Beirut at this time, already dying. Two breaths out, not one breath in.

June 4, 2024

Qing Ye hands a suction, Beirut floats, and then stand in mid-air, messy hair, eyes are no longer proud, slightly closed, head hanging to one side.
Beirut Wutu tried to open his eyes. Then he looked at Qing Ye and smiled faintly: "Ye, Qing Ye, you can’t kill me, hehe. Unless you dominate, however, you have no power to dominate. " Speaking of which, Beirut’s eyes closed slightly to reveal mocking eyes.
Looking at Beirut a few meters away, Qing Ye squinted and smiled: "Wait, you will know that I can kill you or not." Then the tone changed: "However, I am killing you. I really want to know what is the secret of the Dragon God mainland. " Say that finish, eyes off a flash, a light in Beirut.
Qing Ye came to the House of Ghosts to ask Eudaly about the secrets of the Dragon Kingdom, and then Beirut came. Two people should have a certain relationship, should be the relationship between the Lord God and the angel of the Lord God, maybe. When Eudaly went to the mainland of Dragon God, it was Beirut’s instigation.
Therefore, in killing Beirut, Qing Ye wanted to go into his mind and soul and examine his mind.
Qing Ye, Beirut turned white. Then laugh with all your strength: "Ha ha ha. Qing Ye, you want to read my mind? No one has this ability except the four supreme gods and Orff, who studies the fate of the soul. "
Although the Lord God is divided into upper, middle and lower positions, his deities are all given by heaven and earth, and his soul is similar, unless he is stronger than Beirut and specializes in soul.
Qing Ye is ignored, responded, gods entered Beirut’s mind, and attacked the main deity in Beirut’s mind, only to see the main deity in Beirut’s mind burst into a strong light in an instant, trying to keep Qing Ye’s gods out. However, it is only an instant, and it will fade.
Beirut look a shock, and then, eyes glazed over.
After the meeting, Qing Ye’s gods retreated from Beirut’s mind.
Beirut did not wake up. After waking up, Beirut looked at Qing Ye with a face of shock. Previously, he was surprised that the scream of his "God-eating" avatar cooperating with the soul attack didn’t seriously hurt Qing Ye. Now, he understood.
This Qing Ye, whose soul is strong, is comparable to Orff, who is in the leading position.
"Originally, it is really related to eighteen layers of hell.
Qing Ye looked at Beirut and said.
After hearing Qing Ye’s words, Beirut was shocked.
There are secrets in the 18th floor of the Dragon God mainland, which was previously inferred in Qing Ye. Now, it’s finally confirmed, just, just confirmed, but what’s the secret of the 18th floor of the Dragon God mainland? Qing Ye just from Beirut mind, also did not search.
However, the secret of eighteen layers of hell is really related to guiding the light of the Vatican.
Beirut was in conflict with the light master because of the deity of the four god beasts, and Beirut also paid attention to the Augusta family’s every move. By chance, it learned a little secret of the eighteen layers of hell in the Dragon God continent.
Later, in Beirut’s frightened eyes, Qing Ye offered the HarmonyOS sword, feeling the breath of the horrible tearing space on HarmonyOS’s sword, and recalling that Qing Ye’s sword broke his main artifact thousands of years ago, it is still vivid. Although his body is stronger than the main artifact, it is only stronger than the last one.
Face ye nao. Full of swords, Beirut finally smells the smell of death! Beirut panic way: "Qing Ye, you. You dare kill me? !”
Ye light smiled and said, "Go on."
Go on? Beirut, but … To say why Qing Ye didn’t dare to kill himself, Beirut really can’t figure it out at the moment.
Slowly, Qing Ye raised the HarmonyOS sword in his hand, and the blue light of HarmonyOS’s sword reflected on Beirut’s face dozens of meters away, making Beirut look pale, struggling and yelling, "Qing Ye, you can’t kill me! You can’t kill me! " However, he has just been seriously injured, and how can he struggle?
At this time, Qing Ye’s HarmonyOS sword issued a dazzling light, a quiver, like cheers, like excitement, perhaps, is about to drink the blood of the Lord God, for HarmonyOS sword, is also a good thing.
As Qing Ye is about to offer the HarmonyOS sword to swing, all of a sudden, a burst of energy fluctuation between heaven and earth, this energy fluctuation is much stronger than the previous Beirut appearance energy fluctuation.
Qing Ye eyebrows a wrinkly, and female milk, also came to Qing Ye side with Ye Tian, watching the energy fluctuations.
Then, high above the sky, a giant face was formed. On the edge of this face, with a black air billow, air billow moved slowly and the space shattered.
This is the face of a middle-aged man, when it appeared. Compared with Beirut’s coercion, it is even stronger. Straight away, everyone within tens of thousands of miles felt a power between heaven and earth, as if being weighed down by a boulder.
Looking at the face above the sky, Beirut, who was just hovering on the brink of death, looked surprised and blurted out: "Outred’s adult!"
Lord Outred? Qing Ye hear in the ear, move in the heart.
Bearer is the supreme ruler of hell, and destruction dominates Outred.
There are eleven masters in countless planes, among which four rules dominate the strongest, namely, destruction, death, fate and life.
And the four masters, in addition to the strong reasons, there is another important reason, that is, each of the four masters has a supreme artifact.
