Those policemen did not dare to follow Xing Xuan to the ink lake, where Xing Xuan turned around and took Yun Yang to fly to Mungo’s building in the school.

June 20, 2024

Bai Ling and others are still watching it with relish. With a loud roar of nymphs, Tai Feng kicked the door of the tournament table like a lion, and a star Xuan came in with a bloody man.
Bai Ling and others cheered and immediately got stuck in their throats. They stared in horror at this white and bloodless animal, but it was covered with flesh and blood, and he was holding a kitchen knife with a rolled blade in his hand.
"Xing Xuan, what are you doing with a pig killer in my house?" Mungo looked at the star xuan asked incredulously.
"Ha ha said yes, he did kill a pig! Mungo, anyway, you live here alone, and this Yunyang is here for you! " Star Xuan said a let go Yunyang like a dead dog climbed to the ground and did not move.
"This?" Mungo looked at Xing Xuan puzzled.
Xing Xuan smiled at Mungo and said, "You don’t need to know his identity. Just keep an eye on him for a month. Don’t let him go out. It’s time to go back!"
Said also ignore mungo with Bai Ling and black month walked towards the door.
Mungo looked at the ground and did not move. Yunyang tentatively asked, "What’s your name?"
Xing Xuan and Heiyue and Bai Ling just hit Mungo’s door when they saw a black shadow standing quietly in the corridor.
Xing Xuan was surprised in his heart, but soon he became like circumstances and walked towards the man.
The man turned around, and the white Hu Feng’s black cassock was attached to his body like running water, and the black light was faintly visible inside. At this time, his eyes looked at Xing Xuan and Black Moon like eagles.
Xing Xuan came to the front three meters of the man and stopped, quietly looking at the man.
As a torch, you can’t see clearly the energy operation of the other person’s body. It is said that this person must be a fix true person and his body is not low. However, because the other person’s practice is not what Xing Xuan knows about the past several fix true sects, he can’t directly see the other person’s realm.
Taoist priests in black robes also secretly wonder how many sects in the mysterious world have dabbled in their own martial arts, and few of them can’t see each other’s repair situation. Which sect are these two people and how can they not see their repair realm at all?
Black Moon secretly prepares Bai Ling to look at the black cassock in front of him at a loss, and then at Xing Xuan, who pulls the cuff of Xing Xuan in some fear.
For a long time, the man in black robes could not help but ask, "Which emerging sect are you?"
"What’s the matter with Long Tianpeng, the father of the third generation of the Long family, the first-year student of the Burton University? What else do you want to ask?" Star Xuan said to the black road flyover in front of him in one breath
"Strange? Who taught you your skills? Didn’t he take you as an apprentice? " Road flyover black doubt said to the star xuan
"Taoist, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been skilled since I was born. If you have nothing else to do, please don’t hinder us from going home!" Star Xuan quietly said to the black road flyover
"Oh, it’s really not mysterious to have a chip with a spirit, but it’s strange that you use it!" The black-robed Taoist priest kept saying "strange" without giving way.
"You are so strange and old-fashioned. Get out of the way. We’re going home!" Bai Ling cried angrily at this time.
Old face a red body couldn’t help to make a way.
Star Xuan with black month, Bai Ling quickly walked past.
"Hey, if you are really mysterious, you forget the mysterious convention. The secular world can’t let the mysterious people mess around!" Road to the star Xuan figure said
"Mystery convention?" Star Xuan suddenly stopped and looked back at the black road flyover in front of him in disbelief.
"Oh, you don’t know the mysterious convention. Hehe, I’m oversensitive. Let’s go!" The old man breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly disappeared in situ into the vast night.
Looking at the strange appearance and strange departure, the old star Xuan frowned and asked Heiyue and Bai Ling, "What is a mysterious convention?"
Two people immediately shook their heads together.
Star Xuannai sent Bai Ling to the girls’ dormitory and went home with Black Moon himself.
Good news keeps coming from Linzhou interstellar preliminaries. Lin Quan won the first place in the preliminaries with great difficulty, and Gong Yang and Gong were very lucky to win the seventh and tenth places. After a month’s rest, they set foot on Hanfengzhou, the final venue of the quail star interstellar competition.
