The capital market is still in its early days, and everything is flawed.

June 6, 2024

The so-called market is to take money to the counter of the sales department, pay money in one hand and register it in the stock account in the other hand, and give the corresponding paper stocks and vouchers.
Before the establishment of the exchange, every stock transaction had to be registered with the issuing securities company, which was complicated and slow, and there was often a long queue.
Moreover, Shenzhen stocks can be traded in Shenzhen and Shanghai stocks can also be traded in Shanghai.
At this time, there is no bank custody fund account, and all transactions can be counted in cash. Foreigners need sacks to hold money for stock trading.
Off the court, that’s easy
Money and paper stocks can be traded at the agreed price, which is also convenient for stock holders to continue trading.
Shan Ge definitely needs the second trading mode.
Speaking of which, young investors may not believe that everything was grass-roots at that time, but the stock was actually paper and printed beautifully, usually printed by a banknote printing factory.
What Ji Shutian has to do is to transfer Luo Shu’s stock to Shan Ge’s hand without changing color.
And we can’t let them discover Ji Shu’s trick.
In Tian Qiu’s view, this is impossible to complete. In Ji Shu’s view, it is good to need a little acting.
Early the next morning, Ji Shu and Tian Qiu arrived at the sales department of Nanjing West Road.
Shan Ge has been waiting in the sales department for a long time.
He is wearing a big cotton-padded jacket and still has that old bag hanging on his chest. It seems that people are very nervous when they have more than 200 thousand yuan in their pockets in this day and age.
Ji Shu and Tian Qiu greeted him with a smile.
Ji Shu carried a black bag with 300,000 shares, and Tian Qiu had a thing in his hand.
Shan Ge stare big eyes sharp sound to come over "little sister you won’t bluff? I won’t give money until I see the stock! Did you bring the stock or not? "
Ji Shu smiled and said, "Don’t worry, didn’t I tell you that these stocks were paid by others to our family? At the beginning, we took an iou and didn’t come to transfer the stock. Besides, it’s not safe to mail this thing. Today, I called the debtor and asked him to bring the stock. Isn’t it convenient? "
Shan Ge looked soft and said, "Is that man here?"
"You wait a moment, I’ll go and see. Because he’s here to pay back the money, he’s in a bad mood, so don’t talk to him more. Anyway, just get the stock, so don’t say more, otherwise he’s unhappy and goes back on his word. After all, the stock has appreciated a lot recently, and if he doesn’t want to pay off the debt, it’s also your loss, right?"
Shan Ge nodded. "This is reasonable. If he goes back on his word, he will be in trouble."
Jishu said and walked to the door.
Tian Qiu has long been the only way to the sales department.
Last night, it was convenient for Ji Shu to withdraw money from the bank, so he asked Luo Shu to come to the sales department here. He is not familiar with it here, and it is not convenient for Ji Shu to exercise.
Luo Shu was stopped by Tian Qiu to chat and asked Tian Qiu, "Why don’t you go in?"
Just then, I saw Ji Shu coming from afar.
"Big sister is here?" Luo Shu’s face is a little more respectful than Tian Qiu Lai’s.
"Well, Luo Shu, I brought our company accountant this time. When the time comes, he will give you money, and we will pay for it with one hand and deliver it with the other. After all, this is a private exchange. Don’t be conspicuous. If you receive the money, Luo Shu, you should just leave quickly. I heard that you will be in charge of private stock trading now for fear that someone will stare."
"That’s a big sister who knows what to do."
This is true because the recent rampant stock speculation has also attracted the attention of the regulatory authorities.
Luo Shu had a big bag in his hand, which was heavy at first glance, but at that time, the face value of the stock was large, so 300 thousand was also loaded
"By the way, did you separate the original shares?"
Luo Shu nodded "I know you want to separate"
Ji Shu suddenly smiled sweetly and said, "In fact, my family won’t let me buy the original shares of employees, saying that it may not be possible to trade them later. This is because it is inconvenient for my private money to buy them. Let our accountant know that I will give you 45 thousand cash now, and you can give me 50 thousand original shares of employees first."
Uncle Luo didn’t doubt that he opened the big bag and looked around. When no one noticed, he took out a small bag. "There are 50,000 employee stocks in it, which is not easy to collect. After you really have a good eye, your family will definitely envy you for playing!"
Jishu took out the cash from his purse, put the small bag with the original shares in it, and led Luo Shu to go inside.
Well, Luo Shu and Shan Ge met face to face but still didn’t know that the other party was their counterparty.
Although Luo Shu is a veteran, he wants to trade quickly with so many stocks on his back.
Shan Ge is even more nervous. He looks like a down-and-out debtor when Luo Shu is dressed in a tattered military coat.
Both of them met without saying a word, and Ji Shu was their gold master, so they didn’t want to make it difficult for her.
A few people chose a corner that nobody noticed. Luo Shu opened the bag in silence, and Shan Ge also opened the bag in silence.
One saw the stock and the other saw the cash.
Ji Shu knows that she wants to make money, which is the price difference. Never let two people count money face to face and can count stocks.
Therefore, she handed Shan Ge the once-loaded stock bag to "count gub first".
That tone is irrelevant. Luo Shu thought it was the daughter of a rich family. This majestic attitude is unusual and has no objection.
Shan Ge knew that the other party was in debt and felt sorry for him, so he took the bag and counted the amount just right.
Tian Qiu held her breath and didn’t dare to speak. She thought Jishu’s strategy was too risky.
In fact, Ji Shuxin is also banging, but she really wants to get over it. It is not illegal for her to do things. Even if these two people see through it, it would be nice to leave.
Isn’t the white wolf with gloves supposed to be thick-skinned Which big brother’s memoir has never had a brainwave adventure?
Therefore, she seemed poised.
Shan Ge said that "the stock amount is right"
The words sound just fell and Ji Shu said to Shan Ge, "That’s good. Give me the money. I’ll take care of the rest. You go first."