Lin Sheng smiled. It seems that the little "flower" hasn’t enjoyed itself yet. He shook his head and was "eager" to leave, but the big black patted Lin Sheng on the shoulder, almost directly patting Lin Sheng for "mixing".

June 24, 2024

"See? I told you, we Lin Gong hasn’t appeared yet, and those powerful kings of Rushworth are scared out of their wits!"
"Yes, yes," said Lin Sheng grumpily. In my heart, I secretly scolded labor and capital for not being beaten by featuring. I was almost beaten by you.
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[] Puppet?
? Dozens of people in an alchemy in a mountain forest listened to it, and several people were panting. I didn’t think that the Lins actually had a strong guanyu level to guard the family background for thousands of years. It was really not comparable to the general forces. If it weren’t for the guanyu strong’s self-proclaimed identity, I was afraid that they would have been physically and mentally destroyed at this time. The guanyu strong is not their mere warrior. The warrior can compete with the warrior. Now, although it is enough to dominate in the secular world, it is no different from the baby in front of the guanyu strong.
"Are the elders all right?" Chyi Chin paused to put his hair together and gasped for a moment and then asked.
"It’s okay, this time it’s really a big help. I didn’t expect the Lins to have such a powerful card. Fortunately, it’s not difficult for the old guy to claim his identity. Otherwise, we will have to pay for it." Jikun said
"Yes, that old guy is really horrible. The strength of God’s knowledge alone is already strong to that extent. It is estimated that less is the strong four families in the middle of guanyu." Chyi Chin said with a gasp.
"A few elders, father, what on earth are you talking about? What warrior is strong? " Qi fa is still "scratching his head" at this time and doesn’t know what his father and elders are talking about.
"I’ll tell you about this when I go back. Don’t interrupt now!" Chyi Chin said slightly annoyed that he had already taken the holy dragon as his own bag. He didn’t want the Lins to fight halfway, and such a featuring strong man broke their plans.
"It seems that it is true that there are these guardians." Chyi Chin ignored Qi Fa and sighed as he looked at the distance.
"What smell?" JiKun at this time is a little’ get’ not clear, I don’t know what Chyi Chin is talking about.
"Smell more than a hundred years ago, a shocking war broke out in the fairy continent and the magical continent. The whole fairy world is full of wars, and even the fairy continent veins are destroyed. The aura is scarce to the extreme. In the past hundred years, the fairy continent has not seen any strong people. It is also an old monster who has lived for hundreds of years. After the war, when he cultivated and lived, the original families and sects disappeared. However, it is said that all major families and some big’ door’ factions have left behind a little warrior-level strong person. Sitting in the Lins’ this time, the strong guanyu, I estimate, is probably guarded by the Lins. After all, the Lins were strong to the extreme a hundred years ago. Although they have been declining for decades, their strength is still considerable. It seems that this matter must be suppressed first. We can’t make a move unless we’ figure out’ the identity of the strong guanyu. Otherwise, we can’t afford guanyu’s anger. "
"Yes, that was terrible!" Baishou said deeply
No more discussion. Several people are heading back to the alchemist Sect.
Since then, the wind’ wave’ of an alchemist has been temporarily stopped, and there is no danger for the time being.
The Lins’ compound was a sigh of relief. Lin Sheng’s plan was successful, but Lin Sheng himself went back to his room and fell asleep. Although this guanyu-level god knowledge was powerful, it was a huge consumption of’ Jing’ divine power. Just now, it was almost unbearable. At this time, it was already early to rest.
Everyone was already asleep at night, but Lin Sheng woke up with a good rest. Lin Sheng was refreshed. He took the huge night bead sent by the Liu family and looked it up carefully. In the dark night, the night bead was like a star, emitting a’ fan’ person’s light. Except for the flashing light, Lin Sheng really didn’t find anything strange in his hand. Oh, you repeatedly watched the soul carefully wrapped the night bead and inquired about it for a long time. Still, he injected a trace of true spirit into it. Still, Guo Lin Sheng Naide put the night bead into the object again and left it slowly.
