomen to appear in his palm.
The old man smiled and nodded and said, "It seems that you really just broke through the gas refining period, otherwise you can’t be so weak that I didn’t see it."
It is said that it is very easy to see through the depth of autumn with the advanced practice of the elderly, but one is that autumn has just broken through and its breath is very weak; Second, the old man just neglected what he had done, and he didn’t see that autumn had entered the gas refining period.
"Well, at the beginning of the gas refining period, my brother can get twelve marrow-washing pills and a small stone every year. Do you want to get it at one time?" It was confirmed that the old man was kind to him after the autumn repair.
"It’s troublesome," Qiu said respectfully.
So the old man took out a small jade bottle and a lingshi from the bag again.
After getting these things, Qiu said goodbye to the old man. "Thank you for your little leave."
"Let’s go." The old man gave a hand and closed his eyes again.
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The fifth chapter forever the first floor
Qiu was an orphan since he was a child. He was always struggling with hunger, and the death line was taken in far away. After that, Qiu entered Tianxin Gate and entered the rivers and lakes.
Jianghu is a bloody place full of fighting, where the strong want to live and live well in Jianghu.
Since knowing that there is cultivation of immortals and seeking longevity, autumn has been very yearning for cultivation of immortals. After he finally got his wish to worship the giant gate, he also cherished this hard-won opportunity.
Be diligent in cherishing.
From the day autumn entered the Great Gate, he has been practicing very hard, really hard, except to collect gifts for the pavilion and hide hundreds to thousands of small ones! It is said that consulting materials and going to Gongqige to listen to the lectures of the predecessors in the foundation period will spend all the time in practice.
Time flies, time flies, and ten years have passed.
"Ha ha ha for ten years, I haven’t made any progress. Ha ha ha …" In my abode of fairies and immortals, I smiled and looked decadent and depressed. "It seems that I really don’t have the qualification to cultivate immortals."