But now Li Wei has a knife in each hand, and the man cut off a knife. At the same time, Li Wei’s other knife has been chopped off, and he was cut into two pieces obliquely from the shoulder. The smooth and flat half almost slipped slowly along the incision and fell to the ground.

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Turning around, Li Wei was stunned for a while. The old four actually curled up in the seat by the window, holding a black Bi exactly like the one in front of him. Obviously, this Bi is a pair. At this time, he put his arm around his heart and neck during the day, and his hand is in the middle of the back during the day.
Li Wei put Lao Si in the end because he has no weapon in his hand and his skill is the lowest among the four people, so it should be easier to deal with. I didn’t expect him to have a dagger.
But it’s not that Li Wei was stuck with a dagger, but that during the day, Xin Laosi curled up in his seat and hid behind his heart during the day, hugging his neck during the day, and his heart and chest stood forward and leaned back so plump that he still stood proudly and leaned back, which made him look slightly upturned. The two delicate red berries that stood proudly at the peak were so attractive that people could not help but want to smell her fragrance!
At this time, tears are still in my eyes during the day, but I am grateful, shy and praying in Li Wei’s eyes! She knew that Levi’s eyes fell on her, but it seemed that the red plum blossom seemed to drift to her cheek before she straightened her chest.
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Chapter 39 refined soul
Li Wei’s eyes finally turned to Lao Si, who saw him looking over and shouted, "Don’t come over, I’ll kill her!" Li Wei has tried that dagger, sharp and knowing that it can easily pass through the heart during the day. Although he just didn’t care whether the two sisters live or die during the day, now he has started to save them, and if they are rescued, he will win. If they die, Li Wei will naturally fail. He won’t allow himself to fail!
He looked at Lao Si and said, "You let her go now and I’ll let you go."
"Don’t lie to me when I was three years old? You help me open the window, I want to take her with me! You mustn’t come after me or I’ll kill her! " This guy can’t say how ferocious he is now, and he may be too excited. He involuntarily sent a tip forward, and during the day, the blood in his heart stayed with him, but he didn’t touch a drop of blood.
During the day, Li Wei’s eyes were full of pain and prayed that Li Wei knew that she didn’t want to be taken away by Lao Si. He smiled at the heart during the day and said softly, "Don’t be afraid of closing your eyes first." He didn’t even notice that his tone was so gentle. During the day, the heart seemed to believe that he closed his eyes immediately.
Li Weilai tried this kind of kung fu, but he was not sure at all. Old four’s knife-wielding hand kept shrinking behind his heart during the day, and it was even harder to grasp it. It was because he closed his eyes during the day that he remembered the thing that absorbed Lin Tianxiao’s soul that he felt the throb in his soul just now!
Levi was determined to try, but the old eyes stared at him without blinking.
He gathered the spirit of the Ministry into the depths of his mind and explored the soul that was still throbbing just now. As soon as he produced this will, he felt that the soul seemed to jump with excitement. A little purple fire spread in his mind, just like refining Lin Tianxiao’s soul. It seems that heaven and earth are filled with purple flames.
He controls it. It seems that the burning flame in heaven and earth has changed its color towards the eyes. Old four swept away. First, the old four opened his mouth with a little consternation, then suddenly his eyes were flooded with fear, but he was still staring at Li Wei. Generally, Li Weike clearly saw that the soul of the old four kept struggling and twisting, but gradually disappeared in the purple fire.
The second refining of Lin Tianxiao’s soul was different. That time, the purple fire absorbed Lin Tianxiao’s soul and then refined it in his mind. This time, Li Wei consciously controlled the purple fire to refine the soul, so that those Lin Tianxiao memory images would not be produced as the second time.
Li Wei recovered his spirit and controlled the purple fire. He clearly felt that there was still a soul force after the fourth child was refined and refined. This force is not in his mind. Now the spiritual power is completely integrated, but it is a matter of time when he has been white.
I walked over and said gently, "Okay, I can open my eyes." Take off the old four and hold it in my hand. The knife has penetrated into my heart for a few centimeters during the day. If I go deeper, it may hurt my heart. Take the ring in the hand of the old four. Li Wei has already had these four people. He will hug the old four and throw him to the floor with a ring.
Reaching out and holding my heart down during the day, my heart and face flushed during the day and spread to my chest. "Hell, so many people just looked at her and didn’t see her face so red!" Li Weigang thought of finding a dress in his bag to cover her first when he heard someone wake up not far away.
Obviously, four people are dead, and the enchantment or the power source of the East China Sea Water Shield has disappeared. The controlled people will wake up slowly. Li Weilai grabs the past with his bare chest during the day, slaps it on the back of the man’s neck and flies back like the wind, stuffing all the weapons into his ring. He hangs the ring on his neck and his sisters can’t see his ring during the day.
Two more people woke up, and Levi still rushed over and knocked them out, including the master elder brother’s gloves hitting the window a little far away, taking out the bodies of the three Dan and throwing them out of the speeding train, including the unlucky guy who was stabbed to death by the dagger. These belly-breaking jobs were a little bloody, and Levi didn’t let the beauty see them.
