However, the natural resources and treasures, according to which the virtuous are based, are absolutely rare goods, and those who want to cultivate immortality in the field of repairing the truth are absolutely like crossing the river, and there are countless people, so that. Very few natural materials and treasures, in the face of tens of thousands of times to fix the truth, nature is unable to distribute evenly.

June 3, 2024

Moreover, the fix true boundary is a place to speak with strength, and natural resources and treasures will of course become the bag of people who cultivate advanced knowledge, and the cultivation is not so good. That is absolutely impossible to get your hands on.
Fortunately, however, there are other ways. Although it is a bit stupid, it is still an effective way, that is, the flying sword that can be seen everywhere in the field of repairing the true.
Fly sword refining method is simple, although the attack technique is single, it is very effective, and it has many advantages, which is definitely not a magic weapon. In this way, the flying sword has naturally become the first choice for those who are not high in cultivation and have a strong background to fix the truth.
Moreover, it is easy to find materials for refining flying swords in the secular world.
In the old society, feudal thoughts carried out the hearts of the people all over the world, from those in power who held thousands of soldiers and horses to the brothel song ji who sold herself for a living. Not everyone is afraid of the gods again and again.
As long as the person who fixes the truth finds a mine suitable for refining flying swords, he can casually use some gorgeous spells whose performance effect is greater than the actual effect, and then make a sensational speech, vowing to surround one side and make the people safe, and simply capture the hearts of local fools.
In fact, the practice of these practitioners. To put it mildly, it is called defending the people, but not listening, so it is like a mountain king, taking the mountain as the king.
Ironically, those ignorant people, under the influence of Confucianism misinterpreted by later generations, not only did not resist the robbers who occupied the mountains, but often raised funds to build one or two temples. Dedicated to these’ robbers’ who take the mountain as the king.
But today’s world is developing rapidly. In the past, many places where manpower could not reach were conquered by advanced technology. Feudal superstition, also suppressed by our great party, became a shady underground organization, and those immortal lords who had been respected before only reluctantly accepted this misinterpreted fact.
The mine can no longer be occupied casually, but it will continue to be repaired. As long as it is necessary to fix the truth, the flying sword, which is the preferred means of long-range attack and a means of transportation for the fix-true, is naturally essential. Since it can’t be forcibly grabbed, it can only be soft.
Spending money on it is of course the simplest and least risky means.
In this way, it is inevitable that the people who fix the truth will integrate into the society unconsciously. Any top sect that can make a splash in the field of fixing the truth must have a matching huge money-collecting group, which is dedicated to collecting money for the sect. Only by possessing countless money can we adopt formal and legal channels to purchase the necessary materials for refining the flying sword.
The word’ Shushan Group’ is simply four words. After several major turnovers in the world economy, the group companies have become numerous and modern as a dime a dozen, and few people know of its existence. After all, everyone is familiar with the large multinational groups that are classified as the top 100 in China by authoritative sources.
However, few people know that this’ Shushan Group’, located in a county on the edge of Sichuan, is the real boss behind the scenes who secretly controls the three groups in China’s top 100, ranking ninth, 45th and eighty-first respectively. On the surface, there is no contact among the three groups, so not many people know this inside story.
Although Shushan has always been overbearing in doing things, and has never been the demeanor of a true-fixer, as long as it involves the secular world, it will become extremely cautious. Although none of them are ordinary people, the true-fixer is still human after all, and the people do not fight against the government. No matter how strong you are, you can’t go against the will of the government.
Because as long as you can take power, it is bound to be influenced by God’s will. Although those who fix the truth have been doing things against God, as long as they don’t involve cultivation, in general, those who fix the truth will always follow God’s will. Therefore, in the history of China, when they were occupied by ethnic minorities for countless times, those who could have changed this fact instantly chose silence.
In the afternoon, the hot sun hangs in the air, which is in the early spring season. Such a period of time will always make people feel a little lazy when they are unprepared.
