Everything grinds until the flowers are all gone. When she grows sunflowers all over the mountains.

June 19, 2024

The man is handsome and thin, and his lips are slightly hooked. "Don’t you understand a fool?" All my sharp edges have long been smoothed by your instant look. "
Section 72
☆ 7. I think you are dirty
Love is because you are fascinated by each other’s advantages; Not loving is to see through all the shortcomings of the other person and stop putting up with them.
In the autumn season, I feel depressed. In the evening, I sat in a taxi and rushed to the land house. On both sides, the French phoenix tree stood upright, and the wind blew the leaves all over the floor.
The autumn wind is bleak and the waves are surging
Not yet at the door of Liu Zhai, Su Qing saw many people gathered at the gate. A closer look showed that Liu Yichen, the bodyguard in the house, was talking in front of them with a serious and nervous expression.
Did something important happen when Sue’s eyes tightened?
The taxi is ten meters away from the door. Sue was in love with the bus and hurried over.
The closer I got, the more I heard Liu Yichen telling the bodyguards, "A team goes to the second team in the south of the city and the third team in the west of the city …"
Suddenly he looked at Sue like a ghost.
The bodyguards also all looked at it and looked shocked.
Sue feels her face. Is there something dirty on her face? And it’s disgusting? After let them see her, such a damn expression.
Before Sue came to the door, Liu Yichen seemed to have just reacted and walked to her to look at it. After making sure that she was all right, she was excited to hold her in her arms and hold her arms tightly around her waist.
Sue’s love affair was choked by strangulation, and as a result, the man hugged her tighter and tighter as if to rub her into his body.
Liu Yizhi leaned against the gate, squinted, smiled and waved at the bodyguards, who had just gathered at the door and dispersed in a hubbub, leaving the three of them at the door.
Sue’s face pressed tightly against Liu Yichen’s chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat beating rhythmically.
She doesn’t know what happened to Liu Yichen.
Through the gap, I saw that the bodyguards at the door were gone, and Lu Yizhi looked at her with gherardini eyes, worried and gloating. When she looked carefully again, Lu Yizhi was gone.
Seeing that there was no one in the four miles, Sue said sullenly, "Liu Yichen, if you hold me again, I will be suffocated by you."
Liu Yichen loosened the ring a little, but her hand didn’t loosen, as if she were afraid that she would disappear as soon as she loosened it.
Looking down at the woman in her arms, she was angry and asked, "Where did Ben go? Why not wait for me in the parking lot? What is the mobile phone? "
Liu Yichen opened his mouth and a series of questions made Sue frown. She carefully recalled the way just now. Are those bodyguards preparing to find her?
Sue shook her head at night. It’s impossible that she’s not that important. She’s even less important to Lu Yichen. He’s worried that she doesn’t want him to be hard on his wife.
"Speak" Liu Yichen saw that she shook her head and didn’t speak in a worried tone.
Sue curled her lips at night. "I went to the building materials market with Liu Jingli this afternoon, and my mobile phone is gone."
Liu Yichen was relieved and hung for a long time, and finally let go.
After lunch, he waited in the parking lot for half an hour, but she didn’t come to call. He simply went to the office to find her, and there was no one inside.
He immediately rushed back to my old house and arranged for bodyguards to go out to find her.
He was afraid that she would have an accident again, and he even called to ask Yan Mumu if it was her again this time. Even if Yan Mumu insisted that it was not her, he still didn’t trust him.
Fortunately, she came back unharmed, and no hair was missing, and she came back to him in good condition.
He really wants to circle this woman. Forget it. It’s safest to stay at home without work.
But he knows that he can’t live with her, and now she wants to work hard, and he doesn’t even know why she is so ambitious.
Sue night feeling rubbed his belly "so hungry"
Liu Yichen rubbed her hair and smiled, holding her little hand and walking towards the house.
Wenyiting is looking around at the door and relieved to see their figure.