Li Chu didn’t say much. Xu Damao’s body has been conditioned. It is normal to have it almost at any time.

June 14, 2024

Let Lou Xiaoe sit in Li Chu and feel her pulse directly.
"Congratulations to both of you!" Li Chu said it directly after he didn’t sell it back.
Xu Damao blushed with excitement, and his mouth was almost wide to his ears.
LouXiaoE face smile also made no secret of emerge.
"Thank you, Brother Chu." Xu Damao has a little red eye. He really needs to thank Li Chu.
Li Chu said with a smile, "Come on, thank you. What’s the point? I’m a doctor. It’s my duty to save lives."
"This daughter-in-law is pregnant, too. When you are young, live a good life. Rizhao Gu Haoxiaoe, don’t fight with the rain column all day like a child."
Xu Damao gave a hand. "Brother Chu, I don’t want to talk to the silly column buddy now. Now he has descendants. He doesn’t even have anything to compare with me."
Watching Xu Damao raise his head like a proud rooster, Li Chu shook his head with a smile.
Lou Xiaoe raised her hand and took a photo of Xu Damao. "Look at what you look like when you go back. Don’t show off in an ostentatious manner."
Being beaten by Xu Damao is not annoyed, but hey hey, smiling.
"Chu Ge Qiu Nan’s sister’s house?" Lou Xiaoe asked that she and Ding Qiunan were good girls. She often used to chat with them when she was on vacation.
"What about the Qiu Nan family? She gave birth last night," Li Chu said with a smile.
"What? Were all born last night? " LouXiaoE stare big eyes looking at Li Chu feel some incredible.
She used to accompany Ding Qiunan around the courtyard yesterday.
Xu Damao also looked at Li Chu in surprise. "Brother Chu must be two boys."
"I’ll give you a good word, a boy and a girl."
"Hey children double this is! Congratulations, Brother Chu, "Xu Damao said patting his thigh.
Whether Xu Damao is a HuiLaiShi or not, everyone loves to hear what he says.
"Brother Chu, let’s go and see Sister Qiu Nan now."
"Go with my mother-in-law and my aunt’s house. Xiaoe, you used to chat with her."
Just off the Xu Damao two obstetrics and gynecology Li Zhu ran to find him again. Li Zhu is also an urgent person and asked directly at the door.
"Xiao Li, can you regulate the physical quality of pregnant women?"
If this method is feasible, it will really benefit the public.
I don’t know how many women and babies die every year because of dystocia.
At present, the medical level is low, even if there is a cesarean section, even the hospital will not recommend you to do this unless you have to.
This time, seeing Ding Qiunan giving birth to twins so smoothly, Li Zhu was really tempted by Li Chu’s body conditioning method.
She doesn’t want to keep it for herself, but simply wants to see if it can be published so that more families can benefit from it.
Li Zhu also specially explained his thoughts to him.
After listening to Li Zhu’s words, Li Chu said with a smile, "I understand Li Zhu’s thoughts. We have worked in the same hospital for several years, and I admire you very much."
After a pause, Li Chu went on to say, "But I believe you also know that there are great individual differences in Chinese medicine, and the situation of arsenic in my medicine can be found everywhere from ancient times to modern times."
Li Chu spread out his hands and made a nai expression.
After listening to his words, Li Zhu said nothing.
After a long time, I sighed and said, "Yes, I think it’s too simple."
Yes, if something goes wrong with her, it will not save people, but harm people, and it will harm a family and even several families
Li Chu waved his hand, "Li Zhu, you are also kind. It’s Chinese medicine. That’s it. I can’t see rabbits without spreading eagles."
Li Zhu shook his head with a wry smile.
"Li Zhu, if there are patients in this field who can be introduced to me later, I will do my best."
"Thank you, Comrade Xiao Li."
"You’re welcome to help patients better. Let’s be doctors to save lives, that is, what employees talk about."
"Comrade Xiao Li, is there any way for you to prescribe Chinese medicine to be as universal as western medicine?"
Li Zhu still has some unwilling to give up.
"Li Zhu, this is really beyond my knowledge. Maybe there is a way, but this is not something that I can do as a doctor, so that researchers from the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine can study it."
Li Zhu also knew that he had asked some questions that were out of line. He didn’t say anything but got up. "Well, then …"
"How Li Zhu this is to go! You’re a busy man. It’s hard to come to our Chinese medicine department. You have to guide our work for a while at a time. "
Li Zhu’s words were interrupted before he finished, and Liang Zhu came in from outside.
"Don’t tease me, Lao Liang. I came here today to ask Xiao Li for advice."
Liang Zhu is a little confused. Look at Li Chu and Li Zhu and say, "What’s going on? What’s the problem? You need to bother to come in person."
Master Li didn’t hesitate to tell Master Liang about Ding Qiunan’s performance when she gave birth last night.
After listening, Liang Zhu nodded. "Xiao Li said yes. This is also the root cause of the difficulty in developing Chinese medicine."
"Come on, you must be looking for something from Xiao Li, so I won’t bother you. You go first."
With that, Li Zhu left and Li Chu sent her to the door before coming in.
"Xiao Li first congratulates you on having a pair of children."
"Thank you, Lord"
"Well, I came to tell you something."
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Normal
Master Liang said, "You handed in two notes, which have been reported to the health department and the education department respectively after being compiled into a book."