Even if Li absolutely stood in the interests of his own people and wouldn’t let the current Mundus risk himself, is there really no element of love between father and son?

June 3, 2024

Chapter 226 One bright future comes out of the other
"In the fairy! How is it possible … How is it possible to control the Chinese fairy … "
Millions of practitioners in the Coalition forces are all blindsided, and what level of magic weapon is needed to control the corresponding realm. No one can change this rule of heaven and earth.
Even if you are stunning, even if you are talented, the realm is not achieved, and even a freak like Chen Han has to abide by the rules. Don’t look at him, Yuan Shen’s strength is more than one grade higher than that of ordinary practitioners, but the real state has not reached the Mahayana period. Even though he reached the peak of Du Jie’s later period, Yuan Shen’s strength is more than that of the early Mahayana practitioners, but he still can’t control the Chinese fairy wares.
Is Li absolutely more abnormal than Chen Han?
Can he change the rules of heaven and earth?
No way!
Don’t say he is a mere practitioner in Du Jie period, even if Ying Long’s pick Jin Xian is an ant who has to obey under heaven.
Just when everyone was not sure about the inferno’s move, the human-god limbs sealed among the five Jedi suddenly burst into endless magic. The second seal space was completely rendered into purple, and almost at the same time, five magic weapons beyond the fairy level, such as the sacred knife, were erected, and the strong ban also broke out in a large area of strong light, blocking the magic energy released by the human-god body again.
The magic body that has been stirring all the time seems to consume too much energy in the short term, and the lingering magic gas is several times weaker than usual, but there are a few invisible magic energy overflows.
"Burning my heart, I am so angry!"
Purple-black Yuan Ying really burst out, completely wrapping Li off the whole person, and his breath instantly tripled, almost reaching the level of Du Jie’s late peak.
"the power of the ancestors, shocking the world!"
The voice has not completely fallen, and the five Jedi, who are thousands of miles away, suddenly shot out a wisp of extremely fine magic gas. The weight is almost invisible, but its purity can only be described as incredible, which is a magic energy far beyond the limit of this world.
Five weak but pure magic energy to the limit instantly crossed the distance of millions of miles, and turned into five streamers and injected into Li Jue Tian Ling. His breath instantly rose from the late Du Jie to the amazing middle Mahayana.
It was an essential promotion and sublimation, and in a short time he had the realm of Mahayana in the middle period!
However, his own Yuan God and body are too weak to bear such pure magic energy. Yuan God and Yuan Baby are covered with countless cracks, which may be broken into nothingness at any time. At the same time, the inferno and the master of the Holy See who spewed out their original efforts in succession transmitted all the strongest energy to Zhan Ji.
The Chinese characters that appeared on the Chinese fairy device seemed to be dyed red with blood, emitting a heart-rending breath, and the world was filled with cold and bloodthirsty magic energy.
Li Jue’s skin was chapped inch by inch, and a lot of purple magic blood burst out and scattered in the air, which was absorbed by two scarlet characters on the Zhan Ji. A huge amount of magic energy can be instilled into Zhan Ji, and Li’s Yuan Ying, Yuan Shen and the flesh are on the verge of disintegration, which is the real imitator’s amusement.
"quick! Defense … the strongest defense, all give this handsome use of the original effort, defense! "
Screaming from the allied deputy commander Reese and Myers Perkins mouth, two people in the allied forces in addition to Chen Han identity is the highest, unless the appeasement of rape behavior deviation, or even from another level as Reese master Ying Zheng, in the allied war will obey his orders.
Millions of practitioners sprayed out their painstaking efforts, and the golden light emitted by the Great Wall of Wan Li was clearly visible thousands of miles away, and the defense was promoted to an incredible level.
"Rage-monty breaks!"
The Chinese fairy was transformed into a purple-black magic sun, which exploded the daylights out of Li Jue’s body and hit a certain point on the Great Wall of Wan Li.
Void into powder, upside down.
A circle of ripples reverberated around the attack point, and the 3,000-mile space in Fiona Fang opened outward in turn, resulting in thousands of huge cracks on the ground, and some even extended thousands of miles away, which is unknown. The impact center formed a sinkhole with a depth of hundreds of miles outward. If it were not for the reversal of heaven and earth, the crust of the planet would be many times thicker. Even under this blow, the whole planet has split into several parts and disappeared from the planets of the solar system sequence.
This is a terrorist blow of almost fairy level. In fact, even if there is a fairy present, it will be killed on the spot if there is no strong enough fairy confrontation.
I don’t know how far the shock wave reverberated, and it seemed that there was a 12-magnitude hurricane on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
The mountain peaks leveled.
Rivers fill up.
The forest is silent.
At the same time, millions of out-of-body experience practitioners were blown into blood fog, and all of them were badly hurt during Du Jie’s period, and the loss of the Coalition forces was unimaginable.
The most important thing is that the Great Wall of Wan Li was split into two pieces by a halberd broken by Monty, and this first-class fairy instrument was equivalent to a waste.
