Chapter nine hundred and one Uber genius

June 17, 2024

Chapter nine hundred and one Uber genius
Ge Zheng is showing up to make everything clear. He is none other than Ge Jia.
"What a Ge family!"
Xia Qi’s eyes are cold and looking at ghosts. I live in tens of thousands of fairy cloth. kill array’s eyes are full of pitfalls.
However, Xia Qi did not immediately sneak attack, but continued to hide his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, as if he was still hesitating.
Gejia, after all, is an extremely important strength of Tiandao Sect. Now it coincides with the celestial chaos. Tiandao Sect relies heavily on Gejia. If Xia Qi kills Gezheng like this, he is worried that it will cause Tiandao Sect to confront Gejia.
Ge Zheng is, after all, the master of Gejia family. If he is killed by Xia Qi, the Emperor Ge Fengfeng is afraid that he may not be able to hold back even if he doesn’t turn against Heaven Sect. He is afraid that he will have resentment against Heaven Sect, which is not a good thing for the current situation.
Xia Qi is hesitating to consider whether it is right for Gezheng killer.
Soon Xia Qi eyes flashed pitfalls was determined.
Since Ge Jia has repeatedly shot at him, this time he sent six immortals to attack and kill him. It is not necessary for Xia Qi to leave a hand. Even if Ge Jia is very important to Tian Daozong, Xia Qi can’t consider so much.
Even if the Heaven Sect loses a Ge Fengfeng Emperor, there is blood around Xia Qi anyway. The Phoenix Demon Emperor Heaven Sect may not necessarily be in the wind in the post-celestial struggle.
"Kill Ge Zheng!"
The idea in Xia Qi’s mind is very firm.
He had a murderous look in his eyes and a touch of excitement.
Killing Ge Zheng is more than just revenge for Xia Qi. Don’t forget that Ge Zheng is in the nine-secluded Styx, and the nine-secluded Styx is a great river for Xia Qi’s Ming tree.
After making up my mind, Xia Qi didn’t make a move immediately, but looked at the situation of Ghost Wu Zong carefully.
After all, Ghost Wu Zong has gathered tens of thousands of younger brothers, ten immortals, and top immortals like Ge Zheng, Xia Qi, even if he is powerful and has many visions, he dare not start work casually.
Looking at Xia Qi, I finally set my eyes on the edge of the gate where the ghost lives.
There are four figures hiding their breath, just a distance away from GeZheng several people.
"Kill the four fairy king everything is to say …"
Xia qi eyes bright staring at the four fairy king slowly close to the past.
The ten immortals are divided into three directions. There are immortals guarding the left and right sides of the mountain gate and the front. There are three immortals guarding the front, including Ge Zheng.
On the right, there are also three immortals guarding the king, with Ge Li as the leader.
On the left, there are four people with one more number, but the strength of these four people is obviously poor. Ge Zheng and Ge are far from each other.
Xia Qi’s goal is these four fairy kings.
For Xia Qi, he has now sneaked into the ambush. The biggest threat is not tens of thousands of immortal kill array, but ten immortal kings unite to threaten him.
If we can slay these four fairy kings at one stroke, the situation will be almost controlled for Xia Qi.
Before all this, it is necessary to slay four fairy kings in one fell swoop.
Surrounded by tens of thousands of immortals, several fairy kings pay attention to slaying four fairy kings quickly. Even if Xia Qi has several visions, he feels great pressure to make an instant shot.
Xia Qi hid in the ground, and the yellow emperor, the earth emperor, quietly approached the four fairy kings.
Perhaps Xia Qiyun’s fortune is so prosperous that even the sky cares for him. When he is about to approach the four fairy kings and prepare to make a move, the ghost I live in the mountain gate suddenly has a movement.
It’s a ghost. My brother panicked and ran towards the gate where the ghost lived.
"Something bad is happening!"
The fairy came at a gallop, and before he got close to his mouth, he shouted and attracted everyone’s attention. Even Ge Zheng looked at the fairy.
"Calm down! What happened!"
Ge out yelling at a this just asked.
Ge Li has been hiding his true identity for many years in Guiwuzong, but there is a false identity in Guiwuzong, and everyone knows it.
Before Li Wu, the ghost patriarch, died, Ge Li was the only elder of the ghost clan.
It is precisely because of this that I heard Ge leave the question at this moment. This ghost, my brother, calmed down and told his news without hesitation.
"Xia Qi has already killed the ghost clan after destroying five clan doors in succession!"
The younger brother brought the news that Xia Qi had already killed the ghost Wu Zong.
When’ tis once spoken GeZheng, ge from several people look suddenly changed.
Xia Qi had already killed the ghost of my clan, but at this time, the ghost of my clan didn’t see Xia Qi’s figure at all, which said a problem. Xia Qi’s killing of the ghost of my clan was not as aboveboard as before, but lurking in the dark.
"Not good!"
Ge Li and Ge Zheng screamed at the same time, which is not good.