Lin Sheng’s object was dark at this time, but there were little yellow’ color’ lights in the depths. Lin Sheng just looked at his object when he put the night beads. Although the little light was weak, Lin Sheng was keenly aware of a slight surprise. The object with yellow’ color’ light in the depths was taken out by Lin Sheng. It was that time that Lin Sheng got the green’ color’ wooden statue from Wang Ping in Dali. He first got the statue when he took it. There seems to be a hidden force in it. At that time, Lin Sheng didn’t have the strength to find out. Later, when he did, he put this matter behind him. I didn’t think there was such a thing.
I didn’t expect that this thing has been put in this thing, but it turned out to be such a change. Lin Sheng took this statue and looked at it carefully. He found that the yellowish light was emitted from the eyes, and the original’ hole’ eyes were at this time because of the yellow light. It was like being alive.
"This is?" Renault turned over the back of the statue, only to find that there was no gap behind the statue at this time, and Lin Sheng remembered that there was a gap behind it when he looked at it, but at this time the gap disappeared and was replaced by a smooth crystal.
"’Jade’ Pei?" Lin Sheng clasped the crystal and carefully pulled it out, only to find that it was inserted in the groove behind the statue. It turned out that the piece of jade was obtained from Wang Dingtian after killing him. At that time, Wang Dingtian’s soul was hidden in it, but it was finally discovered by a small’ flower’ that the soul of Wang Dingtian was completely strangled. At that time, Lin Sheng was white. This’ jade’ was extraordinary, otherwise it would be impossible to accommodate people’s souls in it. Color Guanghua is also dissipated in the shape. The "jade" is once again lit up. Now it seems that this statue and this "jade" seem to be a complete set, and this "jade" seems to be similar to a key. It is estimated that this sculpture is not as big as this "jade".
Lin Sheng carefully separated a wisp of god knowledge and slowly leaned toward the statue. As soon as he touched the statue, he actually met with obstacles. Lin Sheng found a gap and squeezed it in, but it was strangled by a black gas that gave a wisp of soul power.
"Huh?" Lin Shengyi is interested. What on earth is this? It’s a dead thing, but it can still strangle people’s souls. Although it’s a trace, if a soul is not strong enough, it’s bound to be hit hard. It seems that the statue was pre-emptive on purpose and didn’t want others to explore what’s inside. Lin Sheng suddenly became interested when he thought of it. It seems that Wang Ping said that this thing is Wang Jiacheng’s for generations. It seems that it should be a fake face’ dew’ with an imperceptible sneer at Lin. Winning the soul force is like "tide" water, which is to suppress the statue in the hand and go to Lin Sheng. Now the strongest knowledge is actually the soul force. For Lin Sheng, the little soul force was strangled. The root of Niu Yi’s "Mao" did not play a role in Lin Sheng, but instead gave Lin Sheng interest to "shock".
At this time, the surging soul of guanyu level impacted the sculpture to push the mushroom to rot, which is to break the black gas just now. But Lin Sheng didn’t immediately scatter the black gas, but be careful that the soul was wrapped in the black gas. Find out what it was. Through some probing, Lin Sheng found that the black’ color’ fog turned out to be the soul force. There are many impurities in this soul force, but it is not a pure soul force. Without the black gas, Lin Sheng’s soul is completely squeezed into this sculpture. There is a big difference in it. Look at this sculpture, but it’s palm-sized, but it has a small house that laughs in general. It seems to be similar to an object inside, but Lin Sheng soon discovered that it’s unusual to meet each other in yellow and white, and the walls are densely covered with mysterious Taoist lines. The’ color’ of the flowers is scattered along the Taoist lines, and the Taoist lines have formed a perfect cycle. Lin Sheng’s soul carefully looked at these Taoist lines to see what actually happened, but the more he looked at them, the more he didn’t understand them, the soul could still follow, but those Taoist lines behind them didn’t seem to be fixed and full
"What the hell is this thing that turns out to be so complicated? What’s the point of this thing? Lin Sheng doesn’t understand whether it can be tempted carefully and constantly.
