At the moment, the Imperial Heaven took a deep breath and stared at the mist in front of him with a cold smile on his mouth.

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"This hand means terror. Apart from’ Blowing Fire Palm’ and’ Falling Sword Palm’, I finally have a kind of martial arts’ Big Nine Hands’, which is so terrible that it is not impossible to get the absolute day order fighting skill to break the world."
Imperial words fall even if turned than majesty eyes stare at the sight of two people.
Lu Guanying Shi Tianci respectfully stared at the Imperial Heaven.
Even if the right hand of the Imperial Heaven swings, the majestic trend will come crashing out.
The’ Nine Heavenly Hands’ is not only to understand the artistic conception, but also to mix the will in the eyes of practitioners.
As majestic as heaven, the emperor is no better than you.
The imperial heaven in the hall holds the golden faucet in his right hand and scans the square people with majestic eyes.
Shi Tianci said with respectful hands and fuels in his heart and shocking eyes, "The leader now teaches all the masters to gather together the five-element flag, the four halls of ice rain and thunder, and all of them come together to ask the leader to send out the troops as soon as he orders."
Lu Guanying knelt down and stared respectfully at the Imperial Heaven and said, "The leader just needs such strength for a Shaolin Temple!"! I once heard the former master say that Shaolin Temple was blessed with great difficulties, and its high-powered generation was seriously injured and died tragically. Now Shaolin Temple is just like you. "
At the moment, Imperial Heaven’s eyes are fixed on Lu Guanying’s heart, and it is imagined that "the Shaolin Temple suffered heavy losses. Maybe it is a Buddhist monk. If it is a Buddhist monk, it seems that it is not necessary to do so."
In the heart, Lu Guanying said indifferently, "So you don’t need so many people to make orders."
"Take the four great French kings, five scattered people, fire, geomantic omen, four poles, ice and rain to Shaolin Temple."
A murder burst out in the eyes of Imperial Heaven.
At the moment, Shaolin Temple is already in the imperial palace!
Chapter 57 Shaolin Temple
Songshan Shaolin Temple is a thousand-year-old temple.
Now the Songshan Foot Brigade appears.
The leader’s silver hair, silver pupil and silver flame on his brow are like a majestic inflammation.
Imperial Heaven’s eyes are cold, and a sneer appears at the corners of his mouth. The corners of his mouth float indifferently. He says, "A group of monks in Shaolin Temple sit at home, and naturally someone comes to send money. A group of monks will save money, eat fast, read Buddha, and become extraordinary monks. It can be said that the richest man in the world is not a royal family, but a minister."
Words fall royal celestial body others is a horror.
Shi Tianci’s eyes turned sharply and stared at the mountain temple in front of him. He respectfully said, "So the Shaolin Temple is really a big gold mine. If we catch all these temples, the money will be enough to support our uprising."
Lu Guanying nodded and stared at the sky with his hands fuels, saying, "The leader now teaches more than 100 shops and teaches for generations to accumulate these money. Through the remnants of Yuegujun, he bought a lot of military supplies from the court. Now he has taught 100,000 troops to be equipped, but the money is still left. Now the leader is right. When he returns, he will surely search all temples in Dasong territory."
When the words fell, Imperial Heaven smiled coldly, and murder popped out in his eyes. He said indifferently, "Guan Ying, do this with you, and get the official position through the power of the government."
Shi Tianci holds an imperial edict in his hands and Lu Guanying holds an official seal in his hands.
Imperial day corners of the mouth emerge a sneer at indifferently a majestic temperament.
At this moment, the Imperial Heaven directly strode forward, "Come with me and surround the whole Shaolin Temple with an army, and proceed as planned."
"Yes, yes."
Words fall to the sky and go directly to Shaolin Temple.
Followed by fire, geomantic omen, four poles, four great kings, and light around.
Shaolin Temple is full of people at the moment.
A monk in the main hall not only sighed, "Brother Tianming, now that the abbot has just passed away, how can anyone come to this court before he ascended the throne?"
Tianming shook his head, seemingly unaware, but his heart was like waves.
At this moment, the Imperial Heaven steps forward with majestic momentum and natural and unrestrained breath, but the Imperial Heaven blends with each other.
Imperial Heaven’s eyes stare at the people in front of them. A group of monks are soft and weak, staring at Imperial Heaven with respectful faces.
Yutian smiled coldly at the corner of his mouth and stared at the monk with a hint of indifference. "Excuse me, is the Shaolin abbot a person now!"
When the words fall, the abbot’s name will be heard.
Tianming put his hands together and shouted "Amitabha Buddhist name Tianming adds abbot of Shaolin Temple"
Words fall, Imperial Heaven stares at people with cold eyes, and a sneer emerges at the corners of their mouths, saying indifferently, "Since Master Tianming is the abbot, the officer will come straight to the point."
Tianming stared at the people in front of him and secretly complained, "This is how people just worshipped posts and official seals can mobilize such an army."
Tianming bitter at the moment, Imperial Heaven is a cold smile and said, "I once heard that the martial arts of Shaolin Temple are the seventy-two stunts of Shaolin Temple, and now it is a national disaster. Although I am a freshman, I yearn for Marshal Yue Fei to drive away the foreign countries and protect the rivers of Dasong."
I abandoned literature and joined the army, but now I have achieved something. Although I am a patrol officer in Jiangnan, I don’t know that I am also a general commander in Jiangnan. Now I am in charge of hundreds of thousands of troops in the southern part of the Song Dynasty, but I find that the army lacks training roots and it takes decades of hard work. However, it is urgent for Mongolia to send troops now, so I have to painstakingly find ways to quickly improve the military’s combat effectiveness.
Heaven has eyes and days are endless. I actually found Yue Jiajun, Grand Marshal Yue, who said that Yue Jiajun is invincible, mainly because every soldier is a martial arts master.
Yue Fei’s mentor is a great master, Zhou Tong. Now these martial arts have been lost. I want to find some Wulin people to ask for help before I know that the so-called Juexue all came from Shaolin Temple. So I came to Shaolin Temple to ask for the secrets of Shaolin Temple.
I want to come to Shaolin Temple to be loyal to the country and serve the country. "