When Cheyenne went in, a dozen young people had already arrived, just waiting for Cheyenne to be alone.

June 6, 2024

"Brother Xia is here?"
"Good Xia Ge!"
"Why didn’t Xia Ge bring a sister-in-law?"
A group of young people greeted each other warmly and thanked Cheyenne for his original trip. If Cheyenne hadn’t taken the lead in robbing the boss connector, how could they have the courage to follow suit?
Li Pang’s restaurant is not big when it comes. Cheyenne and this group of people immediately filled up.
Cheyenne simply directed a group of people to put the tables together. A group of people sat around the table and let Li gain more than a dozen beers to come out and have a good time.
Just then the door was suddenly pushed open.
Chapter 15 Sister in law delivers the door
The three men who pushed the door and entered were familiar with Biwang Lame, Xiajian and mr.zhou.
King lame dog eye is not so long and particularly keen. He saw Cheyenne at a glance and winked at Cheyenne.
When Xia Jian went to the workshop to ask Cheyenne for money, he didn’t see a knife. They were very enthusiastic about it. They greeted him and picked up a bottle of beer. They bit it open and poured it, and then they wiped the beer foam on their mouth and shouted, "What a fucking pleasure!"
Mr.zhou is a frown. She wouldn’t come to such a shabby little restaurant at ordinary times, but today she couldn’t resist Wang Lame and Xia Jian’s persuasion. I didn’t expect so many people to give birth to unhappiness at once.
"I didn’t realize you were such a young bastard. Do you still have money to come out and drink?" Xia Jian almost finished a bottle of beer before he saw Cheyenne burping and asked
"How was your date today?"
Xia Jian a face of base laughed "nature is * * moment value daughter happy! But how can you understand a little cub! "
Cheyenne disdains to pout, and there is no real * * at first glance. Otherwise, if you know the truth, you must have fainted in the toilet by now.
Susului was going to turn around and leave, but after hearing Cheyenne, she changed her mind and Shi Shiran went to Cheyenne.
Knife sitting next to Cheyenne a look mr.zhou came over and immediately realized to make way "Xia Ge this is sister-in-law? Come and sit down! "
Mr.zhou took a look at the knife and didn’t go out against Asaka Manato Ann.
"Be careful not to fall on your ass. The stools here are not real." Cheyenne kindly woke up.
"Are you saying that I am too heavy?" Mr.zhou cold face gnashing way
Wang lamely interjected, "How can you be so slim and overweight?"
Cheyenne knows that Mr.zhou is furious, but he is not afraid of so many people watching her. Do you dare to put him first and then? Even if that Cheyenne doesn’t resist, he’ll shout, make that something more violent!
"I woke you up. There’s something wrong with your stool. You think too much."
Mr.zhou snorted and picked up two bottles of beer from the ground and said to Cheyenne, "Dare to fight with me?"
It turned out that this beautiful girl was playing this idea! Cheyenne hey hey smiled and winked at the knife.
The knife immediately raised the bottle knowingly and said, "When Sister-in-law first met, I called a knife and wished you and Xia Ge a hundred years of harmony and early birth!"
"What nonsense!" King lame bold stare at a knife.
Xia Jian has bitten open the second bottle of beer at this time, and just took a sip and "poof" gushed out and looked at Xia Andao "mr.zhou is your girlfriend? Why don’t I know? "
"Don’t listen to this group of cubs, Lao Xia," cried Wang Lame.
Mr.zhou didn’t object, but gave Cheyenne a sidelong glance at the knife, pouring a bottle of beer at one stroke. Naturally, the knife can’t show weakness, but it also looks up and turns over a bottle. With the knife to take the lead, other guys often hang out together. What’s going on? Three or four young people who claim to be able to drink began to take turns to propose a toast to Mr.zhou, and Mr.zhou Cong couldn’t help but she didn’t refuse to propose a toast.
Once, twice, three times …
Mr.zhou’s face is as usual, but the faces of several people with knives have changed. It’s the first time they’ve seen a woman who can drink so much!
Even Wang limped and looked at Mr.zhou with admiration. He just tried to stop those people several times, but after noticing Cheyenne’s threatening eyes, he had to hide in the corner again.
Xia Jian is full of sighs, "This girl has courage!"
When it comes to alcohol consumption, no one can drink. Men want to lose to a woman, especially when they mean to drink others’ fruit, which they can never bear.
"Sister-in-law domineering to go another!"
Susu raised her hand and pointed at Cheyenne and asked, "Is it his turn after you guys fall down?"
It’s no use coming here even if you are stupid. This girl is not a sister-in-law but an enemy of Xia Ge.
Cheyenne couldn’t hide any longer, so she took the initiative to say, "I’ll apologize to you directly if you can knock them over."
This sentence is a bit confusing to others, but the king of the white truth is lame and has a good look.
Susu snorted, "I hope you keep your promise or you will die."