Looking at the sky with a light smile and tilting face, "Xuan Lin’s martial arts can’t be unaware of my outside situation. Since he has a showdown with you, he should have guessed that you will tell us about it after entering the palace, and he is still so reckless, which really makes me more and more worried."

June 2, 2024

"Damn it, we can’t tell Invited Moon yet. Should we just watch?" Bite your teeth at night, and your eyes are angry.
I pondered for a moment. "We can’t talk about it now, but we still need to take a long-term view. Italy and I have privately searched for evidence of our neighbors, but …"
"But what?" Seeing eyebrows slightly wrinkled at midnight, I immediately asked nervously
"It seems that there is always someone who refuses to let us investigate Xuanneighbors. Whenever we approach something, all the evidence will be destroyed in real time. I don’t know if it should be said that Xuanneighbors are high-handed and leave no trace."
"What have you investigated?"
"The first sword village!" Answer lightly that he and Italy still know the first sword villa in Wulin very well, but the first sword villa was destroyed more than ten years ago. Who did it? Now people know that everyone in Xuan’s family is dead, but they have doubts about the identity of Xuan’s neighbors.
"What do you do to investigate the first sword village?" Don’t understand at night
"The first sword village is Xuanjiazhuang. It didn’t encounter the master of Xuanjia before being slain, but who can prove that he is the real Xuanjia? Otherwise, what will he do to us? "
Shaking his head in the dead of night denied that "it is impossible that he is the queen who personally brought nonsense, and naturally he is the porch neighbor. I think he just wants to be emperor because of greed."
He didn’t say anything and didn’t deny the possibility, but it seemed a little too simple. He always felt that there must be ulterior secrets behind his neighbors.
When they were meditating, the meaning appeared in front of them. "Meaning?" At night, I first saw the meaning "Are you here?"
I nodded and looked at "Do you remember the Ten Emperors?"
"Ten Emperors?" Frown suddenly remind of ten emperors female hand wrote a bright red "car" before she died, but she died before she finished it. "That car … is it …" She looked at it in horror.
Chapter 39 Xuanlin What is you?
Meaning nodded "if I didn’t guess wrong, this car is not finished! It was at that time that Xuan Lin had not come back, and none of us would associate this matter with Xuan Lin. "
"Well, if so, it must not be that simple. Xuan Lin has been plotting a conspiracy, perhaps from the first day he entered the palace."
I nodded. "Inviting the Moon once said that the person behind the Ten Emperors will definitely not be the queen, and this person deliberately pushes the death of the Ten Emperors to the queen to make people miss it. The Ten Emperors are afraid of the punishment of the Queen and self-harm will definitely not be a simple person. If this person is a porch neighbor, it will be terrible."
"Now all the clues are broken. What do you say?" The midnight is a little discouraged.
"Actually, we have forgotten something!" Faint mouth eyes become sharp. "Even if we invite the moon to believe that we are not in the hands of the whole Millennium country, it is difficult to get back to profit."
Three people lost in thought again, which is far more difficult than they thought …
Inviting the moon to rub her head in the middle of the night hurts. On this day, she practiced in a secret room. Because of the long-term connection, she was too angry and often possessed. She had to practice the turbidity and clarity that the Jade King had taught her to reconcile her breath.
Inviting the moon to stretch for a while, looking at the delicious food on the table, some people were startled, and then they saw the midnight appear in front of them. Why haven’t you slept? "
"I am waiting for you!" A bad smile in the middle of the night walked beside the invitation to the moon, and her fingers evoked the invitation to the moon. Her eyes sparkled with naughty light, and she looked at the midnight mouth and smiled. Suddenly, she remembered the diary. He didn’t have any schizophrenia … Only after she deliberately disguised herself.
Invite the moon to reach out and hold the midnight finger. "Then let’s have dinner together!" Inviting the moon to walk sideways to the table and sit at the midnight is a little lost, and then there is nothing lost when you wait, isn’t there?
"Sister Huang …" The hip flask was raised in the dead of night to invite the moon to fill it. "I really want to ask you a question in the dead of night!"
Invite the moon to end up with a glass and look at the midnight. "You ask!"
"You said … you have love for me, so is this love worth your sacrifice?"
Invite the moon to look up. "Why do you ask?"
A charming smile at night "If you want to ask Sister Huang, just answer!"
Invite the moon to hang your eyes and shake your head at one gulp. "It’s not worth it!"
The midnight smile is very evil, and I also end up with the glass and drink water. The two of them fill the drinks again. "Since you say it’s not worth it, it’s not worth it! But ….. "The midnight oil gathers in front of the moon invitation." Baby, is the midnight oil worth your sacrifice? "
Inviting the moon to look at the midnight and swallow saliva "it’s not worth it!"
The midnight laugh is even bigger. "There is no one worth sacrificing for this world?" Said and drank a cup of invite the moon will also gulp the wine in the cup.
A few glasses of wine and drinks invite the moon to feel dizzy and uncomfortable when I feel hot and uncomfortable. "Night …" Invite the moon to look at the night and find that the face of the night is red and the eyes are full of desire. Don’t you look down at that glass of wine with a surprised heart …
"Invite the moon … I like you … so don’t refuse me!" He got up in the middle of the night, picked up the moon invitation with his strong arms and went to the bed. He gently put the moon invitation on the bed and felt like moving, but he didn’t have the strength to move. The heat made her want to tear off her clothes.
"You gave me medicine in the dead of night … Are you crazy?" The sound of inviting the moon sounds so powerful, with a hint of charm. Looking down at inviting the moon at midnight, "I’m sorry, I really love you … so I have to get you."