When I came back, I stuffed my travel bag into the ring and ran to the other end of the carriage. I smashed a person who was going to wake up and fainted. I picked up the girl named Ouyang and asked her to put their luggage into the ring together. The girl watched him running around and ruthlessly stunned those who were going to wake up. The eyes became warm and the stars in her eyes seemed to come out.
Put the two sisters together to see the beauty of the naked heart during the day, and the young girl’s face turned red, and the heart was blushing and bleeding during the day.
Li Wei hit the window beside the seat and turned it out and disappeared into the night with a swish.
Did this guy finally run away after a long struggle? The two sisters looked at each other and seemed unable to believe that their eyes could still speak, but they kept saying nothing. Ouyang girl finally shouted, "Hey! Where have you been? Hey, you, asshole! Don’t you want us? Don’t leave us! " During the day, my heart is so anxious that I will faint. I can see that the people in the carriage are about to wake up, but my sisters can’t move at all. What can I do? It’s so cold when the wind blows through the window now!
Fortunately, the bastard in Ouyang girl’s mouth only came back in less than five seconds, holding a bell-like thing in his hand and saying to their sisters, "I’ll take this." He put Ouyang Younger in his arm and slapped her ass and said, "What do you mean, what should I do if I wake everyone up?" Younger was a little coy and said, "People are afraid that you will leave me alone!"
Hold your heart in your chest during the day, bend down and gently jump out of the window and ask Sister Ouyang, "Do you know how to get there now?" I didn’t expect that she actually knew that "it takes about two hours to run at 30 degrees to the direction of the train to see a mountain forest. Master and I have been here before. Let’s go there to heal first!"
Li Wei has been joking for two hours in the direction of Ouyang Xiao’s younger sister. Now it’s almost dawn, and it will be dawn in an hour at most, and the day after tomorrow. When the time comes, Li Wei will run with two beautiful women, which will cause the world to chase and intercept. He thinks to himself, "It must be there in an hour!"
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Chapter 40 Left hug right hug
Li Wei’s right hand held his heart in his chest during the day, which did not affect his footsteps. Naturally, he held it higher, almost because he was injured by the big brother’s palm during the day, but he could not really hold her on his shoulder, which would aggravate her injury. As the true qi cooperated with his footsteps, Li Wei became more and more skilled, and his running became more and more relaxed. At this time, he noticed that his hand turned his head slightly during the day, and his lips crossed from his heart during the day. Li Wei held her so high that his heart clung to Li Wei’s face during the day!
Stop in spirit Li Weicai remembered that the heart clothes had been torn up by the old four during the day, and threw Ouyang’s younger sister to the ground. She took out her heart and shoulder thorns during the day, wrapped her wound, took out her own bag from the ring and took out her own clothes from the bag, and picked up her pericardium during the day. Li Wei picked up Ouyang Younger and continued to gallop forward.
Younger big dissatisfaction protest "hello! Why did you put me under your armpit and hold my sister in your arms? I want you to hold me, too. Don’t be partial! "
Li Wei said, "How can I see the road when I hold you both in my arms? Do you think I hit the tree first? Or do you hit the tree first? "
The girl said, "I don’t care if you are eccentric. You must have seen my senior sister. Hum! Why don’t you hold me and put my sister under your armpit? "
Li Wei scolded her, "You are a smelly girl. You know that you are fooling around. Your senior sister’s heart and lungs were seriously injured. She was caught in the bottom of her arm and the blood flowed out, which directly choked her to death. Hum! If it weren’t for now to have to hit your ass ten "
Ouyang Younger hurriedly apologized to her teacher elder sister and said that she didn’t know that the teacher elder sister was hurt so badly and called out to Li Weidao, "What makes you spank me? What do you have to do to spank me? My mother and my master won’t hit me, and you still want to hit me! Hey! "
Li Wei thought that this girl was so unruly that she would ignore her if she provoked her less. She sprinted all the way forward, wrapped her heart clothes and gradually dispersed during the day. Li Wei smelled the delicate fragrance of her heart during the day and felt the running. She slowly lit up in a soft and greasy day. Li Wei’s eyesight was slightly lowered, and she could see the peak with a touch of pink, and it seemed that she could be contained in her mouth with a slight turn so close.
"Damn it, are there so many beautiful women on the earth?" Take a look at your mind and take a big step forward and fly away faster.
Dawn has appeared on the horizon, and some small ditches and rivers, Li Wei, have also crossed over and felt that his breathing steps are really moving. With the seams of the sky, there is a continuous and abrupt mountain peak in front. The sun has shone on the top of the distant mountain peak, and the morning mist seems to have covered the mountain peak with a veil in the morning light.
Li Weiyue ran closer and closer, and he had already seen the highest peak with a big word "Isolated in the sky and a pillar in the sky" slightly closer, and there were four big words "indomitable spirit" standing upright, which seemed to have the aura of heaven and earth escaping, which amazed Li Wei. The heart way turned out to be Tianzhu Mountain.
