Walking into the crack for nearly 100 meters, a group of people were blocked by a layer of water film. Zuo Sheng took three shots in the water film before carrying the flagpole to go through. Naturally, it was Hu Yingxue’s turn to stop them from crossing the water film and then found that there was no seawater at all after the water film.

June 22, 2024

Through the water film, you will see three people wearing the same robes as Zuo Sheng, and they will be surprised to see Hu Hu Yingxue and others coming in.
"Why did Big Brother bring someone back today?"
"That’s it. That’s it."
"Are they sacred?"
Zuo Sheng first smiled at the three people, "Please come back."
Then he turned to Hu Yingxue and others and laughed, "I seem to have forgotten to introduce myself before. My name is Zuo Sheng, and these three people are my sworn brothers. From right to left, they are called Zuo Wei, You Xi and You Lang, and I am the same protector."
Zuo Wei took the flagpole in Zuo Sheng’s hand before he left. "Right Xi, you go to make a pot of tea. Right Post, you accompany your eldest brother to entertain guests." Say, hold the flagpole and turn around and walk.
Soon a man dressed in a black brocade robe came out, followed by a man who had just left Zuo Wei with a flagpole as pale as paper and coughed lightly, and his fingers became bloodshot.
The impression of the Black Dragon King is not bad. Hu Yingxue took out a small withered green Dan bomb and shot it at the Black Dragon King. "This should slightly slow down the loss of your life."
The black dragon king caught Dan Zhu’s hand and put it in his mouth. After a while, he frowned slightly and sent some "if it is withered, Dan should be able to solve my physical problems."
"withered green Dan is a divine Dan, and I don’t even think about it now." Hu yingxue looked at the black dragon king carefully here. "And if your condition is light and withered green Dan can’t work, you have to add a living muscle to Yangdan to help you regenerate the lamella, or you will just continue to suffer."
The black dragon king closed his eyes. "Neither Ku Qing Dan nor Hui Yang Dan is what I can get now."
This is not a discouraging statement. It is indeed true. Whether it can upgrade the body and restore its peak state, the withered green elixir or even the immortal bones and roots can be repaired back to Yangdan, only a god can refine the elixir. In the human world, some people may have seen a few words in the past population or in ancient books, but no one can.
Hu Yingxue inspired the talent of alchemy inherited from her father, Yi Feng Shen Zun. It is only a matter of time before she develops momentum to refine Kuqing Dan and return to Yang Dan, but it will take a long time. The Black Dragon King can’t wait for it. She might as well expect Dan to be honored as Yi Feng Shen Zun to be reliable. Yi Feng Shen Zun is high above the roots of God Zun and can’t meet in the human world.
Now Hu Yingxue already knows many friends and roads, but I really don’t mind helping the black dragon king, but if you want to help, you have to figure out how the black dragon king was pulled out and what else will appear in the human world.
Hu Yingxue asked directly without beating around the bush, "How did you get hurt? How can it appear in the human world? "
When asked, Hu Yingxue was a little nervous and worried that his problems would annoy the black dragon king. The black dragon king didn’t get angry and replied with a wry smile on his mouth, "In those days, it involved some secrets of the dragon that had been carefully hidden …"
I think I have been removed from the dragon genealogy, and I guess I also want to find someone to talk about it. The Black Dragon King told the story like a bamboo tube.
To Hu Yingxue’s great surprise, there are still some facts about her in those days. To be honest, there are many details about Hu Rui’s killing her in those days. For example, Hu Rui didn’t have the ability to calculate her death at that time. When she heard some details from the words of the Black Dragon King, many things were coherent.
In those days, the goddess Ji was calculated. On the surface, Hu Rui was jealous of her. In fact, some people tried to seize the deity Yi Feng and find the secret mansion for her and Gankun to quit playing with them. The purpose was not that two artifacts were the afterlife of Miri and Mixing.
Behind her death, the Secret Mansion and the Gankun Ring fell into each other’s hands, but those people did not want to resurrect Miri and Mixing, but wanted to completely kill them. They overheard these things, so the Black Dragon King and several friends planned to pour out the dragon balls left by Miri and Mixing.
I didn’t expect a traitor among my friends to be attacked after they successfully stole what they had discussed. One of his friends was beaten to death, and I don’t know if Yuan Shen escaped. He was pulled out of the scales and driven into a crack nearby.
Before falling into the crack, the black dragon king returned his backhand and slapped others. At that time, the man was about to check a few things found from him, and the box containing those things flew up and followed him into the crack.
It should be said that, somehow, it has its own providence. Perhaps it is really Hu Yingxue who is destined to lose the two things, the Secret House and the Gankun Ring Master. In the world, I don’t know how to fix the real thing, but I will be reincarnated. She bought it from a stall and then accidentally met the dragon balls, which contributed to the rebirth of the two brothers Miri and Mixing.
Mu Tianxuan’s face turned a little black in those days, looking for whether Hu Yingxue had any residual souls. He invited the dragon people to help him, and he also took out a lot of magic weapons as a reward. Although he denied that the dragon people were the main culprits for killing Hu Yingxue, those people felt the diaphragm if they thought that refining things might be cheaper.
At this time, the black dragon king found that Mu Tianxuan and Hu Yingxue had some wrong faces. "That thing won’t have anything to do with you, right?"
Hu Yingxue is hesitating to admit it in front of the Black Dragon King. Just listen to Wei Chihanyu’s saying, "Yingxue means that you have just arrived at the murdered god of death."
Hu Yingxue blinked. "Brother Hanyu, do you remember?"
