When the Taiji diagram was gently rolled, the Buddha’s light disappeared, and then two yin and yang flew out of the Taiji diagram and went straight to the buddhas. The two yin and yang entangled and rushed to the buddhas, just like two dragons, and the space where they passed turned into nothingness. At this moment, Pangu Zan rowed straight in the direction of the buddhas, and Pangu Zan’s strength directly drew a gas force and rushed to the buddhas in the sky. The space where the gas force passed was broken.

June 4, 2024

Chapter 18 Wang Shu retreats
Suddenly, a golden lotus appeared in the sky in front of the Buddhas, and both Yin and Yang and Pangu’s spirit were blocked by this golden lotus. The Tathagata suddenly appeared in front of the Buddhas, and Xuandu and Guangchengzi all frowned at the Tathagata and wondered why the Tathagata meant it.
The Tathagata said, "Gentlemen, can you stop for the sake of the poor monk?"
Xuandu said, "Tathagata, you are not a Buddhist. Why do you want to help Buddhism? Do you want to award Penglai? "
The Tathagata said with a smile, "What the poor monk does is to follow the number of days. Even if Penglai is awarded, it is only to follow the number of days. You should stop here."
Duo Bao said coldly, "The robbers are all damn people. Big Brother, come and help me."
Xuandu sees a lot of treasures, and everyone is suppressing magic weapons. He hurriedly draws Tai Chi towards the chess game, and Yunxiao will have a bucket of mixed yuan, and the magic weapons inside will fly out one after another. Xuandu was about to draw those magic weapons with Tai Chi, but a black hole appeared in the sky, instantly took these things away, and then disappeared. Guang Chengzi suddenly drew Pangu complications towards the void, only to see a big clock suddenly fall and Pangu complications.
All the people felt that the Yuan God was shaking, and the bell was so loud that it seemed very similar to chaos clock. Guang Chengzi exclaimed, "chaos clock! ?”
The big clock shook twice in the sky and was about to leave. Guang Chengzi promised to row again with Pangu Zan immediately. The big clock made a loud noise again. A black lotus in the sky suddenly broke the space and disappeared. Guang Chengzi rowed towards the void again, and the black lotus blocked the Pangu Zan and disappeared.
At the moment when the black lotus disappeared, everyone was shocked. The black lotus clearly has twelve products, which is also a treasure of nature. Everyone wants to pursue those two treasures, but now that Taoism and Buddhism meet, it is inevitable to have a fight, and now who can leave when the two sides confront each other? Xuandu said, "If Tathagata comes, do you want to save them?"
The Tathagata said, "Can my Buddha be merciful in from ruin? There is no Amitabha in the south." After that, the golden lotus flew to the sky to cover the buddhas, and the endless golden light fell to help the buddhas.
Xuandu threw a Tai Chi map on the golden lotus. It’s just that the taiji diagram can’t fall at all. When Guang Chengzi saw this, he slashed Pangu’s banners at the golden lotus, and Duo Bao also chopped the four swords of Zhu Xian at the golden lotus. Seeing that this golden lotus was about to be hit by Pangu’s banners and Zhu Xian’s four swords, suddenly a clear light bounced off Pangu’s banners and Zhu Xian’s four swords from the sky, and then the clear light rushed at the Taiji diagram. Xuandu’s face changed, and he hurriedly withdrew the Taiji diagram. Unfortunately, it was too fast to clear the light. The Taiji diagram was struck by the clear light and fell back into Xuandu’s hands, but there were countless magic weapons in the Taiji diagram.
Black holes in the sky appear again. All the magic weapons were taken away by the black hole. When people are about to make moves. Another clear light fell that day. Wang Shu appeared in front of all the people with chaotic feet and violet holding HarmonyOS sword.
Everyone was stunned. Chaos violet. The legendary chaos is the treasure. And the HarmonyOS sword. Send out from the sword to terror. Everyone knows that it is the sword that blocked the door just now. See if this sword can appear with chaos violet. In any case, it will not be lower than the innate treasure. After all, this is half the owner of Penglai.
