All the people are very familiar with the quantity of looks. Looking at the hall, all the people are left with a blank sentence: "Oh, my God! This is Master Brother (Master Bo) (Saint Master)! " Seeing everyone’s dementia expression and smiling, the handsome face matched with a spring breeze and smiling instantly made everyone fall into dementia again. At this time, the voice also came, "Okay, wake up!"

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The faint words were like thunder ringing through people’s hearts, which made them a little confused. They woke up smartly and looked at the center of the hall. They quickly turned around and knelt down and said, "Brother Yang Jian, Nezha, Mu Bai and Deng Jiugong visit Master Bo Sheng Shou Jiang."
Then a group of military commanders and military king Ji Fa bowed down and said, "Terran Ji Fa Huang Feihu Nangong is comfortable to meet the holy master. May the holy master live in the sacred border." Outside the door, the guards heard the crowd calling out a clever mind and worshiping the road and shouting, "Meet the holy master. May the holy master live in the sacred border!"
Jiang Ya’s last Jianli, before he stepped up, he gave a ceremony: "Tooth has seen Senior Brother". He took a smiling look at the crowd and lifted his hand slightly. "Get up!" Suddenly they felt a soft force dragging them up, and they were even more enthusiastic about the quantity.
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Chapter 60 Qishan war all the immortals in the world
After the ceremony, Jiang Ya, please measure the seat. The rest of the people sat in the first place and looked at Fang. They were all about to speak. Suddenly, they felt a large number of energy fluctuations coming from outside, and a smile appeared on Jiang Ya’s face. "Let’s go, let’s meet a visitor." Then they took the lead and went out.
As soon as they walked out of the hall, they saw the colorful clouds floating outside, and a large number of monks appeared here. When Jiang Ya and others saw the arrival, they were slightly stunned and immediately showed ecstasy. The arrival of the three brothers and sisters made them more confident.
Seeing the leader, the three religions and the immortals quickly dropped their clouds outside the hall and saluted the leader. "We have seen the master elder brother" and received a gift. They waved and said, "You need to salute. Let’s go inside." Then they turned and entered the hall, and they quickly followed.
The amount of sitting in the hall watching the crowd slowly said, "This time I’m in a hurry for everyone to tell you that Buddhism has joined hands with Heaven and our three religions can’t sit still. Since his Buddhism dares to shine his claws, I will cut it out and interrupt it now." I said that this amount paused and glanced at the crowd.
"Xiqi Center explains that everyone is responsible for the frontal enemy interception, and the enemy departments on both sides attack and send the cannon fodder sent by Buddhism to the list of gods. This list of gods has more than 365 gods and tens of thousands of auxiliary gods. I think Buddhism will definitely send it to us."
When they heard the words, they couldn’t help laughing, but ignored the laughing people. Instead, they put their eyes aside, featuring Ji Fa and Jiang Tooth. He told Jiang Tooth, "Tooth, you brought Xiqiao, a military commander, and you also cut it!" The time has come, I hope you don’t miss this opportunity. "Jiang Ya and his wife nodded excitedly when they heard this. They have been waiting for this day for a long time, and today has finally arrived.
Look at the amount of fighting spirit is full of people can’t help but be infected with heroism. "I didn’t say much about you." As soon as the voice fell, he disappeared into the hall. Looking at the disappearance, the people gave a ceremony and turned around and rushed to the distance according to the amount of orders. Jiang Ya also took a number of military commanders to fight.
Jin Jiling Kong Xuanfang suddenly appeared a figure who was practicing Kong Xuan. He didn’t notice the amount. Looking at the hard work, Kong Xuan was very satisfied. He coughed slightly and practiced in a cloud bed. Kong Xuanyi woke up with a start and looked horrified at the source of the sound. When he saw the amount, his face panicked, and this subsided to reveal depression.
Kong Xuan looked at Gherardini and said, "Brother, don’t you know that people are scary and scary!" Quantity after listening to the flat nutcracker way "I am a monk" a word will Kong Xuan choked to death quantity looked at beaten Kong Xuan ha ha a smile before patted him on the shoulder, "ok! I won’t joke with you. Let’s get down to business first. "
Hearing the measured words, Kong Xuan converged and focused on seeing Kong Xuan packed up his mood and slowly said, "Martial disciples let you find an opportunity to make a name for yourself in Jinjiling this time, so you can wait here alone and someone will automatically find the door."
Kong Xuan was very surprised when he heard the arrangement of quantity. He couldn’t help thinking that "Being famous in the wild is nothing more than defeating a powerful monk. He will be a stepping stone to Gao Wu’s fame. Since he can make himself famous, he must be an ordinary person. He must have two brushes to fight with him and get fame. It’s really the best of both worlds." He left Jinjiling after telling Kong Xuan.
At the moment, Shen Gongbao in the Buddhist Mansion in Chaoge City is hosting a banquet for those demon monks. It’s a pleasure for you to come and visit me. Among them, a dozen monks are sitting with Shen Gongbao, and there are three of them. The rest are all pick Jin Xian. It is reasonable to say that Shen Gongbao is not worthy to sit at the same table with those people, but Shen Gongbao’s good mouth makes him popular everywhere.