On the other side, thousands of infernos seem to be impacted by unknown energy, and at the same time, they spray blood on their faces. The situation in the Holy See is even worse. As long as the practitioners fail to reach the fitting period, all of them are blown to pieces by the five pure magic gases.
Not only did Li Jue, who controlled the Chinese fairy, vanish, but also forced him to control the Chinese fairy with the help of Chiyou magic energy, which did great harm to everyone.
For the magic statue of Human-God itself, that magic spirit is not even nine Niu Yi hairs, but for those who fix the truth, it is simply the supreme power of conan the destroyer. After all, Chiyou was the overlord who lost the celestial world in Archaean times, and he stood at the peak of the celestial pyramid. These people on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau are far less than ordinary immortals, and the gap between them is like the peak of Wan Ren to a worm.
Mundus couldn’t help but shine at the moment, and the shackles of the Great Wall in Wan Li were destroyed and disappeared. He had Tianshui Xianding in his hand, and he could easily leave in the face of the allied forces that had suffered more than them.
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh
At this critical juncture, countless figures teleported from the East, with tens of thousands of men and women, old and young, tall, handsome and ugly.
Yes, these tens of thousands of people are nothing compared with millions of Coalition forces, but the quality is surprisingly high.
Of course, today’s Coalition forces have been in flight, accounting for more than 80% of the practitioners in the OBE period, and more than half of them died in the blink of an eye, leaving less than two million people in total.
"You are …"
All eyes were focused on the 50,000 troops, whose appearance was similar to that of Yan Huang Xiu Zhen, and their breath was somewhat the same, but their breath was a little wild, and there were some indescribable things. It was these characteristics that confirmed their identity.
Another practitioner group from Yanhuang has never appeared since the reversal of heaven and earth, and it is also the most mysterious group with no relevant information at all.
The minimum of 50,000 troops is the cultivation in the fitting period, and the number is even comparable to the total number of all practitioners of the same order in the global uniting forces. The defect is that there are very few Du Jie masters among these demon families, which add up to only two or three hundred people, and there is a great shortage in magic weapons. There are only three or five ordinary first-time fairy wares and only a few gourmet fairy wares.
"Demon clan, Yanhuang demon clan."
The rugged man, the first of the four, glanced at someone in the place and shouted loudly, "I originally wanted to wait until you were killed and injured in a battle, and my family came out to dominate the world. Who knows that the inferno of his mother scampered out. As a member of the Chinese people’s power to fix the truth, how can our people ignore the world as their own responsibility? So … "
"Dead tiger essence you which come so many words? Kill! "
"Well … kill!"
Fifty thousand demon masters rushed out, and the demons who were about to escape were trapped again. In the face of the demon race whose fighting capacity was not much weaker than that of the whole Coalition, it was not so simple for the Coalition to help them break through.
However, it is also unlikely that they want to kill the inferno. Even if the defensive effect of Tianshui Xianding disappears, the appearance of the demon race will double the strength of the battered Coalition forces. The disadvantage with the inferno is reversed instantly, but the gap between the two sides is not very big, which is to temporarily trap the inferno and buy time for Chen Han.
The appearance of the demon race shattered many people’s dreams. In the past, Chen Han’s forces, Pang Da-ren, were well known, but some people still held the idea of luck.
However, the shots are people who have been distracted for more than 50,000 days, and there is even a demon race on the ground with talent and terror. How can those super powers compete for the world?
After several reversals, the war situation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau once again entered a stalemate, and the knife and residual blood in the Vatican continued to fight guerrilla warfare, making Li Yan almost collapse. Several times, I tried to lay a trap with the masters stationed in the five Jedi, so that those masters could pretend to leave and wait for them. Unfortunately, they were extremely cautious and always kept a certain distance from the chasing army.
Their imperial sword flies too fast, anyway, they are not afraid of being caught up with. The magic polysaccharide shuttle, a treasure that specializes in chasing people, was forcibly taken away by Li Yan through the barrier isolation when he was besieged by people such as Duanmu Dome and Heaven. How can it still be in Li Yan’s hands?
She didn’t dare to tell Mundus about it in modern times, or God knows if Mundus would kill her herself!
Always keep a certain distance from the pursuers. Once those people hide in the Vatican circle and wait for them, they will be found at the first time.
When the fight outside is in full swing, the first layer of sealed space inside the abyss of despair, the killing of Chen Han finally came to an end.
"No one?"
After waiting for two days, I didn’t see the demonized civilians sent in. Chen Han took a Vulcan cannon in one hand and a big cigar in the other, and took two hard breaths. A pair of cow B’s glowing appearance, casually threw the cigar on the ground and trampled it out. After seeing the corpse mountain piled up at the entrance of the eye with a diameter of several thousand meters and a height of several hundred meters, he spat viciously: "Well … I thought you couldn’t die. Now no one is there?" Yes! Take the opportunity to flash people, Lao tze don’t want to stay in this place … "
This place is really a terrible place. There are a lot of ghosts hidden in those stone tablets, and I dare not take a look without snow clouds around me.