Sichuan is in an endless dense forest, and a line of nearly ten latest Hummers, like elves in the mountains, gallop at will in the dense Woods.
In such a period of time, Jinyang took a bunch of confidants, plus the leader of the left nine forces. Of course, the palm teaching of The Hunger Gate still did not appear, and it was replaced by The Hunger old ghost.
Although some elites of Shushan Sword School were wiped out in America, it was a pity to lose two peerless weapons. After the crazy slaughter in Jinyang, it basically didn’t touch the roots of Shushan Sword School.
The Sword Sect of Shushan is also a pillar of the fix-the-truth world. It is absolutely no better than those second-and third-rate fix-the-truth sects, and anyone can bully them in the past, which makes Jinyang slightly confused. The thousands of disciples in America were wiped out in one fell swoop, and Shushan, who has always been avenged, didn’t even have a fart.
Such a move made Jinyang, who was preparing to attack on a large scale in Shushan, have to be extremely careful, so he chose this method now, and let his masters lurk into the stronghold of the Sword Sect in Shushan first, find out the situation, and then act. Anyway, there is plenty of time, and there is no hurry.

Chapter 256 Fix true gangsters
Chapter 256 Fix true gangsters
Only forty miles away from the gate of Shushan Mountain, there is a small town, which is not big, but its population is quite large, with nearly 500,000 people.
Ten miles away from the town, Jinyang ordered the motorcade to stop, and all of them went into town on foot. Although most of the people present were leaders of the major left-wing forces, they still obeyed Jinyang’s wishes in the tone of Jinyang’s half-command and half-consultation.
After all, in this remote place, such a motorcade composed entirely of defending horses suddenly appears, which will arouse the suspicion of you. We must not act rashly until we find out what the Shushan Sword Sect is doing to protect the mountain.
Over the years, the sword Sect of Jiulian has already been promoted to a top sect through a third-rate sect, but it still hasn’t reported the shame of bullying the mountain gate that year. The main reason is that the mountain-protecting array of Shushan, the "two-instrument dust array", evolved from Tai Chi, with Yin as the main attack and Yang as the main defense, can be attacked and prevented, and has great power.
A line of people, divided into twos and threes, agreed on the meeting place, and then entered the city respectively.
It is said that Shu is a land of abundance, which is true.
As soon as he entered the city, Jinyang felt a breath of aura, which was absorbed by his nose and mouth in an instant. After wandering in the meridians, he slowly swam into the abdomen, and after the transformation of the true fire of inflammation and yang, he returned to the meridians, slowly merging with the cells of the whole body to increase the strength of Vulcan body.
The Sword School of Shushan was formed by repairing hundreds of swords. This mountain gate is not without any attention. In ancient times, the ancient Jiuzhou suppressed nine Long Mai, which is the Sword School of Shushan. Is located on the dragon tail of one of the dragon veins.
Although small towns are a little far away from Shushan, they also occupy the best geographical position, and their aura is extremely strong. When they are carefully swept, they cover more than half of them in an instant.
With a gentle sweep, Jinyang smiled and everything was expected. The people in the town, except the newborn baby. As long as you are over three years old, you are more or less aura in your body.
Jinyang is not surprised. Top sects, more or less, have a fixed source of disciples. This small town is the source of fixed disciples of Shushan Sword Sect, and some low-level methods are introduced into the town on weekdays.
Everyday. Shushan will send some disciples to stay in the small town and observe the whole city. As long as the energy in the body of people who practice this low-level method exceeds a certain value, they will be connected to the gate of Shushan Sword School to practice and become the official disciples of Shushan Sword School.
In fact, this practice can be seen everywhere in the whole field of repairing truth. Regardless of the size and long history of the sects, they always want to continue the inheritance of the sects. Today’s society is no longer like the old society. Those who fix the truth can wander around the world looking for suitable disciples. Under the control of the party, those who fix the truth just want to walk around the world. Then you have to dress up as an ordinary person.
