It should be possible to communicate.

June 13, 2024

It is responsible for judging the organ itself. Lin thinks she can communicate with it and see if she can reach normal communication with it.
It can’t communicate through simple methods … it has to be through imagination.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and forty Diners
"… Veronica, it seems to say something."
A "hot pot" spy and Bilu are communicating with a floating eyeball.
But its situation is different from Lin Qian’s … This eyeball is also a normal communication organ.
If you try to communicate with it directly, it doesn’t respond, but when the spy deliberately thinks about something, it scans the spy’s brain
At this time, the spy specially imagined asking questions about it, but even so, it didn’t respond, and it didn’t answer these questions.
The exchange of ideas failed … but there are some special reactions in the eyes, that is, they have been whispering some words since just now.
I don’t know what language these words mean, but they keep sounding … which seems to indicate what will happen.
The spy and Bilu watched here with a little interest.
Suddenly, the spy felt the ground shake, which came from the outside. When he came in, there was no way to see the source of the vibration through the door …
There’s a … A big Kirshman coming this way.
This Ershimin is more than ten meters tall, so it’s hard to say whether it is Ershimin or not, because it’s very … fat, thick hands and feet. It doesn’t look like a normal Ershimin, but it feels more like a primate called an orangutan.
But wearing a suit, hat, scarf and mask, he covered his face completely.
As this huge creature walks, it pulls out all kinds of ingredients from the ground and puts them into its mouth. Occasionally, when it eats, it will lift its mask to see …
It really should be that kind of creature cal orangutan.
But orangutans generally don’t grow that big, which is obviously a fantasy creature …
"Ah ah! I dream of it! What does that bastard do! " Bilu was angry when he saw the giant orangutan eating all kinds of ingredients, but the spy took hold of it and wanted to raise his sword and run out Bilu.
Biluoqian ate too much food here, and some of it was mentally abnormal … Although the spy injected it with some … calming substances, it was not completely repaired.
Maybe we should cure it, but it’s not a big problem now … Just observe it first.
Not only one of these giant orangutans in suits, but also many of them have appeared everywhere in this food town and eaten everywhere.
They ate the delicious ground, but it didn’t look so … delicious.
At first, however, the orangutan went to the huge hot pot of Spy and Bilu. It climbed directly to the hot pot and then …
The spy and Bilu can see it in the hot pot, reach out from the surface, take out all kinds of ingredients floating in the hot pot and send them to their mouths.
And when it fished these ingredients, it suddenly noticed the spy and Bilu inside, and then …
It’s as if this orangutan suddenly found extremely high-grade ingredients and immediately squeezed his whole body into the hot pot. It seems that he really wants to catch the spy and Bilu.
"Go out first"
Spy and Bilu left easily from the entrance of the hot pot, but as soon as they got out, they saw many orangutans … surrounded them.
These biological emotional spies can feel … they now seem to have found something extremely delicious.
Every orangutan wants to swallow Spy and Bilu directly.
An orangutan moved its hand first and grabbed it directly here … but it … disappeared before it met the spy and Bilu.
The spy sent it out to facilitate the small delivery device
Don’t orangutans froze when they saw it, but they also grabbed it. The spy immediately jumped into the forest and fired a bone bullet at an orangutan.
"Goo …!"
The orangutan was hit on the forehead by a bone bullet, and immediately he cried, covering his head. At this moment, the spy fell on his shoulder … At this moment, the spy immediately pierced his hair into his brain for testing.
So that’s it … This should also be a combined creature.
Similar to the small animals in the former maze, this orangutan is also a multiple symbiont composed of many different individuals.
But they are much bigger than those small animals and they have a special”
That is to eat diners.
This food town occasionally attracts some Ershi people … visitors. When Ershi people see this place, they will be as excited as Bilu, and then … these orangutans will appear.
Although they will also eat food here, their main food is visitors here.
Once you see a visitor … for example, when you see Spy and Bilu just now, they will feel extremely eager to eat, so you must eat these visitors.
This is the general setting of this area. Simply put, diners find themselves as food …
Spy detection These days, the orangutan also slapped the spy on the shoulder.
The spy jumped quickly and there were two other orangutans around him, who quickly caught the spy.
This creature is huge, flexible and difficult to deal with. On the other side, an orangutan has caught Bilu and is going to eat Bilu.
But … Lin still has some ways.