Winning one leng turned to look at dimatteo.

June 18, 2024

Dimatteo nodded to him to show that his data was all right.
Winning snapped scolded 1 "time-o! !”
Lazio full-time defensive midfielder ledesma is very defensive in the game, and it is common to eat cards.
However, he hasn’t eaten a red card yet and was directly punished. The defensive movement is still clean, at least there is no malicious injury.
According to UEFA rules, the most important thing in the Champions League is that three yellow cards are automatically suspended for one game.
Ledesma has already got three yellow cards in the group stage, and he has been automatically suspended for one game.
At the knockout stage, he got another yellow card.
According to UEFA rules, after three yellow cards are suspended for one game, it will become two yellow cards for one game, which means that the fifth yellow card will be suspended automatically.
Former ledesma is four yellow cards.
Now this one is the fifth one
According to the rules, he will be automatically suspended for a round trip to Old Trafford, so he won’t be able to …
David silva injured, modric injured and ledesma suspended …
This is fucking bad luck.
The second leg will be very difficult for Lazio …
Of course, if you surrender before, you won’t think so much. You need to close your eyes and enjoy the fate of rape …
But how can it be possible to surrender before winning?
If you can still make up eleven people, you won’t give up!
Unless he loses because he doesn’t have enough football rules.
Just as Chang Sheng was cursing on the sidelines, subtitles appeared on the video screen.
Ledesma got a yellow card, and at the same time there was a line of small words "one game absent" on the subtitle of this yellow card.
In the close-up, ledesma obviously didn’t know that he would miss a game. He forgot that he had four yellow cards.
Although the assistant coach will wake up every player before every game, how many yellow cards does he have now? Should he be careful not to provoke the referee and do something that is easy to get yellow cards?
But it’s really difficult for ledesma to know that he is actually one yellow card short of suspension before pushing cristiano ronaldo when there is anger in his head and he is irrational …
In this way, after modric may miss a round, ledesma is sure to be absent …
Even if Lazio can win that round in this game?
Lazio fans can’t shout. They are deeply worried about the future of their own team.
Chapter ninety-two MOOOOOOOOOA!
The conflict didn’t stop the Manchester United players. They continued to procrastinate when they should …
Lazio, on the other hand, is getting more and more impatient by this conflict.
When Motta asked his teammates for the ball in the middle, there was a situation that no one gave him the football and everyone chose to come by himself.
"Time-O!" Changsheng was present to see this scene and continue to grind his teeth and scold.
In fact, he doesn’t know who he is cursing.
Scold those players who go it alone?
Scold Manchester United for procrastination?
Or scold this damn fate?
Changsheng didn’t know that he was trying to swear.
Otherwise, he will be suffocated and exploded by his chest.
Motta is also in a hurry.
Because his teammates don’t give him the ball, what else is the core of his organization?
Can the foot be the core of the organization without the ball?
Motta had a good temper and had to yell at his teammates for the first time, "Give me this damn football! ! Mom, give it to me! "
But the effect is not very good.
"Or let Gill go?" Assistant coach dimatteo said beside Changsheng.
"No" Chang Sheng refused the proposal without hesitation.
Gill went desperately, but now he hasn’t finished playing in his pistol. There’s no need to throw away his pistol and draw a dagger.
"Motta has lost control …"
"Wait, wait, wait …" Ever-victorious also don’t know whether to answer dimatteo or mumble.
Dimatteo see him this sample is not good to continue to persuade.
Anyway, the head coach is in charge. If he loses the game, he must always win. Why do you worry so much as an assistant coach?
He backed away.
Rudy Gonzalez saw him come back and asked, "Was it rejected without hesitation?"