After trying hard for nearly half an hour, Lin Sheng finally found some clues. First, he circled his soul force according to the circulation path of the grain. Unexpectedly, he found that the grain actually attracted Lin Sheng’s soul. Then the whole soul was immersed in it. After seeing the running path of these grains clearly, the soul was not hurt. Finally, with the continuous injection of Lin Sheng’s soul force into this grain, the running speed was getting faster and faster. With a kind of soul already integrated with this sculpture, I felt a panic. I hurriedly tried to withdraw my soul without hindrance, that is, I withdrew it and was not attacked by anything. Lin Sheng was at ease, and then I melted my soul again. Finally, Lin Sheng felt that the whole sculpture was like waking up constantly, as if this sculpture was his own body, and he could control this body after all.
With the deepening understanding of sculpture, Lin Sheng’s mouth slowly’ shows’ a smile. It’s really a good thing. It’s a puppet! Control the puppet by relying on the soul power of fighters
Lin Sheng’s mind moved, and the sculpture that was held in Lin Sheng’s hands changed dramatically. He quickly gave up the sculpture. When it became about the size of ordinary people, it just stopped growing. Although the original eyes of the statue had a lot of gods after the red light, it was still lifeless, but now it seems to be a little better than before. His brow seems to be a little alive and he can walk and fly. Most ordinary people can do it, which is equivalent to a living person. The only difference is that this sculpture drive must be controlled by the power of human soul.
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[9] amazing
? Lin Sheng’s soul has just entered this puppet. Lin Sheng just felt that this body contains great power. The power of this sculpture puppet has far exceeded the power of his body and shell. When Lin Shenggang was about to control this puppet to try his power, he was in trouble. The puppet’s hands and feet actually bound him. His roots just couldn’t control the puppet independently. The original soul was wrapped in that black gas. At this time, it was also a riot. It seemed that he wanted to escape. Lin Sheng smiled and was not sure. Chu, what on earth is going on here? Now, it’s strange that this black fog is manifested. This puppet has been marked with a soul. The root is that it can’t be controlled by the second person. This black fog is a complicated soul force, but it must have been tampered with by the original Wang family to make others get this puppet. This method is still very effective, but it’s a piece of cake for Lin Sheng. Can’t you resist this black gas by relying on Lin Sheng’s abnormal guanyu level soul force?Lin Sheng’s soul once again wrapped up the black fog, and a faint flame was burning. The soul fire was the strong king of Wu, who was able to condense the life fire, but Lin Sheng was a coincidence. After being mummified by the death palace, the body was inexplicable. There was a little more flame here, which was finally absorbed by Lin Sheng in the depths of the soul, and the soul force was constantly nurtured. Finally, it has developed to the present state. Although the flame is very light and almost shaped, it is more than enough to deal with such a little soul force. The flame is just near. That black gas, that black gas, is a piercing scream. The whole black gas has also turned into a ferocious face. Lin Sheng looked at the Wang Jiayi people he didn’t know. It seems that Lin Sheng must be the old guy in front of the Wangs. He increased his firepower and soon burned these black gases into a life-threatening fire. It proved to be particularly lethal to the soul.
Lin Sheng nodded with satisfaction, and then the soul force once again entered the puppet. These obstacles can control this puppet. Lin Sheng’s belief moves. This puppet is getting up, and his eyes have a little look. A wave of his hand turned out to be a burst of broken. This is not the original faintly heard broken Lin Sheng. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it clearly. I quickly waved a punch and hit a wall next to it.
Boom a fence should collapse Lin Sheng. What’s the staggering? This puppet strength turns out to be so strong that it is much stronger than Lin Sheng’s body. I can compete with the early fighters of featuring! This is really a good thing. If it weren’t for Lin Sheng’s being different from ordinary people, his soul strength is far stronger than others, he might not be able to control it. After the joy, Lin Sheng couldn’t help but feel glad that the Wangs didn’t find this sculpture path. Otherwise, with such a powerful card, Lin Sheng was afraid that it would have been solved by the Wangs. At that time, Lin Shenggen didn’t even have resistance. It was like running over an ant. In fact, he didn’t think that even if the Wangs discovered this path, there was still no way to resist him because of Wang Jiagen. Can’t find a soul strength to’ fuck’. The puppet man’s soul is divided into two parts, which is equivalent to one heart and two minds. Ordinary people just can’t reach it, but Lin Sheng’s strength is too high first, and when he practices broken fingers, he will control the puppet without any difficulty.