Shen Gongbao, the master of the body, was very satisfied when he looked at the monks. He was not proud to think that "Jiang Ya, I see what you are fighting with me. I won’t be Shen Gongbao if I don’t destroy your west gap." His eyes showed deep murder when he thought of this.
Those who have been rolling for many years have long felt it, but they didn’t discover it. At this moment, the amount of sitting in the clouds and staring at this scene is disdainful. They shook their heads and said, "With these shrimp soldiers and crabs, it’s like shaking the foundation of my Xuanmen." The amount is gone. Looking at it, a flicker leaves the Chaoge.
Shen Gongbao in the middle of the banquet was a little drunk. He took a demon race next to the quasi-holy green snake and couldn’t help but say in a daze, "Friends of the Green Snake wish you a victory in defeating the Xiqiao Army." The green snake looked at the drunken Shen Gongbao’s eyes and flashed a trace of murder. "You wait for me to extinguish Xiqiao and wave your hand to kill you."
A sense of Shen Gongbao still kept pulling people around him, and soon he was drunk and helped to rest. Seeing that Shen Gongbao was no longer leading the Green Snake Taoist priest, he looked at a group of demon people and said, "I don’t want to participate in the struggle of this saint who is employed by Buddhism, but the reward given by Buddhism is really exciting. I believe that you have also been rewarded. I hope you will all contribute more and take back a good thing."
Hearing the voice of the green snake, everyone burst into great cheers and sat next to two quasi-saints, who didn’t care about the small movement of the green snake. They were both alone. This green snake was a Buddhist secret place, and they were too lazy to talk. They looked at the cannon fodder with pity.
On the 2nd, they all bid farewell to Shen Gongbao and Zhou Wang, and personally sent three prospective saints with some demon monks to Xiqiao in three ways. Xiqiao City is also outside, and a lot of colorful auspicious clouds have risen. Many monks of the three religions are flying away from each other, sitting there alone in the high school outside Xiqiao Mountain, looking around and wondering what is going on.
At this time, dark shadows flew from the sky, and his eyes lit up and his body slowly faded away, watching from the sidelines that there was going to be a war, while those flying monks did not feel anything to be continued.
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Chapter sixty-one Qishan war more treasure war green snake
It didn’t take long for the demon race to come to Qishan. The leader was the green snake. Behind him, he also took three pick Jinxian and some Taiyi wannabe behind him. wannabe saw the green snake stop. They looked at the green snake in confusion. The green snake didn’t explain it, but looked dignified and looked at the front. It looked a little gloomy.
Behind him, the three pick Jin Xian’s eyes kept rolling, thinking, "These three religions really live up to their reputation. At least one quasi-saint and seven pick Jin Xian are so powerful that if they can’t beat them, they will be ready to flee for their lives."
Just think of this not far from the sky, the figure flies in the blink of an eye and comes to the hundred meters before the demon race. The green snake squints at the leading monk and sees that the monk is holding a pagoda behind him, carrying four swords, a white cassock and a pair of hemp shoes, followed by seven monks who picked him up.
At this time, a flash of light flashed through the green snake’s mind, and a figure solidified in his mind. He looked at the leading monk and slowly said, "The Terran God of War teacher intercepted teaching and taught many treasures!" Duo Bao was surprised to hear the man’s voice and asked with curiosity, "Oh, Taoist friends know being original!" But how can I have no impression of Taoist friends? "Say that finish and reveal a tangled expression.
Green snake didn’t pick up Duobao’s words, but slowly drew out the spirit snake sword hanging aside. Seeing that Green snake moved Duobao understood the meaning of Green snake. Since he was not interested in talking, Duobao didn’t go to find boring. He turned around and looked at several younger brothers behind him and ordered, "You should leave me first and play with him first."
I heard that Duobao’s long-winded words made me unhappy, saying, "Brother, you want our food again." I said that I was wronged, but my body retreated and watched Duobao’s demonstration for a long time, "Hey! Long-eared younger brother, who told you to join our school later than me? Blame it on you for taxiing late. "Then I couldn’t help laughing.
At this moment, the green snake’s face is blue and his fist is exposed, and it feels really bad to be held tightly by people, but fortunately, the green snake is a snake, and his heart can not bear it. Those pick Jin Xian who are behind the green snake are very interested in watching this scene, and their hearts are very refreshing. The green snake relies on his quasi-saint to cultivate a lot of atmosphere, but they are very happy to be beaten this time.
A stable mood, Duobao looked at the green snake’s face full of fighting spirit. He was eager to say to the green snake, "Since you want to fight, I will become you." After that, he threw out the pagoda in his hand and saw that the pagoda in Duobao’s hand was separated from his palm. Hanging Lingbao from one foot to three feet made it intoxicating.
Suddenly, the demon monk’s eyes were attracted by the dazzling pagodas. His eyes were greedy and he looked at the hanging Lingbao green snake. His eyes were full of murder. He saw Duobao’s heart andao. "This Duobao claims to be the Terran God of War. Naturally, it has its strong side, but he is a monk at the beginning of the quasi-holy period. Now it is not difficult for dzogchen to defeat a lower self and a realm monk in the middle of the quasi-holy period." Want to beat those Lingbao Duobao is me. "Think of this look and scan those Lingbao again."