The ghost tree restrained him. The Gezheng was very clear, but it was for this reason that the ghost tree took him with him.

June 23, 2024

"Shout …"
Jiuyou Styx’s banners are on display in the gale, and a Styx suddenly appears in the sky, and the river suddenly gushes out and turns into a Tianhe towards the ghost tree.
Ghost tree, as GeZheng expected, saw the ghost river coming in without any escape from retreat, but took the initiative to meet him.
"Going …"
The ghost river is coming towards the ghost tree, but it is like a sheep entering the tiger’s mouth. The ghost river is absorbed by the ghost tree and becomes food.
It can be clearly seen that the ghost tree is undergoing great changes after absorbing a few ghost rivers. The blood-red silk thread has completely disappeared in the trunk because it absorbed too much blood Shaqi, and it has once again become a dark and shining ghost tree.
At the same time, the smell from the ghost tree is getting stronger and stronger, and it is catching up with the demon fire in Yan Mo.
Xia Qi has been watching this scene from a distance, but he sees that the ghost tree is growing, instead of being happy, his eyebrows are slightly wrinkled and he is puzzled and puzzled.
Ge Zheng knows that the ghost tree can learn from the ghost river, which is the nourishment of the ghost tree. He wants the ghost river to attack the ghost tree.
"Shout …"
For a moment, Xia Qi was white, and Ge Zheng was going to
Seeing that Jiuyou Styx’s streamers were more than a ghost, the river gushed out and flooded the ghost tree, and then this ghost river was quickly recovered and was collected in Jiuyou Styx’s streamers in a blink of an eye.
And the ghost tree also entered the Jiuyou Styx complications.
As soon as the ghost tree entered the nine-deep Styx, the nine-deep Styx changed, and the cold breath suddenly became violent.
Xia Qi face suddenly changed.
He knew that Gezheng was going to destroy Jiuyou Styx, and the ghost tree would be completely destroyed at the cost.
It is conceivable that if Jiuyou Styx banner explodes itself, the ghost tree in Jiuyou Styx banner will inevitably be destroyed.
"Don’t you dare!"
Xia Qi roar loud blunt past directly.
If the ghost tree is completely destroyed, this loss is hard for Xia Qi to accept.
Four kinds of visions and a Xia Qi method came out and flocked to Ge Zheng, who was about to completely kill and rescue the ghost tree.
"Ha ha ha … Xia Qi, you don’t want to be better even if I die!"
Gezheng laughed and rushed towards Xia Qichong.
His body and breath became violent, like the banners of Jiuyou Styx, apparently intending to blow himself up to stop Xia Qi.
Xia Qi thundered sullenly to the extreme.
He was able to attack and kill a group of fairy kings in the Golden Wonderland interface, not because of his own strength, but because of his vision.
Now several of the most powerful visions, a ghost tree, will be completely destroyed by Ge Zheng. How can Xia Qi not be angry?
However, no matter how angry Xia Qi is, Ge Zheng’s own life explodes. It is obviously impossible to stop Xia Qi and Xia Qi from trying to rescue the ghost tree.
"Ghost Tree, I will never give up!"
Xia Qi was ferocious and roared up.
Let him give up the ghost tree Xia Qi really can’t do it
For a moment, facing the imminent self-explosion, Ge Zheng Xia Qi ventured into the physical world and directly involved Ge Zheng in the physical world. He wanted to fight against Ge Zheng in his own physical world.
In his own world, he can cut off Ge Zheng’s connection with Jiuyou Styx.
Sure enough, GeZhengGang just appeared outside Xia Qiti’s world and was about to blow himself up. Then suddenly there was no movement and stillness.
At the same time, he entered the Xia Qiti world, but Gezheng looked at everything around him with horror.
Everything around GeZheng feel very strange.
"Am I dead?"
Ge Zhengfa understood that he had instantly arrived in another world. He blew himself up and died completely in another world.
Gezheng soon knew that he had no cause of death beside him, and a figure suddenly appeared. It was he who hated not to dismember ten thousand pieces of Xia Qi.
"Xia Qi!"
GeZheng exclaimed looking at Xia Qi arrival can’t believe it.
His breath is getting more and more violent, and he is about to explode.