Not far away, at this time, it was already a bustling crowd. The collapse of the courtyard wall must have awakened them. The first thing to find was to count the small flowers. Just now, when Lin Sheng controlled the puppet, the strength was that the small flowers felt the first arrival and counted the small flowers. The small flowers waddled over and fell on Lin Sheng’s shoulders. I looked at Lin Sheng and then stared at Lin Sheng. The puppet seemed to feel this thing. There are hostile actions against this puppet, and it is a face of alert’ color’. I can see that this puppet has the ability to make small’ flowers’ alert. After that, Lin Yun and Duan Qirui came over and looked at the white-haired puppet in front of Lin Sheng, and Zheng was on their own alert.
"Sheng Er, who is he?" They are not as powerful as Xiao Hua. They can see at a glance that this is a puppet, and Lin Yun regards it as Lin Sheng’s never-seen master.
"I met Bao this time!" Lin Sheng smiled and didn’t directly answer the two questions, but controlled the puppet to make a fist. The power of a fist was flat, but the power of the puppet was doubled here. The whole puppet was swayed by the drum.
"Is this a puppet?" Duan Qirui seems to see some clues, but he is not sure that he is also rooting out the puppet’s eyes’ hole’. After all, he has some doubts in his heart, but it is rare to compete with featuring puppets.
"Good is a puppet! The Wangs really gave me a gift "Lin Sheng ha ha a smile". Without the support of the soul, the horse was quiet and stayed where it was, and then its size was extremely reduced and it became a sculpture again and returned to Lin Sheng’s hands.
"Is this the first time you took that sculpture from Wang Ping?" Duan Qirui recognized it at a glance. This smell is Wang Jiabao’s sculpture. Before the Wangs did not find anything strange. Now it is in the hands of Lin Sheng.
"Yes, it’s the sculpture of the Wangs, but I didn’t take it away. I spent a whole hundred lingbi to buy this, but I didn’t take it away when I grew up." Lin Sheng smiled slyly.
"This is small!" Duan Qirui and Lin Yun both smiled, and then they all came over and looked at the sculpture carefully. Now the sculpture has been restored to ordinary, and there is nothing strange about it.
"I really didn’t expect that there was such a baby in the Wangs. Fortunately, I didn’t take it out at that time, otherwise my family would be sad!" Duan Qirui dying said that the sculpture puppet just now exuded power, but he was concerned, but it was a strong warrior. If it was still in the Wangs’ hands when attacking the Wangs at that time, it would not be a disaster for his party.
"With this thing, even if the alchemist finally sees through us, we will no longer be as resistant as before!" Lin Yun danced and said that he was not aware of his rudeness at all.
"Yes, this puppet with a small’ flower’ must have a fighting force," Lin Shengshen agreed.
See not the enemy attack Duan Qirui and Lin Yun went back to rest again, but they were tired during the day. It is natural to go back to the rest yard in the middle of the night. At this time, Lin Sheng and a small’ flower’ are left, that is, they are sleeping in Lin Sheng’s room. At the moment, they seem to be waiting for Lin Sheng.
Lin Sheng held the sculpture puppet with a little more confidence in his heart. The powerful feeling when he entered the puppet just now was really cool. Lin Sheng’s soul was reluctant to come out. It felt so powerful that it was so wonderful. In fact, if Lin Sheng completely melted his soul into this puppet at this time, he would have the strength of Wu Wang period, but Lin Sheng was trapped in it. This puppet can’t practice, and a generation will stay in this realm. If Lin Sheng enters, The master may also have a chance to promote this puppet, but that kind of promotion is more difficult than cultivation. Many Lin Shengke don’t want to do this thing of killing chickens to keep warm. After all, he is now the peak of Wu Ling’s later period, and now he needs an opportunity to promote Wu Wang’s territory.