Forced to do so, the major sects gradually thought of the current way to recruit disciples. As long as the gate of the sect is not a special place, there have always been many small towns and villages at the foot of the mountain where the gate of the major sects is located for decades, which has become the source of disciples of the sect.
Jiulian Jianzong is naturally unavoidable. At the foot of the mountain where the mountain gate is located, there is also a town with the same function. Jinyang has stayed in the mountain gate for decades. I also know the existence of such a city. Most of the daily necessities needed by low-ranking disciples in the mountain gate are provided by small towns below the mountain.
Even if some sects. Instead of occupying Lingshan, the Shanmen Xianfu was placed at the bottom of the lake, either near the lake or on the coast. There are always some small towns that provide disciples for these sects to maintain their inheritance.
When they entered the city, they went to Tianfu Hotel according to the original plan. This is the only five-star hotel in the city. In such a small town, it is entirely because of the’ Shushan Group’ that the three major groups of the group send people back to the mountain gate for a meeting every year. These five-star hotels naturally become the best place for meetings.
More than 10 people, though scattered all over the city like it doesn’t matter, all collected some useful information according to Jinyang’s wishes, so they all walked.
With the strength of all, even if Tyre, the worst guy, is caught out and put into any top sect, it is definitely the existence of the level of the elders.
So, people just walk in the streets of the small town, pay attention to everything in the streets carefully, and they are not afraid that anyone can find them. It’s not that no one in Shushan can find them, but only those masters who can find them. Most of them like to squat in the hole and study hard to get through the disaster safely.
Together with Jinyang, there are only two people, Zhi Xiang Fairy and baby daughter Freja, who are well dressed and slowly walking in the street. Zhi Lan Fairy is ok, after all, she is the daughter of the Emperor of Heaven, and has a certain accomplishment, which is quite different from his sister Zi Lan Fairy’s personality. It should be said that she is two extremes.
Freja, the precious daughter of Jinyang, is like a wild horse that has lost its reins. Look left and right. Everything is so fresh, as if it is not enough. It doesn’t matter if you see something you like from time to time. As long as you look pleasing to the eye, you will grasp it in your hand. Jinyang is helpless and can only pay her behind.
Strangely, although Jinyang has always regarded it as a small town, it is because it is compared with new york, an international metropolis. However, it has nearly 500,000 residents, but it can’t even spend money by credit card. Jinyang can only take out more than 100,000 RMB from another dimension, put it in a backpack, and take it out at any time to pay the little girl.
Looking at more than ten bags of things in his hand, Jinyang was dripping with cold sweat, three times, for the third time. The goods that were full of hands in the first two times had already been put into the different dimensional space, and before long, they were full of hands, and most of them were shiny crystal diamond jewelry and so on.
Jinyang secretly has some doubts. In the past six months, Zhixiang Fairy has been accompanying him to travel around the world and go shopping. Is it all a lie? Otherwise, even those who like to go shopping again, after playing for half a year, they still have no convergence, and they are worthy of being descendants of the dragon. They have a strange love for these treasures.
All of a sudden, Jinyang’s eyebrows frowned, and Shen Nian immediately turned behind him. A line of seven people, in a semicircle, slowly followed behind Jinyang’s three people. In Shen Nian, these people were almost all red-haired and green-browed, and their clothes were disheveled.
Jinyang smiled and thought to himself, it seems that these’ stone metals’ in his hands have already attracted the attention of you, and they are worth tens of thousands of dollars after all.

Chapter 257 Fix true gangsters
Chapter 257 Fix true gangsters
Aware of these, Jinyang quietly, natural expression, with two women’s side, with seven people behind him, Jinyang also don’t care, the strongest person’s energy in the body, but also just reached the’ second order’, not a class at all, a far cry from it.
Suddenly, Jinyang’s eyebrows frowned slightly, and he felt that he was being snooped. He was very uncomfortable and uncomfortable. He looked up intuitively and greeted the eyes of Zhixiang Fairy, but these eyes were covered by a layer of colorful fog. Without using magic, Jinyang couldn’t see the truth clearly.