Gu Na suddenly raised his middle finger "old I’m afraid of this? Say your friendship is like "

June 2, 2024

"There is no friendship at all. It’s just classmates." Xiaoqi told the truth.
Gu Na seemed relieved and stared at Xiao Qi’s eyes. He told him, "That guy is not normal. How far away are you? If you make him crazy, don’t blame me for not waking up."
Xiaoqi doesn’t understand that the master is a bit overbearing and unreasonable, but he rarely slanders others’ reputation like this.
Seeing that Xiaoqi looked at her eyes, Gu Nanyi rolled his eyes and stretched his voice. "I’m sorry, brother’s speech is so straightforward that you can’t hear it!"
Xiaoqi didn’t correct this question and asked, "What’s wrong with that guy?" Is it abnormal that Wei Zhi is top-notch in all aspects except facial paralysis?
Gu Na covered his hands and said, "That guy is a super-nervous brother. He is so fond of his younger brother that there is no end to it. Years ago, a guest poured a cup of cappuccino on the child. He kicked the guest out three meters away like a crazy foot. If the child was scalded, it is estimated that he would have to kill someone. If it weren’t for this, he would be majoring in engineering with Gu Laotou in the United States now."
Wei Zhi’s vicious neck Xiaoqi naturally learned that he can beat Ma Dafu to the ground, and his vicious hair naturally looks crazy, but Wei’s ice cube is actually a brother who controls the world. It’s so ridiculous.
See Gu Na going to Xiaoqi, and don’t stop pulling Gu Na’s arm too hard. Gu Na is unguarded and plunged into Xiaoqi’s arms.
"Well … smelly little what are you doing? My nose collapsed, but I unloaded your little jj. "Gu Na estimated that it was really hurt and the export was dirty.
"What did you say just now? What’s wrong with him? " Xiaoqi recovered. What do you mean, because of this incident … and who is Gu Lao, an American engineering major?
Gu Na’s nose-sucking is the only way to make sure that he is a good nose. "It seems that you really don’t have any friendship. This zombie … Ah, your classmate was a famous person in Beijing in high school. The headlines have been read several times. His parents’ family is a leader of the National Medical College or an international medical association or a major member, and their son is actually interested in engineering. Gu Lao has a little friendship with his family, but he is more afraid of falling in his mouth than his own grandson."
I can hear that my master’s mouth is full of vinegar, and Xiaoqi doesn’t interrupt Gu Na. He added maliciously, "Anyway, it’s an old man who is very good at it. He wants to train him. He wants to graduate from high school. When Gu was about to take him to the United States, the little man was beaten to the dirt. Speaking of it, he was also unlucky to be beaten. His grandfather was not an ordinary rich man. He heard that his military command rank was quite high. That night, your classmate was taken to the police station, but he was released in two days. Later, this matter was abandoned,
Xiaoqi is a little indigestible on this big message. Wei Zhi actually likes being a class. I’ve never heard him say that, but since he likes it, how can he come to study medicine?
I can’t figure it out. Xiaoqi doesn’t want to correct this problem, but in general, there is always a saying that Wei Zhi’s brother control is costly
Glancing at Gu Nan Xiaoqi, he asked suspiciously, "How do you know so clearly? Do you live in his building?"
Xiaoqi cut a contemptuous way: "I know better than you who live in his house."
What do you mean * * when Xiao Qiyi listens to it? He and he just sleep in the next shop.
In the end, Gu Na confessed that "Gu Lao was my grandfather who had a certain influence in the industry. When Gu Lao was like cutting his meat, he called my ears every day, and he was not deaf and didn’t understand."
Xiao Qi ignored what Gu Na said after digesting Gu Na’s words, and even Wei Zhi didn’t notice when he approached.
"What are you thinking? So engrossed, "Wei Zhi’s deep voice with a grand piano echoed in Xiaoqi’s ear.
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Chapter 53 You look good when you smile!
"Ha ha ….. you chat, you chat" Gu Na seems to have a fear of Wei Zhi Wei Zhenglai and ran away in haha.
Xiao Qi was startled and watched his master rush away. A moment ago, he also prevented Wei Zheng from being as defensive as a wolf. I turned my head and brought my apprentice to block the wolf’s mouth.
Xiao Qi turned around and almost kissed too close. Wei Zheng Xiao Qiyi lagged back quickly and looked up to see Wei Zhi’s mouth with a hint of teasing smile.
I really have to say that even a smile of Wei Zhi is charming and softened. He is too tough and his facial features make his cold eyes not as cold as that.
Thinking about you!
Of course, it can’t be said that Xiaoqi shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "I’m wondering why I haven’t paid my salary." This is something he must think about every day now
Wei Zhi is a faint smile, but it is natural to have the tenderness of the first melting of ice and snow. This little seven is really dumbfounded.
"Did anyone tell you that you look good when you smile?" This is Xiao Qi’s inner voice, but he couldn’t help saying it when he saw Wei Zhi laughing.
When Wei Zheng’s smile deepened, Xiaoqi realized that she had said what she wanted to say. Suddenly, her ears were hot and she scratched her head awkwardly.
"It’s the first time I heard that" Wei Zhi was in a good mood and the sound was very beautiful. At the end, I added "Do you like it?"
Xiaoqi is more and more embarrassed. Does he like anything? But since people ask, it’s not good to brush their faces. Xiaoqi nodded and said yes.
Wei Zhi smiled again. Eyebrows were full of pleasure. Raise my hand to help Xiaoqi catch her hair and comb it. The two of them were very close. Xiaoqi could feel Wei Zhi bursting in his face with a sweet smell of Mu Si cake. Wei Zhi was very tall, just like Lanchen. The natural clothes hanger was more robust than Lanchen in terms of figure.
Xiao qi’s heart suddenly accelerated. Isn’t it too * * for them?
I coughed a little and retreated a little without a trace. Just turning my head, I saw a dessert packing box dressed like a bear in the distance. Wei Tong asked, "Are you going back?"
Wei Zheng nodded and said, "Well, let me tell you one."
Xiaoqi, um, ran to them as soon as she saw the child with the cake box.
"Ah … children, wait, don’t fall."
"Don’t run so fast, children. Slide carefully!"
In a series of exclamations, the child ran to Xiaoqi as hard as a clumsy bear, half cocked his head and stared at Xiaoqi curiously.