Resisting temptation and confusion, Lin Sheng threw the puppet back into the object again, and then went into the room with the little flower in his arms, ready to go to bed and rest. The little flower shrank comfortably in Lin Sheng’s arms from time to time, and his hairy paws touched Lin Sheng’s cheeks, making him itch. Lin Sheng spoiled and put the little flower on his bed.
The little’ flower’ is still snuggling in Lin Sheng’s arms at this time, so it won’t wake the little’ flower’. Lin Sheng is lying there motionless and chatting for hundreds of times. Lai Linsheng has a good look at his physical condition. He has a’ milky’ white’ halo, and the meridians are rugged and winding around and then converge to the abdomen. At this time, the lights in the abdomen are illuminated by two qi, one green and one red, which are particularly bright. At this time, the two qi are still intertwined into a’ yin’ yang fish, which seems to be sharpened after so long. Like fire and water, but once you find the opportunity, the two qi will still have a little temper, just like two children, you have to make a noise at any time. There is nothing you can do about this, but fortunately, both qi are half a catty at this time, and no one can stand it, and it has not brought any harm to Lin Sheng.
Two true qi converge at the center of’ Yin’ and’ Yang’ fish. At this time, a black map is floating there, and nothing can shake it. You stand there like a big brother. You are heavily armed, and I have never moved. This map is the first time that you remember that there is a broken finger. This map came in and directly occupied the most central position of Lin Sheng Dantian. Nothing can shake this. Before Lin Sheng, she put the remnant snow sword in the center of the two true qi, so that it can keep the remnant snow pregnant in this place for a long time.
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[1] About January
? Lin Sheng got up early in the morning the next day. Although he didn’t sleep very well last night, it still didn’t affect Lin Sheng. Today, the north wind is blowing in Lin Sheng’s body. Lin Shenggen just doesn’t feel the slightest chill. According to the original agreement, today is the time when the new people of the mercenary group have been training for a month. They should compete with each other with small flowers on their shoulders. Lin Sheng soon came to the headquarters of the knight mercenary group. Lin Sheng has already heard the training in the courtyard. It seems that these people are still "quite" diligent. According to the regulations in the regiment, these people should get up for training at six o’clock, and now it’s only a quarter past six. In fact, Lin Sheng knows that since he came here to talk a lot, these captains are willing to fall behind one by one. These people have been called up for training for a month around five o’clock, which has made these new people from different mercenary groups and different organizations become disciplined veterans.
Lin Sheng just arrived at the’ door’ of the mercenary group. Someone was waiting here early to welcome Lin Sheng in. At this time, the training ground was crowded with people. Different groups were working overtime according to their respective camps, and there was no slack because today was the match day.
Just when Lin Sheng just arrived at the training ground and appeared in front of more than 1,000 mercenaries, the eyes of these mercenaries suddenly became hot. Liu Pojun also saw Lin Sheng coming in front of the team at this time. He just raised his hand to signal that each team could stop training. After getting the order, he quickly became 13 teams according to his own team. The speed made Lin Sheng have a little sit up and take notice. It seems that this month’s training is really not a white practice, and it is not all about the whole team quickly. Wrong in these teams, the promotion is to make Lin Sheng faint tongue-tied. Seven Wu Ling, 200 Wu Shi’s late peak and more than 400 Wu Shi’s mid-period, this combination is really gorgeous. This is already a force that can do great things. Lin Sheng secretly surprises himself, thinking that this not weak force will come to the Lins to plan.