At this time, all the people in Fiona Fang in tens of thousands of miles looked at the huge face above the sky in horror, and then knelt down one after another: "Master!"
The destroyer looked down at the kneeling gods, with a look of arrogance, and after hearing Beirut’s words. Cold well, and then look at Qing Ye, prostitutes and Ye Tian who are still standing still after seeing themselves.
Outred, the master of destruction, shot a tree with cold eyes. This tree has substance and instantly attacked Qing Ye.
Qing Ye said, cold so a smile, running the HarmonyOS qi in the body, the top of the head Qingyun a clear, twelve days hades flag a flash of tyranny, lightning around, forming a black vortex, facing that tree, that tree shot in it, just like a calm lake into a boulder, a shock.
However, after the shock, calm was restored.
With the shock, Qing Ye body with a quiver. Then it returned to normal, and Qing Ye was attacked.
See Qing Ye easily pick up an attack. Outred, the master of destruction, burst out of his eyes. With a surprise, just a blow, but it contains the power of his energy condensed body attack. I wanted to kill Qing Ye directly.
Utterbeast, the master of destruction, looked down at Qing Ye, and the majestic voice sounded: "You are Qing Ye? Good strength, your feud with Beirut. Tick it off, just forget it. "
At this time, Beirut said to Outred, the master of destruction, "Thank Lord Outred!" Then he looked at Qing Ye with a smug smile: "Ha ha, Qing Ye, kill me, come and kill me".
Ignoring Beirut, Qing Ye looked at Outred, the destroyer, indifferently and said slowly, "You said forget it? What are you! "
Qing Ye indifferent voice, listen to the ears of Youdeli all.
What is it? Qing Ye actually said to Outred, the master of destruction, what is it? ! The supreme ruler of the four supreme deities of hell, who exists as an emperor from God, has been scolded?
In the destruction of Outred face a change. Anger, Qing Ye hand HarmonyOS sword to a face of Beirut, a dark blue sword light with destructive power in Beirut, Beirut’s proud expression on her face stiff.
I looked at Qing Ye in disbelief, and then my body fell. At the same time, a main deity with blue light fell from mid-air.
Qing Ye hands a recruit, then the wind is a lower master godhead.
Originally, Outred, the master of destruction whose face changed, didn’t expect Qing Ye to dare to challenge his majesty. Under his own warning, he killed Beirut in front of himself.
Outred, the master of destruction, twisted his face and glared at Qing Ye, sending out a strong murder. Forced the world to suffocate: "How dare you kill Beirut!" The voice revealed great anger.
Chapter three hundred Kill the destroyer
Beirut was given four goddesses and corpses. Every god knows that Outred, the master of destruction, asked him for some Jingxue of the four beasts in order to study the magical power of the joint strike of the four beasts, and promised Beirut to protect his safety as long as he stayed in her prison, so as not to let him be killed by the light master.
In fact, to put it bluntly, that is, to help Beirut get rid of the factors that can threaten his life, but now, I didn’t think Beirut didn’t die in the hands of the master of light, but was killed by Qing Ye, who had never been valued by him.
Net just Qing Ye blow to kill Beirut, even he didn’t react.
In other words, I didn’t expect a small Ye Qinghui to kill people in his eyes regardless of his orders. You know, even the light master can’t ignore his orders, so for so many years, the light master has been afraid to stay in Beirut, the Lord God of hell.
A little reptile dares to kill the person he wants to save in his own face!
Outred, the master of destruction, has red eyes. Eyes shot two black pillars, directly from the sky to Qing Ye three people hit.
Qing Ye said, a cold smile, and then a boxing, air billow, and nuwa also held out a jade palm at this moment, applause, a palm hit, ferocity is much weaker than Qing Ye.
Punch a palm, and in an instant with the two black air column impact together, boom! All the people who have retreated thousands of miles away feel the tremor of the day. My mind was hit hard and my face turned pale.
While Qing Ye and female milk holding Ye Tianyi back, out of a few, and then stood.
Qing Ye and Nu Wa teamed up to strike, and the attack that destroyed Outred was easily broken. However, this is only the energy body condensed by the force of the Lord God who destroyed Outred, not the Lord God, and the strength is too different. Therefore, the two men joined hands to easily break it.
Take Qing Ye as the peak of Jin Xian now. Cooperate with Zuwu busy and HarmonyOS sword and other treasures, and the fighting power should be between the middle Lord God and the upper general master. If they join hands with prostitutes, they should be equivalent to the general master, that is, destroy the Lord God who dominates Outred, and it is impossible to kill Qing Ye and prostitutes.
Joining hands with Nannai to break the blow of Outred, the destroyer, Qing Ye looked dignified and said to Ye Tiandao, "Tianer, you should step back first." Say that finish, he scored a protective aura on Ye Tian.
Ye Yao, the little guy, knew that the bad guy was very powerful, and his father and mother had to join hands. Now he flew back obediently and said to Qing Ye, "Father, you and your mother must beat that bad guy! My father is the best! "
Qing Ye and female milk smiled at one another and nodded at the little guy.
Seeing that his blow was broken by Qing Ye and Nuwa, Outred, the master of destruction, was furious. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and screamed at Qing Ye and Nuwa.
Eudaly and others, who had retreated thousands of miles away, were horrified to see Chiang screaming, and the black wild waves poured out from mid-air to destroy Outred’s huge mouth, like a black waterfall over nine days.