The main peak of Tianzhu Mountain is really as magnificent as a giant pillar. There seems to be an early-rising figure in front of the looming mountain. Li Wei took a turn to watch the beautiful scenery, bypassed it and stood three peaks and ran to the inaccessible place in the back mountain.
There are at least 30 or 40 abrupt peaks here, and less than a third of them have been traveled. Li Wei ran to a peak, and it was not very high. The foot of the peak was more than 100 meters, mostly bare blue-brown stones. In many places, the stone blade stood hard to climb, but the peak was hundreds of meters loose, like a strange stone. There was a bay spring that flew down from the peak and splashed on the stone, and the colorful aperture was strung together in the morning.
Li Wei immediately liked it here. Let Ouyang Younger climb with her heart in the daytime and see that the peak is still hundreds of meters wide. She found a flat place and gently laid her mind at ease during the daytime, wrapped her clothes and let the sun shine on her body. Li Wei saw that although she looked a little depressed, the sun gave her a layer of splendor and beauty.
Li Wei will wrap the daytime sweatshirt tightly in front, and be careful that two buttons will fall on her face. She patted her face and smiled at her and said, "I’ll be right back when I pick up my little girl!" "
Ouyang Xiao’s younger sister was brought to the mountain without saying a word, pursed her mouth and tears in her eyes. It happened that Li Wei turned away from Li Wei when she wanted to see her, or closed her eyes, but tears flowed involuntarily.
Li Weilian asked several times and didn’t know where she had offended her until Li Wei said that he didn’t understand the healing method. If she didn’t speak, she went to Ouyang Younger. She opened her mouth and cried sadly for a long time before she choked up. "I hate you! I hate you! "
Li Wei couldn’t help but feel strange. During the day, his heart was tender and his face lay beside Li Wei’s mouth. It’s understandable to hate him during the day. How could he hate this girl if he didn’t behave disrespectfully all the way?
"You knew all the way that you were holding the teacher elder sister, and you were still running so fast, and I was in pain all over, and I didn’t ask people if you ran like that, and I couldn’t breathe for several times …" Sob cried again.
"I’m not afraid of dawn? My little girl is so sad because of this cry? " Levi said with a smiling face
"No! I knew you didn’t feel bad about being kind to the teacher elder sister. I left me alone in the mountain without saying anything. I was so scared! The most irritating thing is that you can hold a person to run, but you can hold my mountain with you, and I’m left alone. You don’t hold me, and my body hurts. You just don’t feel bad about me … "And you cried bitterly.
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Chapter 41 Xiang Yan
Li Wei couldn’t think that the root cause of this girl’s sadness was that he was used to putting her in his arm, so he couldn’t hold her in his arms and let her sit on the stone and coax her out of turn for a while.
Looking at her arms, this girl is really beautiful. Her eyes are really corny. Her eyes look long and her eyelashes are slightly upturned. I don’t know how she can grow so long, straight and slightly inclined. Her eyebrows indicate that this girl has a burning personality. Everything is perfect in her lips, nose and cheeks, and this girl is very tall. In her memory, Ye Qing is one meter seven. This girl seems to be taller than Ye Qing. Her legs are straight and long. Everything is perfect except that she is still full of childishness.
Now the key is healing. Sister Ouyang is pale after crying. She endured the pain all the way and consumed a lot of physical strength. To tell the truth, Li Wei won’t heal anything. He was injured by treatment before, but now he is relying on physical qi.
He asked Ouyang Younger about the situation. This girl actually said that she had never been injured before. Levi asked her to endure the pain. First, she helped her put the dislocated joint on her. She screamed at her with pain. Tears were in her eyes, but there was excitement in her eyes. Her hands were already moving. She said that her hands hurt. She put her head in front of Levi and asked him to help wipe the sweat.
Ouyang Younger still can’t run on her own. She said that the master elder brother blocked her meridians and had to get through them, and his senior sister must be the same.
During the day, the heart condition is more serious than Li Wei imagined. At this time, she was lying there and her face was a little blue. From time to time, there was a black blood stream coming out of her mouth. She wanted to cough, but she couldn’t. Li Wei’s running all the way with her in her arms has caused a lot of congestion to sink in her body. Now she must also get through the meridians to discharge the congestion, otherwise it will be dangerous.
Li Wei held the two sisters together and said to them, "I know a way to get through the meridians. When I was a child, Master washed my meridians and cut my pulp. I never learned this way, but the less clothes I wear, the better. I will give you my consent first."
Ouyang Xiao’s younger martial sister Ma shouted, "I agree with my elder martial sister and I agree with her that it is necessary to wear a bra?" Seeing Li Wei shaking his head, his face turned red and asked, "What about the waistband?" Levi nodded "oh yeah! I have to take off guang! " Levi how to listen to her tone was a little regret.
Levi asked the daytime heart again, "What about you? Blink when you agree. "During the day, my heart blinked my eyes quickly. There was a hint of blush in my pale face." How can these girls blush so easily? Li Xiaotong is so heartbroken during the day. Well, this little girl doesn’t blush too much! "