Wei Chihanyu turned to look at her "just a little before she died, but it was enough"
Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan looked at each other, and both of them were very sure that Wei Chihanyu’s mouth was enough, which meant knowing who to take revenge on, and also knowing that this revenge was not from hatred, but just to solve a causal problem, just like when it was time to eat, the meal was over.
Wei Chi Han Yu slightly tilted his head. "What’s the problem?"
Hu Yingxue shook his head with Mu Tianxuan.
The black dragon king almost consciously went to pick up the bus who killed him, but he knew very well that although he was reincarnated and reborn, it could not change the fact that this man was a daughter of Yi Feng, and he couldn’t help but swallow his mouth at the thought of respecting Yi Feng, but then his eyes returned to gloom. When Hu Yingxue returned to the gods, he might have died long ago.
The black dragon king’s breath returned to a low level. Hu Yingxue looked at him again. "You can’t be punished by this crime. Find a new body or re-enter the reincarnation. It’s just from the beginning."
The black dragon king gave a wry smile, "I can’t do that. I have a lover. At that time, the horse will hold a wedding ceremony. Taking off the dragon body is equivalent to giving up the qualification to be by her side." He clenched his fist. "Although I don’t know if she is waiting for me, there must be a glimmer of hope. I want to go back and testify against those people and ask her for forgiveness."
After chatting for a while, Hu Yingxue and they left because the small withered green Dan can alleviate the pain of a black dragon king. Hu Yingxue left some for him. She gave those Dan medicines to the black dragon king. You’re welcome.
Zuo Sheng sent Hu Yingxue back to the sea and took out a ring and handed it to Hu Yingxue. "This is a gift from my family. In addition, let me tell you that there are three pieces of Long Lin in the ring, but they give you a sound."
Hu Yingxue took out a piece of jade slips and handed them to Zuo Sheng. "If you have something to tell me, we have a common enemy and we can develop into allies."
"I must tell Zun" Zuo Sheng took the jade Jane with both hands and turned back.
Re-route Hu Yingxue took Zuo Sheng’s giving ring out to see if the gods were involved. "Is this a gift for the Black Dragon King or will he give me his fortune for the time being?"
Mu Tianxuan took it and looked at it. "It must be a return." He smiled. "The sea area accounts for half of the dry yuan world. He has been a sea overlord for so long. This thing is estimated to be nine Niu Yi hairs for him."
Hu Yingxue catches Mu Tianxuan and throws back the ring. "After hearing you say that, I also want to find a place to pull the mountain to be king."
Mu Tianxuan yi tooth "don’t be tired when the time comes. It’s me."
Hu Yingxue picked an eyebrow at him. "How can it be tiring for you?"
Mu Tianxuan pie mouth "You don’t care about people and you don’t care about things. You have to throw them to me then."
"It will be so." Hu Yingxue threw a ring. "There should be a fear of the black dragon king in the cave. We joined hands to support the crab. It seems that the king of the black dragon doesn’t care about the crab."
Mu Tianxuan laughed. "I wouldn’t put the crab in my eyes. The black dragon Wang Xingen wouldn’t be here to lose it. He doesn’t care if he has these now."
Hu Yingxue cocked his head. "Mi Ri and Mi Xing will eventually return to the dragon. If they can cure the black dragon king’s injury, he will be a great help to the two brothers."
Mu Tianxuan agrees very much that "Wang Yi, the black dragon, can survive without lamella. He must have a unique means to save his life, so it can be inferred that his position in the dragon should be not low."
Hu Yingxue smiled, "Maybe she will know about the Black Dragon King when she looks back." She said with a smile, "That guy didn’t tell me his name. It seems that he still doesn’t really believe us."
"Don’t we really believe him yet?" Mu Tianxuan stretched out his hand and pulled Hu Yingxue into his arms. "I thought Hu Rui hurt you and didn’t find that the dragon people had a foot in it."
Recognized Mu Tianxuan’s remorse Hu Yingxue gave him a pair of supercilious eyes. "You’re not heaven. You can know everything. If you care about the two of us very much, go back as soon as possible and then have a grievance and revenge."
Mu Tianxuan bowed his head and kissed Hu Yingxue, which was different from gnawing at it. After mastering certain skills, he felt a little more sentimental, but this intimacy also had a degree of kissing, and then it became a gnawing feeling and immediately became a sense of crisis that would be swallowed up.
After being chewed and chewed again, and how enthusiastic they are, they are all chewing Hu Yingxue. Finally, some chafing kicked people out of the room again. She knows the reason why Mu Tianxuan hasn’t been double-cultivating. She just doesn’t want to break them in front of Du Jie. Yuan Yang and Yuan Yin are good for their later journey. He is willing to endure her. Naturally, he is willing to help him endure it.
The sea is not so peaceful. Hu Yingxue, they are no longer as leisurely as before. After a day, they returned to Kunwu Mountain. They have already entered the door once, and they don’t need to be led by Govin and other stewards to take a rest.
Hu Yingxue, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu didn’t go to rest with them, but found themselves sitting in a mountain pavilion. The situation in Wuzhou and the battle of the People’s Congress in the sea with the Black Dragon King and the Ten Thousand Skull Cave were simply said.
A few people were chatting and forgetting their worries. They came over and said with an expression, "Don’t go to Nanfeng first when you come back, are you afraid that Mi Xing will get angry with you?"
Hu Yingxue heard the words and laughed, "I should be able to coax a gift."
"Unless Haizhu can cover his bed, it won’t be so easy to get rid of him." Forgetting worry is still a look of expression, but I can hear a little teasing from the sound.