Everyone bowed down and said, "Visit the Empress. Niangniang Shengshou. "
Wang Shu said, "Zhao Gongming, will you give me HarmonyOS Purple Gas?"
When this statement came out, everyone was shocked. Floating clouds here to his wife would want HarmonyOS purple gas? How is that possible? At the beginning, Hongjun Daozu was able to enfeoffment seven holy places. Can’t the one in Penglai? Penglai is also divided into two holy places. There’s no way it’s gone
"Empress," said Zhao Gongming. HarmonyOS purple gas and I decree by destiny. Can’t give it to the empress. "
Wang Shu frowned and said, "So you won’t give it?"
Zhao Gongming said, "HarmonyOS’s purple spirit is my perception of chess, and I can’t give it to others."
Wang Shu’s eyebrows moved, and HarmonyOS’s sword in his hand rowed toward Zhao Gongming. Xuan all the people hurriedly offered a magic weapon to block it toward that firm but gentle way. The three treasures of that door were the first to be struck by a firm but gentle shock, Pangu Zan and Taiji Tu were all knocked to the ground, and the two treasures became dull and seemed to be no different from ordinary things. The four swords of Zhu Xian were directly cracked by this firm but gentle attack. It was only a gentle blow, and everyone was shocked. What is this baby? Which of the three treasures of the door is not the treasure, but it is nothing in front of this sword.
Three clear gases fell from the sky and the three treasures were taken away, but all the people still heard a faint sigh, which seemed to be three people sighing together. Wang Shu said coldly, "Zhao Gongming. Do you give it or not? "
Zhao Gongming frown for a moment. "Empress," she said, "I’m sorry that I can’t hand over HarmonyOS Purple Gas."
Wang Shu said, "You have a good backbone. It’s just that I’m determined to win the HarmonyOS purple spirit. If you don’t give it, you have to give it. For the sake of your backbone, I’ll give you a chance to reincarnate and leave you a chance. "
Wang Shu said, "Reach out and hit Zhao Gongming with a palm. Xuan Du all just saw the power of the sword in Wang Shu’s hand, naturally afraid of the sword, but now Wang Shu didn’t use the sword, and they all helped Zhao Gongming to resist Wang Shu’s palm.
They tried their best to block Wang Shu’s palm and not let her down. Wang Shu is not a saint after all. Although there are two treasures, and I have realized for many years, although I understand a lot, I still can’t get the word after all, but I am only the first person under the saint at most.
Wang Shu took back his jade hand and said angrily, "You dare to oppose me. You really don’t know how to live or die. Tathagata, if you are still a disciple of Penglai, you will give me back HarmonyOS Purple Gas. " Although there are two treasures in Wang Shu, it is also unmeasurable, but she also dare not casually make a cause and effect. At the beginning, Mr. Zhang was implicated in a small cause and effect, which made him afraid to go out. Now Wang Shu wants to be sanctified, so she naturally can’t kill people casually. After all, there is a destiny in heaven, who deserves to die and who doesn’t. If she kills everyone with her sword, it is impossible to be sanctified by HarmonyOS Purple Gas.
"Empress," said the Tathagata, "I have already fled to Buddhism, not Penglai."
Wang Shu glared at the Tathagata and said, "Jin Peng. Have you really forgotten the rules under Penglai? "
The Tathagata put his hands together and said, "Remember, poor monk, you should respect the teacher under Penglai, otherwise the teacher will take back all his accomplishments and enter reincarnation and never be reborn."