Six captains from five brigades went to the Ministry to be promoted to the early stage of Wuling (even the brothers were the captains of the fifth brigade together). This was as early as Lin Sheng expected. After all, most of these people had their own unique repair methods besides reaching the late stage of Wushu at that time. In Lin Sheng’s view at that time, they just knew that these people must be able to break through to the Wuling period. The only uncertainty was just a matter of time. However, these people finally did not live up to Lin Sheng’s expectations. It was that they broke through to the Wulingyung territory in such a short time. It’s a little strange, but it’s another breakthrough to the Wulingjing mercenary. This mercenary named Shi Yier is really an interesting name. I wonder what his parents were thinking when they named him. Are they particularly interested in numbers? According to Liu Pojun’s introduction, this stone just came in when it was the middle of the martial arts division. I didn’t expect it to reach Wu Lingjing in just one month. At this speed, it was much faster than Lin Sheng’s original.
After several large groups of people have finished knot, Lin Sheng looked at the mercenaries in Taiwan and felt a great excitement. These are all talents. Now the Lins’ territory I already has it, but what is lacking now is manpower, or there will be no one in go to dali for such a large piece of land.
"A month ago, I was here, bustling and noisy, and all the teams were mixed, ranging from fighters to the later period of the martial arts division, but now you can see for yourself that you may have discovered yourself and the head of the knight mercenary group around you. I am very happy to be here and I am proud of you! No matter the result of today’s game, you have won my respect. First of all, the way we draw the lottery determines your battle order. To be fair, each of your teams will have a battle, so that each of your teams will have four battles to win, one to score three points and one to draw. At the end of the battle, the team leader with the lowest score will run naked! Because there are too many teams, each team can choose 20 people to participate in the competition, so as to prevent the battle from being affected by the fatigue of the first battle. Each team needs to form four teams to participate in the competition. If it is a team, it depends on the respective talents of your captains. This time, we will test not only the fighting capacity, but also the wisdom and overall distribution ability of the captains. We will team up for the afternoon formal competition, and you will have a lunch discussion meeting to discuss it separately. "Lin Sheng said with a smile," I have to say that this idea is really a good idea. In fact, it was not Lin Sheng who came up with it
After listening to Lin Sheng’s words, each team took their own hands and horses to "stimulate" the fierce discussion. If we form a team, we can maximize our strength. This time, Lin Sheng has given them a difficult problem. Most of these captains are humble warriors. What do you know about the overall layout, but they don’t want to go naked? At the moment, it is good to look at their own team and hope that they can make suggestions. In fact, Lin Sheng has arranged this competition in order to find out the mercenaries. Is there a talent who wants to laugh at ghosts? In that case, Lin Sheng naturally has a big future. Now Huiyang City has a lot of things to do. It is obviously a little busy to rely on ghosts. It is good for everyone to find more such talents.
After a heated discussion, these brigade bases have also selected their own team offices. Each brigade has selected four squad bases to be formed. After lunch, it is possible to compete. The lunch preparation is extremely abundant. Just after the wedding, Jia Linsheng, a mercenary group brother, was unable to call himself for a drink. This time, Lin Sheng sent someone to transport a large number of drinks and vegetables. At the end of the game, it is obviously impossible to invite everyone to have a drink at noon, but the dishes are already early. They brought it out for everyone to have a good meal. Although the food here is not bad, it is still far from what Lin Sheng brought. All the mercenaries in each team had a meal in the sea. The only thing that didn’t enjoy them was that they didn’t have any drinks. However, after Lin Sheng’s game, when they could drink, all the teams were very happy to sharpen their knives and plan to play in the afternoon.
After only half an hour’s rest at noon, the teams just couldn’t help but take the initiative to come and plead with Lin Sheng for a game. I don’t know whether they are confident in their own strength or want to drink wine early. Lin Shengde announced that the game can be played. Everyone will soon get together at that station. Anyway, each team has to play a place for their opponents, so there are ten games altogether. First, the first group fights with the remaining four teams, and then the second group fights with the first group. After the game, they need to fight with the remaining three teams, and so on. In the end, there are 4+3+2+1 games, and each game is limited to half an hour. If both sides win according to the number of people in Taiwan, it will be a draw.
"If the fist eye is hit by the opponent, you can’t go in again, and once the opponent surrenders, you can’t do it again. Is that clear?" Lin Sheng shouted in Taiwan.