In this month, Meng Ge picked up Yunyang, which was heartbreaking, and constantly complained to Xing Xuan, "Xing Xuan, who is this person you brought? Every day, I sleep without saying a word, wake up, take a shower, don’t wash my teeth, and make my house a pigsty!"
Xing Xuan ignored Mungo’s complaints and warned Mungo not to provoke Yunyang, which made Mungo even more depressed.
A month later, when Mungo complained about the lazy pig again, Xing Xuan screamed and said to Mungo, "Take me to see him!"
Mungo was overjoyed and took Xing Xuan to the "home" that he didn’t want to go in.
A pungent smell came out of a room inside when I knocked on the door. I didn’t know that Yunyang lived in that room until Mungo showed me. Xing Xuan flew into a rage and pushed Mungo in front to kick over the mahogany wooden door of that room.
"ah? Five thousand federal dollars! " Mungo suddenly began to cry.
There was no movement in the room, but Yunyang still slept in the room with a cup and smelled pungent.
Chapter 50
There was no movement in the room, but Yunyang still slept in the room with a cup and smelled pungent.
Xing Xuan’s hand flew out of a small fireball at this time, and the temperature probe flew towards the ceiling of the room, and he himself flew back.
The temperature probe captures the high temperature signal, and as soon as the fire hydrants installed around the room spray water together, they shrink into a cloud and pour it over the bed.
Yunyang screams suddenly came out of the room, and Mungo, who is distressed by his mahogany door outside, was also startled.
At this time, Xing Xuan went to the health center and dropped the heating in Mungo’s house. Press a button conveniently, and all the doors and windows immediately hit the biting cold wind outside, which instantly swept the heating in the room.
After a while, Yun Yang rushed out of the room like a drowned rat and shivered in the cold wind.
"Mr. Mungo is very unsanitary. It seems that he can’t take a bath. Come and help him wash!" Star Xuan smiled at Mungo at this time and said
Mungo immediately rushed over and threw the clouds up like a chicken. He washed his hands and shouted, "You lazy pig king has had enough of you. Your old home is a hotel. You always invite servants to eat and sleep when you are full. You have always lost a mahogany door, and the furniture inside is wet. Do you know how much those things cost?"
While talking, Xing Xuan heard a few punches banging on the sound inside, and then she heard the sound of clothes tearing and the sound of cold water blowing out.
But from the end Yunyang didn’t moan.
After half an hour, the whole body has become clean and smelly, but the skin has turned blue and sunny and appeared naked in front of Xing Xuan.
The Yunyang huddled with his hands to protect the thing in his legs, shaking and looking at the floor without saying a word.
"Hehe, I know I’m shy. I’m not dead yet!" Xing Xuan satirizes Yun Yang mercilessly.
Yunyang moved a body.
Xing Xuan didn’t give Yun Yang too much, but he continued to satirize him. "Dr. Yun Yang has a postgraduate degree. The research staff of Laboratory Research Institute of Southwest Academy of Sciences have applied for 16 research results in ten years, and three of them have been awarded federal patents. The most talented scientist of Ji Xing has also been evaluated. But it is such a person who can’t even protect his own family and children. Seeing that his child was kicked to death and his wife was abused and died, Yun Yang, do you think you are a failure!"
The words gnawed at Yunyang’s heart like poisonous snakes, and he suddenly looked up, his eyes turned red and looked at Xing Xuan maliciously.
"Why are you angry? I’m not angry because of you now. People who are valuable to society like you should have been evaluated long ago. The top ten young people should have been given a raise in salary and should have enjoyed the benefits that others dare not offend. But what about you? You are nothing in the institute every day. You have endured that a few researchers who don’t know anything ridicule and fool you for ten years without increasing salary and salary. You have thought about it all, and your wife has racked her brains to calculate and distribute your shabby salary every day so that your daughter and you can not starve. What, that hateful Xiao Ye dares to steal your research results instead of others? What have you thought about? "