Wang Shu said, "Since you remember, did you ever respect the teacher and attach importance to the Tao? In my husband’s absence, you judged Penglai and really put yourself into Buddhism. Today, I will root out you as a traitor for Penglai, so as not to corrupt the family style. "
Wang Shu said that HarmonyOS’s sword in his hand went straight to the Tathagata, and the golden lotus on the Tathagata’s head suddenly went up into the sky and disappeared. Wang Shu’s sword stabbed the Tathagata’s eyebrows, and when he saw this, the Buddhas fled to the west. Wang Shu’s eyebrows moved, HarmonyOS’s sword swept away, and the slow-running Buddhas fell in succession. One by one, the relics went straight to the deity, and the black hole in the sky appeared again.
Wang Shu frowned at the black hole, but did not start work until all the relics were taken away by the black hole.
Wang Shu looked at Xuandu and said, "Are you going to hand over HarmonyOS Purple Gas yourself or shall I do it?"
Everyone stood there motionless, and with a wave of his hand, Wang Shu raised HarmonyOS’s sword, and another firm but gentle wave flew out. A towering tree suddenly appeared in front of everyone, and the firm but gentle wave hit the tree and disappeared immediately. Wang Shu looked at the suddenly appeared poplar tree and said, "Yang Mei?"
The poplar immediately turned into a carefree and scattered person. He gently coughed two channels: "HarmonyOS sword is really serious, and being original about old bones can hardly stand it."
Wang Shu said, "Yang Mei, what do you mean?"
Xiaoyao scattered humanity: "The old man wants to plead for this little friend, and only hopes that the empress will show mercy."
Wang Shu said, "No, I’m determined to win that HarmonyOS purple gas. Even if you come, I won’t stop."
Xiaoyao scattered humanity: "Although the Empress has two treasures of chaos in her hand, she can be in an invincible position, but after years of hard work, she believes that she will not lose."
HarmonyOS sword in Wang Shu’s hand swept away, and a firm but gentle wave went straight to Xiaoyao to disperse people. Xiaoyao San people brushed a branch gently, and the firm but gentle wave disappeared immediately. Wang Shu stepped forward and cut the sword at Xiaoyao San people. Xiaoyao San people opened their mouths and sucked. Wang Shu only felt that the sword in his hand was unstable and he was about to sell it. She hurriedly stopped, but the suction of Xiaoyao San people was too great, and HarmonyOS Jian seemed to be out of control.
With a snort of cold, Wang Shu murmured, then pointed to HarmonyOS’s sword, and the free and unfettered people hurriedly avoided it, dodging a blow from Wang Shu, and Wang Shu cut at the free and unfettered people again. Xiaoyao scattered people into a huge poplar, and the poplar disappeared immediately after Wang Shu cut it.
A moment later, Wang Shu stepped on the chaotic violet and walked out of the poplar, but the HarmonyOS sword in her hand was gone. The poplar became a carefree person, holding HarmonyOS’s sword in her hand: "The HarmonyOS sword of the Empress is really sharp. If the Empress didn’t prove it, I am afraid that the old road would be defeated by the Empress."
Wang Shu said, "Yang Mei, I give up this time, but I won’t stop."
Xiaoyao San said, "The Empress has not proved the mixed yuan, so it’s better to give this HarmonyOS sword to the old man for safekeeping. In the future, the Empress can come and get it herself, or someone from the clouds can come and get it."
Wang Shu gasped, "You!"
Xiaoyao scattered humanity: "Empress, let’s go back to Penglai first. Now there is a big robbery. Staying in the dust will only lead to many causes and consequences, and it will inevitably be robbed in the future."
Wang Shu said, "Yang Mei, what happened today will have to be settled in the future. Hum. " Wang Shu said and disappeared.
When Wang Shu left, Xiaoyao San’s right hand caressed his chest, and his face was a little strange. Zhao Gongming came forward and said, "Thank you for your help."
Xiaoyao scattered humanity: "Zhao Gongming, this time I saved you, but it was a cause and effect. You should take care of yourself in the future." Say and drive away.
Zhao Gongming’s heart is a little strange. He doesn’t know how to forge a good relationship with himself. But now HarmonyOS’s purple spirit still needs to return to the Golden Turtle Island for refining as soon as possible, so as not to cause more trouble after another dispute.